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  1. I saw that she was on the site Saturday. Anybody hear from her at all?
  2. They sure look nice but if the currency exchange is accurate than the coin is to rich for my wallet.
  3. I wish they still had these available. Very nice coin!
  4. There are four of us in my geofamily. I log all my finds online. My son does about half the time. My wife and daughter do not log them at all...unless it is a geocoin challenge that requires you log them.
  5. We have quite a few caches along our bike trails. This summer we are putting out a bike/walk power trail along the 17 mile Sacajawea bike trail. It goes over two bridges and between three cities. That is a power trail I could like!
  6. I have been out several times with a local Parks and Rec cacheing group. We usually sign the log with the Parks and Rec name. We also let the CO know on the online log that we signed it that way. I just put out my first cache and I may check the log. If someone has quite a few caches I can see how that would be very time consuming.
  7. I ordered three! Very nice coin. Our geofamily has been to that carousel.
  8. If you want any ancillary caches in District 7 I am sure the kids and I would be happy to put more out!
  9. Springtime means it's not to cold and not to hot. The ground isn't frozen solid and the pavement isn't burning up. It means seeing peple looking around bushes and going off the beaten path isn't that unusual. It means checking to see if the groundspeople have tossed your cache. Springtime means it's geocaching time!!! Of course anytime is geocaching time!
  10. What a beutiful coin. I hope to see this one someday. I wish I had a coin, that wasn't activated, to trade with. I had a border collie when I was young. I hope to see her on the other side of the bridge.
  11. Is there any way to use two seperate email addresses. I would like to use my main email for the majority of my geocaching things. Can you use a seperate email address for info relating to my hides. I plan on putting out a few more caches (now that I have placed my first one out) and would like to get the notifications on a different address. Is this possible? I do not want to start another geocaching name. Thanks badger10
  12. Well it looks like only half of the caches have been published so far. Hopefully the rest get published soon. We have been out to our cache at least twice since we put it out adding more stuff.
  13. I don't know if it is acceptable but it sounds like it could be fun.
  14. District 7 has not gone online yet. Hopefully it gets published today. My son and daughter are planning to do a local version (Tri-Cities Wa.) of Panem.
  15. I wonder how many cachers will get them all???? District 7 should be up soon.
  16. What is the best way to prepare a lock n lock before you put tape on it. I have seen a few lnl's that the tape is peeling off.
  17. Congrats on getting a new mystery coin. Thanks to the mystery giver for a very nice gift!
  18. You know you are addicted to geocoins when you go to work and your co-workers ask to see your latest coins.
  19. We have the location, cache, and swag ready to go. Having a little problem with the way the listing is to set up but wewill work it out. The kids and I can't wait to get our first cache listed. I will be part of a bike path mini power trail so I guess this is good practise. Thanks for letting us in on this adventure.
  20. Only 66 away. Maybe next time. Congrats goes out to GATOULIS.
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