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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. I also think it would be great if you could buy a magnet/sticker of each you are awarded so you could put them on a map...Similar to what you find on a lot of RV's. I know I would buy them.
  2. To bad you could not set up the Jaws theme song and have the volume go up as you get closer to ground zero.
  3. I saw that a cacher had left a nice sig item in a few local caches. It is a short mechanical pencil with their geonik on it. Anybody seen this before and if you have do you know where I can have these made?
  4. Aw, man! You fixed it and now my really funny post makes no sense! Sorry about that. I read your post and tried to figure out who has not heard of rEpelling and then I saw what I did. I had to fix it. I did the same kind of thing on FB but cannot fix it.
  5. There are six island paddle caches in the Columbia River within a couple of miles of my home. We haven't gone out there yet but the Tri-Cities geocoin challenge next month will have a kayak trip planned. May have to tag along a get those!
  6. I have a different scenario. My son and I found a local cache but while we were retrieving the cache it fell down a pipe never to be seen again. We emailed the CO and offered to replace the container. He said he would make the walk and replace it. That was last October and has had several DNF and a couple of NM. The cacher is still active. Should I replace the cache or let the chips fall as they may?
  7. Now that cave looks like it would be fun to drop down into!
  8. Went rapelling this afternoon with a few guys from work. The place where we rapelled also had quite a few caches nearby. What to do? Why both of course. We rapelled there two years ago but I was not into caching at that time. I had been wanting to get some of the caches down by the Washington-Oregon border for awhile now. When this rapelling day came up it was a no brainer. We did the cache named Entrance to the tunnel (GC2813Z) which was only a little ways from the tunnel. So what kind of activities have you guys combined together? Should have used spell check.
  9. One day off. Close but no cigar. Thanks for the cointest!
  10. Mine is a nickname as well as the name of a rugby team I used to belong too. The 10 is added because badger was taken already.
  11. I have been following this thread since the start. If you decide to ever do another one I would like to be in on it. I love looking at the missions and would love to join in. S--t happens through no fault of your own. Don't let it get you down.
  12. We had a flash mob event (GC354JM) on Veterans Day. We organized near a busy intersection and then waved flags for fifteen minutes. There were also caches put out in honor of Veterans Day. It was a lot of fun. We talked about the normal stuff we talk about at regular events. There was a cache at that location (a rock garden---ugh) that a bunch of us had not found due to the busy intersection. The flash mob gave us a chance to make the grab.
  13. I had about 450 before hiding my first cache!
  14. We are going to Las Vegas in July and are going to do some caching on the way. We will be heading down I84 (from Tri-Cities Wa) to I15 and then down to Las Vegas. I have done a couple of PQs along the highway (about 1 mile either side) and am wondering which ones are your favorites. I liked GCPPGH alot.
  15. Just ordered mine. Nice coin!
  16. Sometimes being a shift worker has its disadvantages. When I was able to get on a PC the ones I liked the most were already gone (blue ones). Oh well maybe next time.
  17. Got our coins a few days ago. Very nice coins!
  18. How about May 6th! Thanks for the cointest!
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