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  1. You might want to check with your local Parks and Rec people. Our local P & R offer group outings and have gps to loan out to those that don't have them. It helps that one of the local Park Rangers is a geocacher and enjoys taking groups out.
  2. My daughter and I were going for a FTF and after we had found it, and a few other caches along the way, we went home to log it. When I went to log it somebody had already claimed FTF honors. I emailed him and let him know what time I had signed the log. He emailed us back and thought he was first. He asked us to describe what was in the cache (he had traded some swag)and he quickly realized that we had found it first. He didn't see that on this log there was a section at the top for a FTF to sign. There have been several other times where I was pulling up to GZ and the FTF was just leaving.
  3. Love Geocaching. When I first heard about geocaching three years ago I was interested in doing it. Fast forward 1 1/2 years and our family went to a geocaching event/meeting at a local pizza place. We all decided that we wanted to give it a shot. We bought a Etrex the next day and our first geocaches were for a geocoin event in the Tri-Cities. We went out to do the same caches a couple of times so the rest of our family (including the In-Laws) could get in on the action. Well, my wife says I am obsessed with it. I would not say obsessed but I am always looking for a reason to go looking for some plastic containers. I check out my previous finds as I drive by to see if someone is looking for them as well. Okay, maybe I am a little obsessed but aren't we all!
  4. My favorite is my WolfHaven geocoin. I was at WolfHaven about 17 years ago and I love the work they do. My next is a coin I never new I ordered (NO L).
  5. I picked mine because it is the name of the local rugby team I was on. It is also one of my nicknames. Badger was taken so I picked badger10.
  6. When you run your PQ do you download it from the screen that shows a preview of the caches? If you do than those caches will only show you the basic info and not the hints, logs, descriptions...etc. I did that until I given the correct way from the helpful people on the forum.
  7. Received some cash for Christmas and decided to grab one of these while they are still avalable!
  8. My favorite caching story was when we went to look for a newer cache in our area. While going down the side of an embankment I slipped on a branch that had been covered by some dead grass. I did the slipping on a banana peal routine. No injury except to my dignity. The cache (after I got clear of the cloud of smoke) was up in a tree and to get to it you had to lower it using a crank. My favorite cache to date. Thanks for the cointest.
  9. I didn't go out cacheing but I did get the next best thing. Three geocoins and a couple of travel buddies for X-Mas!!! Just checked the mailbox from yesterday. I received the new abacus geocoin so that makes four new geocoins!!!
  10. I just ordered three. One for me and one for the two kids.
  11. Just saw these coins at the above site...www.geocoinshop.de. They look pretty good.
  12. My first mystery coin! Thanks for the big smile when I opened the mailbox!
  13. Ditto on the antique silver. I happen to love the color purple. If you make them I want one!
  14. Very nice coin. Great idea!
  15. The problem with the written word is that when you write your message you already know what you mean to say. It doesn't always follow that what I read and interpet is what the writer intended. That happens to me alot. What I know I meant to say is not always what the readers understand. Sometimes it helps me to have someone read what I write and then have them tell me what they get out of it. Of course if I had done that on a few of my posts on the forums I would not have to explain that what I wrote is not what I meant. S... happens. Live and learn.
  16. Sorry about that. I should have listed the web site. www.woot.com. Yes, on Woot these deals do not last long. When I bought mine they sold out in less than 6 hours.
  17. They are back...On woot they have the LnL set again. This time they have red lids. I don't need another set but for you cachers who put out alot of caches or for those who had their better half claim their set ...well you know what to do.
  18. Thanks for the help. I did as you suggested and low and behold they are back on the gps. They also have the new updated info...Size/Difficulty. I take it by external memory you mean the sd card. I will do that for al future downloads. Is there anything else I need to do to have the gps show the caches on the sd card or is that automatic.
  19. I like the look of the ammo can but I think it would have to be deeper and maybe a little wider. If I had pathtags that would definetly be on my short list for a storage unit.
  20. I think you are correct. After I updated my gps from the Garmin site I added five new caches. I went out on Thursday and found three of them. I went back out on Friday to get the ones I missed and they were gone along with the other 400 plus caches. I even checked the recent finds area and it did not show any finds at all. Not even the three I found the previous day. I did notice that when I went to the geocache menu to pick a cache to find that the five new caches showed up differetly. They had the cache size and difficulty settings on the select cache portion. I just checked my version and it is 1.0 so I am not sure if I have the same problem.
  21. Hmm, but you aren't seeing the card as a separate "disk drive" on your computer's desktop (or whatever it's called on a Windows machine)? You should see two separate external storage devices--the GPSr and the micro-SD card. Yes, you should. When I plug my 62s into my Windows PC I see two drives. One has a blue triangle and is marked as Garmin GPSMAP62s (K:) and the other (the SD card) is shown as (L:) with an image of a "hard drive" beside it. I checked today and you were correct. It did show an additional drive. What confused me is that my PC has five additional drives (usb/card drives) so I didn't notice when it discovered my 62S that it had found another drive. Thanks for the info.
  22. When I plug in the gps it only shows one additional drive that I recall anyway. I will recheck. If that is the case does anybody know why four hundred plus caches would just dissapear? Is there a alloted time the caches stay visible or do they go into some kind of archive mode?
  23. I have a friend who is pretty handy in the woodworking department. I am thinking about having a box made to store/tote geocoins. What I had in mind was a box similar to a jewelry box. It would have multiple drawers with some kind a covering to make it harder for the coins to flop around. I would also like it to have a top storage area for TB's or other stuff. I am thinking about maybe oak or walnut. Anybody make something along these lines or have any suggestions. A plan would be great if anybody has something similar to this. I was thinking it would be something different to take to meetings/events than the standard binders.
  24. Okay thanks. I checked the gps'r and they are in the GPX folder and show up when I open the "sent to gps file". I take it you mean move the file to the pc and remove the card and power down/up the gps. The PC does't normally see the sd card in the gps. The only time I see the sd card is when I download a cache from the site to the gps it shows two devices. How do I get the pc to see the sd card to put them back on? Do I need to put it in the sd card slot on the pc? Again thanks for your help.
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