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  1. Well, I have one vehicle of my own 03 ZR2 Blazer But i have used all my families vehicles: the best pic of my lil bros bike my old car and my buddies car Think there are others too but that's all the ones I have pics of Cheers Greg
  2. Well guess I should give an update, name is still the same but different vehicle. Name was Newfie + Zedder for I am a Newfie and Zedder because I drove a Z24 Cavalier. well after a little bit of time caching I found that I was going some places in the Z24 that we pushing it so I traded it on a 2003 4x4 Blazer, ZR2 edition. New vehicle but I can keep the name. Cheers Greg
  3. Well here is the finale tally on my experience: Ranked out of 5 Turn around: 3:5 (5 weeks to get the first unit back) Turn around on their mistake: 5:5 (had it the day after I called them) Check for my shipping cost: 6:5 (1 extra for making me laugh when I saw the check in French, should have expected it I guess) All in all I would say a good experience, turn around could have been better, but hey could have been as long going to the US and back with Customs. Cheers Greg
  4. Its okay for the width and height but its just they that rounded off the corners too much so you all the screen is not covered. This causes the guard to cast shadows of the edge onto the screen. Maybe I'll give them an call or email. Thanks for the input Greg
  5. After seeing a few recommendations of the Invisible Shield screen protector I bought one for my Rino. Got it today, nice quick delivery but once I put it on I noitced it doesn't really cover the whole screen. Is this common, the corners are not covered, I did order the one for the Rino (says right on the baggy), is this common, should I have ordered one for a larger screen and cut it too size? Thanks Greg aka Newfiezedder
  6. Thanks guys, it worked,I now have off topic, and a lot of useless stuff to read at work
  7. Just a quick add on to this, I paid a few days ago, am a member on the GC page but I still don't see the Off Topic forum, is there a delay between GC and the forums?
  8. Picked it up, was just an unit, bare bones, but looks brand new, and already has all my data in it? So my review of Raytech is, little slow to get things done (5 weeks to ship a replacement unit), but really fast to fix their mistakes (1 day to get a actual replacement). Would I use them again, maybe. Cheers Greg
  9. Well they are fast, the new unit arrived at the post office for pick up yesterday, I hope to get it today. Must say, they were very quick to fix their mistake. Well post later when I verify that the new one is all good.
  10. Another update: Raytech is sending me another GPSr and paying for the shipping of mine back to them again. Of course I am not sending them mine until I get the replacement and verify it is working.
  11. Now using the Camelbak Trailblazer 2.0L. Only really had 1 good day out with it. Fits everything I need, lots of water, and pretty comfortable. Plus it has lots of loops for attaching stuff. I have a black Groundspeak Micro hanging off the back to help others ID as a fellow cacher. GPS and Cell looped through the straps in the front for easy access. EDIT - add link to micro
  12. Finally got around to power up the unit to see if it was all good. Guess what, problem not fixed. A simple little up doesn't work on the center button. The letter that came with it said that problem verified and unit replaced, guess not. I am going to send it to Garmin, I would recommend the same to everybody
  13. Good replies, but I have to admit to being a straight line type of person. I have been trying to plan better. Looking at google maps, mapquest, even Garmin's free sample of their topo maps can give you a good idea of how to approach it.
  14. Wow, got it back today . About 5 weeks , I was starting to think it would never come back. Can't wait to get back out caching.
  15. Opps, my bad, haven't read that since I started about 6 months ago
  16. Well don't think I have posted in here yet so here it goes. Two parts: Newfie and Zedder. I was born and raised in Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada (closet cache)and drive and Chevy Cavalier Z24.
  17. Hi everybody, just wondering if there is a specific Channel and Code that Geocahcers use on their FRS/GMRS radio's. I know in a car club that I am in there is a Channel and Code that the club uses mainly. As a Rino users I could leave it tuned to the channel while caching to see if anybody else is around. For example could use Channel 7 Code 19 (G = 7, S = 19, Groundspeak). Cheers Greg
  18. Triangulation is one thing, but lets not forget that you could also be broadcasting your loaction out if the option is on. Would make you real easy to find.
  19. GPSr out for repair, DNG. Been gone way too long. I want it back.
  20. Wow my preexisting hole caused quite a discussion, it was more of a joke (playing devils advocate). But all this made me think of the evil lawn sprinklers micros. I haven't come across them myself but certainly read about them here, are they buried or just laying on the ground?
  21. Want a way to go without digging, find a pre-existing hole and fill it in around your pipe. No digging required for placement. Just a thought, and it obeys the rules. Perhaps a Geo-rock as the top piece to make it easy to identify. Edit - to add the Geo-rock idea
  22. Wow, wish I would have read this before I sent my Rino 130 to Raytech, been a couple of weeks now, I am going to have to call them in the morning. Is it just me or did I see a few people with Rino issues in this thread? Mine wouldn't scroll up (center button) Cheers Greg
  23. Wow, those are some interesting numbers. Guess according to population I average out to 6th (3rd for NF and 9th for ON), on top of that the only cachers I have met out on the trail are one of the number 25's on the hide list. Thanks for the stats.
  24. Wow, just looked at the list, Chevy 99 - all models. God bless the sunroof. So I guess my advice would be get a sunroof or a convertible. No worries about the windshield.
  25. Just a FYI for all Garmin people up here. Recently when I called Garmin to get an RMA I found out that I just have to send my GPSr to Raytech for repair. They do not require a RMA just a copy of the bill and the return form from their site. Hope it saves somebody some time and at the same time hope nobody has to use it. Cheers Newfiezedder
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