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  1. GOt my info and have already found the area it will be in. Now I have to get the swag ready and lock in the site. Getting cache location ideas from our local Park Ranger (geocacher). My daughter can't wait to put the cache out. Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Thanks for the cointest and for the coin!!!
  3. My guess is someone wanted a ammo can and decided since they had already found yours before they would take it. Removing a couple of pages and, if they didn't log online, nobody would know who the culprit was. It seems to be a lot of trouble for a ammo can (unless it's a nicely done up one). At least they left a replacement.
  4. I do not use GSAK. I just run the pq, open the email, and use Easygps to send it to my gps.
  5. I like the idea of a DNF showing on the map. I do not usually do a pq when I go out. It would be nice to know that if I am going to cache a section of town that I might want to hit that DNF again and make it a smiley!
  6. I haven't done very many PQ's but I was wondering when you load the PQ onto a gps (Mine's a GPSMAP62S) how do you know when the transfer to the gps is complete. I do not see any indicator so I am always wondering if I screwed up part of the transfer.
  7. My guess would be 75,678
  8. I live in South-East Washington State near Oregon and Idaho borders. I would be interested.
  9. I get the same error. Just when a new cache pops up. Grrrr
  10. ...or use the GSAK macro. ...or use the "Google Maps" link located on each and every cache page. This will do exactly what you describe as Plan B, all in one click. I mentioned that in the part that you snipped: "A workaround is to use the small inset Google map on the cache listing page, but I'm not sure how long that will continue to be an option." Nope, I snipped that part because that's not what I was referring to. To the left of the inset Google map, there are a series of links under the heading "For online maps...". One of them is called "Google Maps", and will open a new Google Map window pre-filled with the cache coordinates. See below on the left: Thanks for the info. I tried that and it works pretty good. It doesn't show the other caches in the area but it is still close to the old map.
  11. But Google maps are still available on individual cache pages. They just only show a single cache and not all other caches around. I do not think that it is that important to have a satellite view of all caches in an area at the same time. Cezanne The problem I have with the cache page map is it does not show a close enough view. I like to zoom in with the satellite view to get an idea of what kind of area I will be searching IE...tree cover, parking lot, playground etc. Of course the speed of the map loading is pretty bad. Hopefully the frog can make a deal with Google and we can have our maps back.
  12. Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted. Seeing them all at once means I can plan my route without having to zigzag across town. Newsflash The Tuesday update to the GC website now allows you to view PQ caches exclusively! The down-side is they are no longer providing Google mapping data (including the satellite photos), so depending on where you are the base maps may not be so good as you are used to. I love the PQ update but I definetly do not care for the mapping situation. I use the google maps alot to zoom in and get a feel for what the area looks like.
  13. Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted. Seeing them all at once means I can plan my route without having to zigzag across town.
  14. Thanks for the info. I created the bookmark and than ran the PQ. When I tell it to map it it does show the caches but it also shows all the others in the area as well. Is there a way to map the PQ and only show the bookmarked caches or did I miss a step somewhere? Thanks badger10
  15. There is a new series in my area that will probably have 29 caches in it (leap year series). My question is how do I show only these caches on a map? I have done a few PQ's but am still a newbie in that area?
  16. We have a traveling cache going through the Tri-Cities in Washington State. I was wondering if anybody knows how many travelers there are? It gave me the opprotunity to "place" a geocache without going through the whole process. Now all I have to do is actually go out and place one.
  17. I have seen lots of geocoins at events I go to and in the caches I find. The geocoins I like I discover. I enjoy looking at where it has been and I have went back to look at my favorites and buy a few. I would not be happy if someone, for whatever reason, took that ability away from me. The archive option sounds like a very good compromise.
  18. And again, I'll say that I agree. I see no harm and all benefit in your suggestion. Would you post that on the Feature forum? I wouldn't feel right about it since it wasn't my idea...but unless I hear a very good argument against it, I'll back you 100%! +1 from me +2 from me. Sounds like a very good idea. Everybody gets what they want (or at least it looks like it) and nobody gets hurt!
  19. So I assume she did not create her account 7 days ago, and has more than 0 finds, even if it's only a few for coin challenges. She would not come here with those credentials and use a term such as Waypoint Projection, something I've never even had to use myself personally in 8 1/2 years of Geocaching. She would absolutely under no circumstances be accused of being a sock puppet. I'm a trained sock puppet identification specialist, dating back to Usenet in the 1990's. In all honesty I have to admit I do most of the logging in my geofamily (four of us). I guess I need to get a better understanding of some of the ins and outs of this forum. I definetly need to get better educated on what a sock puppet is.
  20. These are very nice coins. I wish I had the money to get one.. two....
  21. Is this just a one day event or will it be an ongoing challenge? I believe this will be going until the coins are gone.
  22. My wife does not use this forum. She also does not log her finds unless it is required (Coin Challenge). Would she be considered/accused of being a sock puppet if she did dare to ask a question on this forum????? I have contacted the CO with my questions on puzzle caches but newbies to the forums are just that...newbies. I like reading the forums but sometimes I have to laugh at how heated some of these debates can become. Of course this current topic is very mild compared to some of them I have read.
  23. Got my coin in the mail today. Love it! It is thicker than I thought it would be.
  24. I would like the info/link on this coin as well. I tried to PM but it wouldn't go thru. Thanks
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