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  1. 2 hours ago, thebruce0 said:

    the layout of the Your published hides page


    I never knew this page existed before (I don't have many hides), but this is a look I could absolutely get behind. It is in the new style, using similar amounts of space as the new search, but with a load of useful information! Compact D/T/Size, info about TBs, last found, last maintained (could be changed to "found by me"), and the "last 3 logs" is a great design choice. It looks like it even has pagination (if someone with more than 10 hides could confirm the functionality that'd be great). It's only really missing region information. Please, consider mimicking this design! It does have a modern feel and in my opinion it looks quite good.

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  2. It's one thing to criticize and attempt to productively guide away from continued issues (even perpetual annoying ones that never seem to get fixed),

    There has been no explanation of why the webpage needs to follow the app even thoug the webpage has been there much before the app.


    I think this is a big reason why people are upset, changes are just given without any explanation or argument (or minimal ones). I understand Groundspeak doesn't need to explain these things, but considering this is a game with such a big community involvement it would be nice of them to at least defend their position when such abrupt changes are made.

  3. At zoom levels 12 and 13, the owned icon is indecipherable.



    Similar to that, the found smiley becomes too small and ugly (IMO) at those levels. It has to fit within the white outline and it's just too small. And the shade of yellow also changed, now it's too "lemon-y", it was warmer and better before. It'd be nice to have and option to change to the old style.

    Found areas of the map (and completed geoarts) don't look as pretty as they used to. This is just me though.

  4. I agree with most of this thread. At smaller zoom levels the icon for found and hidden caches has to fit inside the icon circle, making it too small and ugly, they don't stand out as much as they used to. Also, the fact that all the icons are circles now makes it way harder to distinguish cache types at first glance, especially in traditional vs mystery caches. At least put an option somewhere to change to the old style, please.

    And the new MEGA and GIGA icons... just no.

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