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  1. What irks me the most is not being able to hide caches due to Covid when everything around here is already open (restaurants, parks, etc) and when I question why, I'm referred to a post that was made months ago and is no longer relevant. I don't search much anymore, but I love the art of hiding a cache especially when I can make a unique container. Not being able to do so has really been frustrating.
  2. You're almost correct. But yeah, a good glue and then a coating of lacquer and they last for years. Almost as long as the pine cones they're imitating.
  3. These are still my all time favorites. I have close to 100 of these hidden and I never get tired of all the cool comments people leave.
  4. Thanks noncentric, I didn't realize that worked unless you were a Premo member.
  5. Once bitten, twice shy. Not happening. I will remain as is. Thank you for your reply.
  6. Here's a cut and paste of what I got when I entered the code that was emailed to me. If I don't provide a payment method at this point, I don't get the FREE trial. Just not happening. Free 7 day trial membership Then, $29.99/year + tax
  7. I know that tune... As someone that has more fun hiding caches than finding them, I take DNF's very seriously and always make a point of quickly following up. If that's not possible, I will archive it so someone else can use the area to hide a cache. I don't like it when people can't find one and just leave another thinking they are doing you a favor. But I also realize there are just good hearted people out there who want to help. Back to the tune...
  8. Thanks so much! I had the GC code but everytime I searched the site I was stopped at the page telling me Premium Members Only. Your link worked perfectly. Thank you.
  9. I've had some reviewed and published within 8 hours and some take as long as 7 days. Remember, they're just poor volunteers and probably have another life also.
  10. Okay, go ahead and call me cheap so we can move on. A little background, I actually prefer coming up with and making cool cache containers and hiding caches more than I do finding them. I run into not being able to plant a cache every now and then due to the area being taken by a Premium member's cache that I can't see. Not a problem, I like playing in mine fields. But what do I do when I stumble upon a Premium member's cache while hunting a site to plant a cache. I've been signing them, but I have no way of logging them on the website. What would you do? Thanks in advance for your advice. Don't worry, I have a thick skin with lots of hair so flame away, just don't start any Forest Fires, SmokeyBear#1
  11. My 650t won't communicate with my laptop either. It did when I first got it, but quit for some reason. I have been manually putting in coords by using 'Mark Waypoint' and then editing it before saving it. So while I hope to help answer your question, I have one of my own since it was mentioned-Does GSAK work if you're not a Premium Member? Thanks, SmokeyBear#1
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