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  1. Hi Is oregon 600 supposed to indicate the batteries are fully charged if you are using Garmin rechargeable pack ? Mine seems to be flashing charging light on and on.... I was little upset because I took it for my first bike ride today and it went from full charge to 2 bars in less than 15 minutes, what the heck?
  2. I use gpicsync for geotagging all my photos, it's awesome, fast, easy to use and even does raw files. Do *not* get a camera with built-in GPS. I tried few and they are very slow to obtain gps fix which renders them almost useless. They also eat up batteries and if you already own a nice SLR it would most likely be a downgrade in picture quality as well.
  3. Yep, sure it was! One thing I noticed, though maybe Im just missing something silly, is when the Oregon 600 is in automative Nuvi mode it wont go into landscape. It does for me
  4. yeah this was always known, the only question was if using different kind of AAs might cause any issues. I am getting my Garmin pack delivered today, $25 is pretty pricey but I got 15% off my Oregon 600 so I'm still ahead
  5. A bit off-topic question. This is my first GPS that allows multiple img files with maps. I built my own garmin map that's transparent and routable. If I enable it along with any other routable map (i.e.Topo 24k) it will not route. It used to work on my 60csx. Is that normal behavior for these newer GPS units ? Only one routable map can be enabled ? thanks
  6. Does anyone know how many custom .img maps can I can on my oregon 600 ? Also, will getting a class 10 microsd card speed up map drawing ? Especially at high zoom levels
  7. Are you able to get install the map in mapsource ? Export it to a local hard drive as gmapsupp.img. Then rename it to something like asiant.img and manually copy to the SD card /Garmin folder
  8. Question - On 60csx when I send multiple maps over from mapsource I can chose which one to display on the GPS. In Oregon 600 it looks like all the maps from Mapsource show up as 1 map so I can't enable/disable them individually. Is that correct behavior ?
  9. OK I stand corrected, it did work, probably was still downloading after it said it was done. The process created a new file "OX-Geocaches2013-4-6-19-6-34.ggz" in the ggz folder. It is 28 MB in size. Index.xml file has 702.000 lines. Each cache takes about 15 lines. So that tells me there are about 46,800 caches total ? btw is there a setting to keep Oregon on after I unplug the USB cable ?
  10. I'm getting my oregon delivered today, I'll give it at try ok, not really working for me. I click Download all to device and 1 second later it says done, but nothing moves over..weird
  11. I'm getting my oregon delivered today, I'll give it at try
  12. It' doesn't come with the rechargeable battery? Even my "low end" Montana 600 came with one. Only 650 comes with it.fine by me, still saving bunch, though I'm sure it costs Garmin couple bucks and charges us 25
  13. Unless you wear out the latching mechanism and/or gasket. Everything wears out, sure, but I've used my 60CSX for 5 years, heavily, and never wore that latch/gasket out. Why would I believe that I would on my Oregon 600? Oh, I don't know... A sneaking suspicion that the case/latch/gasket area isn't anywhere near as robust as your (and mine) 60CSx? I'm going to buy the rechargable battery pack for my 600. I see a huge benefit in not having to remove my batteries constantly and charging them in external charger. It will still be cheaper than buying 650 and I do not need the camera feature. On road trips it will be great to just plug the GPS in the car charger and then take it out when looking for a cache, never fearing about battery life. Even though the latch on my 60csx is still in great shape after many year, not having to ever open it is a much better solution IMHO
  14. I shudder to imagine how much would such a map cost You pay $100 just for one country now
  15. My oregon 600 was shipped by LL Bean today from Freeport, ME. I got UPS tracking number with scheduled delivery on 5/7 ! yay!!
  16. good news for people who ordered from LL Bean, here a transcript of my chat with their customer service today: Me: I have a question about my order #xxxx It is now showing "backorder filling". Does that mean it's being shipped? thanks Diane: Good afternoon. Me: hello Diane: That means we just received the Garmin and are still to process the item so we can send it out to you. Me: any idea how long that usually takes? Diane: A normal order shipping to Colorado would take 5-6 business days. Me: so 5-6 days after it's shipped or that's how long it takes to process ? Diane: From today. So you should have it next week. Me: ok, thank you ! Diane: Is there anything else I can help you with? Me: that's it Diane: Thank you for contacting L.L.Bean. I am pleased that I was able to help you. Have a wonderful afternoon.
  17. What the heck is going on now ? So does that mean people who pre-ordered will get it within 2-5 days or are they completely sold out and no one is getting anything
  18. www.outdoorsmagic.com Just In - Garmin Oregon 600 GPS
  19. so the latest build of GSAK will now automatically generate GGZ file, can't wait to try it out myself. Now if only we could create larger pocket queries, it will be hard to fully take advantage of this feature without the data becoming stale with partial updates. Link
  20. Well definitely not $3999.00 I ordered mine on 2/16/13, I signed up for LL Bean credit card so my total came to $339.15 If I check my order status is shows available 5/19 but if you look directly on their page it shows 5/10. I really hope it will ship a bit earlier, but as long as it's not later than 5/10 I'm OK
  21. Most recent build of GSAK now adds Oregon 600 in the list of devices plus initial support for GGZ
  22. I was just at there website checking on my backorder for a 600 and it still shows 5-19 ???? Mystery solved Gulo is on the list ahead of me and will get his first. Lucky guy. yay OK, so it shows 5/10 on the website, but when I pull out my individual order is also still shows 5/19. I presume they just didn't update it ?
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