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  1. If multiple wherigos are written is there a way to let wigo2 access the save file for wigo1 to check varibles for choices the player made to influance wigo2? Hope that makes sence. If not i guess the only other way to do it is with a passcode encoding the variables but this is clunky and not good if people lose the code etc.
  2. This morning we noticed that there was an update on the android app "WhereYouGo", so now it supports animated GIF's, MP4's, input from QR code, clickable url links in text from within cart as well as a few bug fixes. Some of these are features I have been waiting for as it opens up new possibilities as well being able to make them more engaging. But it has raised some questions in my head:- 1. Do the builders support the new features (GIFs, MP4s, QRs) or do we have to do something as a work around? 2. Does the iPhone support these features too? (don't have one to make a test cart to check) 3. If iPhone doesn't supports GIFs etc. Will it be like the sound files with garmin/mp3s where you upload the two files types (I use urwigo) and the devices/build will play the compatible one eg animated GIF/still JPG? Or do we have to write in a device check so that the correct compatible media is selected? 4. How do we implement the QR codes? 5. Are there plans to add NFC/Bluetooth input too in future? (or even chirp but there are less compatible devices) 6. The Wherigo foundation seems to have gone quiet, any progress?
  3. You need to bring up the on enter of zone as you stated. Then from the top left window you need to drag "input" onto the drag actions here bit you mentioned. Next from the bottom left window you need to expand the inputs (little arrow next to inputs) then you will see a list of the inputs you have made, drag the one you want onto the input action on the main screen. I am currently recording some videos on Wherigo creation (mainly using Urwigo) that will be on YouTube shortly. There are currently one or two on there that may be of help. Usually the people on this forum are friendly and helpful, also some of the people on the Wherigo UK facebook page are helpful for when you are starting out.
  4. Finally cracked one way of doing this, Im hoping to make it more efficient, less long winded and more flexible at some point. You need to set up a true or false variable for each of the answers, this is so we can check if the player has clicked that answer or not yet. If they click an answer we then set that answers variable to true. We then need to set up a function to check which answers have been pressed by using "IF" actions to "COMPARE" variables to true/false if true goes down one branch and false goes down another. Until all possible options have been covered by the branches. At the end of each branch you then need to put in a bit of "USER CODE" That looks like this :- ChatQ1.Choices = { "Did you see the clown?", "Do you know what day it is?", "How are you today?" } ChatQ1 is the identifier for the input you are trying to change, I set mine manually so I knew what it was. Each line is and answer button with that text on it that is between the quotation marks. Depending on your branches to check which answers have been used the answers will be different. Hope that makes sense!
  5. It sounds like you have an overlap in one of your flowcharts where this is happening
  6. I have been wanting to do the same thing, and saw this topic and I have got something to work in urwigo using user code (without actually knowing lua). I realize it is nearly a year old but I thought someone else might be interested also in the betterment of Wherigo. What I wanted to do was create a conversation with a NPC where you go down a conversation path, then that path is no-longer available to ask once it has been asked. Or a question appears once a player has a certain item. So far I have only been able to change it in a limited way because I dont have any knowledge in lua. But I am thinking that it can maybe done using variables/values in the choices. But someone like ranger fox would be able to better answer that and hopefully make it better than I have. Basically what I noticed was that the "choices" where identified by using "id.Choices" (id being input identifier) So i set this to equal what I wanted with the following code:- ChatQ1.Choices = { "Did you see the clown?", "Do you know what day it is?", "How are you today?" } Prior to this code there was another option asking what the NPC's name was, see attached screenshot of the test cart I made. Hopefully someone can take this and better it so we can all use it.
  7. Been testing and playing with ideas to see what I can do or find work arounds for. One thing that I thought would be a good feature and open up many possibilities would would be an external input/output from within the wigo So for example in the real world a player may find a barcode that can then be scanned and interpreted by the wigo to effect gameplay. Or maybe a Bluetooth device (bit like chirp) could broadcast info that is picked up and interpreted by the wigo. This could open up options for field puzzles and also make it harder to play in emulator.
  8. I have just had a thought, the new updated android app now has an auto save feature, which is great in most cases. But is there a way to disable it as a cart builder? The reason I ask is on some carts such as time trials in the builder the creator was able to disable saving at certain times to prevent cheating, but with the auto save function this is not the case anymore. On the subject of multiple save games it would be handy if we were able to pull info from save files of other carts. So for example a big Wherigo adventure can be split across multiple carts and the progress in cart #1 can effect cart #2, maybe certain items were or werent picked up, or certain variables such as past conversations effect the next cart. But for this to happen cart #2 has to be able to read cart #1's save file to set its variables on its first start up. Hope that makes sense
  9. Tested the new updated app today after all the updates (last Wherigo in our area for now). One thing I found a little niggling was when you leave the app (to use another app or save battery), or sometimes when the screen times out the app defaults to having gps off. This means that you have to leave the current screen to go to the locations tab to turn the gps back on in the app (on everywhere else). This became a problem for us at one point as there was no way to go back in the Wherigo (back button didnt work and no cancel button on input request) we had to kill the app and restart it. Thankfully the new feature of auto save made that not a problem, also means I dont have to keep writing auto saves into my carts So a feature that I would like to see would be able to select the gps default status for the app. Keep the updates a good work coming!
  10. Im sure its being worked on and already thought about/suggested, but downloading Wherigo's straight from the android Wherigo app would be handy. At the moment downloading live in the field requires you to use something like chrome to download it as the other standard browser corrupts the Wherigo file. Then you have to find where the file has been downloaded and move it to the correct folder. While we have become very good and efficient at doing this, its still a pain. As for the gif and which still image/frame it should be, as standard I would say the first frame by default unless otherwise specified by the Wherigo owner. But then that would be done in the builder (which can also be sorted by WF). I would also like to thank all the people involved in WF, just which I had the skills to help! Got many ideas to build but are partly being held back till some of the WF features come through and enable me to do them. Might try and learn some more lua while waiting (not sure which version wig uses though).
  11. A feature that I would like to see, is the use of animated gifs. Even if it is like sound files where the devices that use them download them then other devices like the Oregon download still compatable still images. I maybe wrong but I don't think this would be too hard to get working (for v1.1?) The next stage further on from this that I would like to see (for v2.0?) Is live picture drawing. For example one of those picture tile sliding puzzles. It would be too much to store every possible picture tile combination as a seperate picture. So if it could be drawn on the fly it would be helpful and open up many other puzzle/game options.
  12. I did a little playing around with this the other week. The best way to find out if it works is to create a zone outside your house that only activates at a certain time on start otherwise you get a message saying it doesn't work come back later. Doing it a similar way to what you have I got it to work on the garmin, android and iPhone. The problem I encountered was that currently the cart takes the operating system time and not the gps time so all you need to do it change your internal clock to cheat. While I was able to lock the garmin to a time zone I wasnt able to with the android (or iphone). I did this by using a bit of code that is somewhere in the forums. The other thing that may have to be taken into account is time changes (british summer time) as when the clocks change by an hour it means your coding will be out by an hour. My personal hope is that in WIG v1.1 the people working on it will implement gps time to avoid these problems.
  13. We have encountered the same problem on our recent Wherigo, some iPhones played all the mp3's others didnt. The garmin and android was fine. Wondering what is causing this and how to prevent it.
  14. Thanx, the picture works now. Its all so much clearer with the picture! I just had an epiphany about how to do this and something else just before seeing this post while trying to work something else out. What I worked out makes my coding alot shorter and smaller in file size (would of saved alot of time too) but means I gota go back through and change alot! The more I play with Wherigo the more I learn, the more I learn the more I write. The more I write the more ambitious I get, which means the more I gota learn again! I will have to learn lua at some point! Thanx again for your help.
  15. Would love to but image wont display The stop sound command isnt stopping it on android for some reason and it is in the last on click too. I will try the canceling out with a blank sound though. Thanx for your help
  16. Thanx fiz with your help I have managed to get the random timer working I have worked out how to increase the timer to 30 secs, but instead of 0-30 It would be nice if I could set it between 8-30 secs. To prevent a too short a timer. One of these days I will learn lua. Thanx again in advance Also while Im on here I have an audio playing at the start of the game while the user is reading dialog (story) When they click the button at the end of the dialog the stop.sound command kicks in. When run in the emulator it runs fine, but when I test it on android the sound keeps playing until it reaches the end. Is there a way to prevent this, or is it a glitch with the player
  17. Thanx I will give the above a try for the timer. As for the numbers, I only want random numbers with decimal points for use in dialog (using the concatenate expression) For example:- "That one is only 5.3 meters long" where 5.3 can be anything from 0.1 to 10. Thanx again
  18. I have been playing around with the random number and random decisions and have had some fun. But there is two things that I would like to do that I have not been able to get to work yet. 1. Set random amount of time on an elapse timer 2. Get the random number to also include decimal points, not just whole numbers. Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. To add an image to your message click on the green message box then on the properties window on the right is a drop down menu for images (image needs to be in your media "tab") To check status of a task use the compare expression then you can check if task complete, active etc = true/false
  20. There is a bug in the android web browser that doesnt download the carts properly. I just download them via google chrome and they run fine (I also think it is a better browser anyway)
  21. I finally managed to get it to work, I had to get rid of the on call function and add an extra if/else statement. I hadn't thought of people trying to drop the items outside the zone (whether on purpose or accident) so I will implement as you suggest to hide pickup/drop when not in a zone. Thank you for the help and input.
  22. Yes you may use it for your own purposes. I have now made adjustments to cache zone. It runs fine in emulator, but on field tests the cache zone doesn't activate and the others deactivate even though condition (all three items in zone has been met. So at the moment the cart can not be completed. I can not work out the reason why.
  23. Yes ranger fox, that is what I am trying to do, I will have a look (and hopefully understand some of it) thank you. I thought I had solved all my problems, as when I ran it in the emulator everything worked as intended. But when we did a field test today I couldn't get my user function "complete" to run. I dropped off the last item in the last zone and nothing happened. We were using the android player. Can anyone spot any errors in my code please? FoxChicGrain.zip
  24. I have tried doing it directly without task complete event and I have also tried it via a function call, but I still get the same result. Message isn't displayed, zones not set to active/inactive and spoiler image not moved to player.It didn't work even before I enabled a task. (Edit) I have finally just got it to work, by moving the on call further down the logic after show main screen. Just trying to solve the next problem, when I drop the last item the cache zone is activated but the chicken is still in the inventory. Thanx for the help so far.
  25. This is the latest way in which I have tried getting it to work, when I drop an item it checks what items are in zone b. If all three are present then task is set to complete, which then should activate the next command (but it doesn't). I have tried it a number of ways with no luck.
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