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  1. Hey everybody, just wondering if anybody had a problem with there Rino. My 130 will not scroll up, the button is still clicking. Guess I have to send it in to Garmin? Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else. Thanks
  2. Ok, a newb here, I did this the hard way most likely, 84928, listed all users by joined date and went back until I found me. I couldn't see it anywhere else, was there and easier way for other curious cachers? Greg
  3. Just a quick question on TB etiquette since we are on the topic. As a a TB owner, should I send a "Thank You" message to a cacher who helps the TB towards its goal. I do not want to add to the amount of junk email in the world. Thanks Greg
  4. Just quick question on earth caches. My home town has a rock formation that I is extremely rare (prehaps the only one like it in NA). I thought of this as an earthcache but the informational signs are taken down during the winter. My question is, would it be acceptable if there was a note saying that it is only available from Month A to Month B, or could I just disable the listing when the information is unavailable? Thanks Greg
  5. How has the weather lately affected your caching? I am in the Greater Toronto Area and it has been too hot/humid/smoggy lately for me to do much caching on my time off. Anybody else been taking it easy lately. I know our poor west coast brethren have had some terrible storms lately. Any stories of caught in the storms, too close to a twister, and so on? Greg
  6. Wish I could help you out, unfortunately I am in Markham. Try sending a message to RangerBayman , he is a friend of mine that is in St. John's. Just say "Greg R" said you may have some recommendations for nice caches in the area Greg
  7. Hey everybody, I am looking for some recommendations for some good night time caches is in th Toronto or GTA area. I have a friend/ fellow cacher that will be in town for overnight and thinking about trying to get a few finds Thanks Greg
  8. Also another thing to remember are some units require their compass to be calibrated. My first hunt on my own with my Garmin Rino 130 I figured out how to enter waypoints but did not calibrate the compass. Spent at least 30 minutes extra walking in circles looking at my route travelled to figure out which way to go.
  9. Maybe not a used as in dirty, but how about trading for "the one that did not disappear in the laundry". Everybody out there has at least a 1/2 pair of socks. Maybe your missing sock is at the cache. This could be possibly be a way of re-uniting lost friends
  10. My back usually contains: Camera in Ziploc bag Gloves GPS attached to one strap Cell Phone to the other Small pocket knife TP (incase of emergency) 2 Bottles of water (more if with a 1 bag of cereal Sunglass case Plastic bag for CITO Swag to trade 2 pens extra ziplocs to leave if a cache if it needs it, when I rememeber Tension Bandage Little bottle of waterless soap
  11. I always carry my camera as well, so I carry spare GPS batteries in the bag, and spare camera batteries in a plastic holder that came with the camera (its a Sony). Also the entire camera bag is in a ziploc bag just incase I get wet
  12. Guess I am a lurker/ newbie. Think I am going to get a Garmin Rino 130, 2 of my friends have them so it will work pretty well. I only started a few weeks ago. Definitely good fun.
  13. I agree with BlueNinja, gridlox design looks a lot better. P.S. I am a newbie to the board.
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