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  1. How do I change the orientation of my pictures I uploaded to GC? I know I can change them on my PC but can I do it after I have uploaded them? Do I need to change them and then re-upload them again? Thanks Ray
  2. A bunch of guys from work are looking at doing a weekend trip to Twin Sisters lakes. I was there only once and that was back in 1977. I am the only cacher among the group but a couple seem to be interested. They want to go next year. We are thinking probably mid to late summer. Anybody been there lately and any advise on which trailhead to use. I went with my high school (AC Davis) camping club and I remember there was nobody around there when we went. I guess now it is more popular. Thanks for any info you can give me. Ray badger10
  3. Ebay? If you pop into your local camera development shop and ask for them, they'll either give them to you for nothing, or save them for you. I did a quick round a year or two ago, and had almost a hundred good film cans between three stores (same mall). To the OP... Swag - Thrift store Containers - Walmart (Lock & locks), surplus shop - Ammo cans Geocaching Specific Stuff - Wife's online store (aka second floor office in the house) I checked two months ago and only Walgreens had them. Costco, Walmart, etc do not process film anymore (at least in my area) and Walgreens said they would stop soon.
  4. A friend of mine is having problems with his GPSMAP62ST. He went on a hike up around Bumping Lake (Washington State) and had between 20-200 feet difference on his track. The 62 is set to true north. I can see 10-20 feet difference but 200 plus feet on a hike. This is on a road or improved path and not bushwacking. The path is on the base map that came with the 62. It is up to date and the compass is always calibrated. The compass is set to auto so I don't know if that would cause that much of a difference. Any ideas?
  5. My son and I were out to place his second cache and we found a perfect place in a local delta. Well I found out that there was a cache placed nearby when the reviewer would not publish it. When we went to get our cache we found the first one. I do not think I can/should log it because it is the final for the South East Washington oldies challenge. 25 of the oldest caches. If I ever complete that challenge I won't have to search for it to hard.
  6. What you might want to do is place the caches in a way that you actually pass a later stage as you get an earlier stage...like this...1, 6, 2, 5, 3, 4. That way you can replace item(s) as you go back for the final.
  7. I like the word "Hostiles" because you need to be aware that the "Hostiles" could be lurking anywhere!!! Another LOST fan!
  8. He said he had the latest update and he had calibrated the compass. That is the first thing I asked him. I wonder if the routing or profile settings would cause any problems?
  9. A buddy of mine has a GPSMAP62ST and he is having a problem with the compass and tracks. He is out doing caches (no wires, canyons, buildings etc) and when he stops the compass goes erratic. It will show the cache 30 feet to the East and then 70 feet to the West. He has turned on the tracks function while staying still and the tracks show him going all over the place. He says the compass is calibrated. He is fairly new to caching and he wants me to check his gps out. I have a GPSMAP62s and have not had a problem. Any ideas what could be wrong. I thought maybe he has some settings wrong but he will get the gps to me in a couple of days to check it out. Ray
  10. A couple of months ago we were out doing a mini power trail (about 15 caches along a farming road) and we had a car behind us, a car just in front of us, and two in front of that car. A total of ten cachers out at the same time. I also met a fellow cacher while going for a ftf 36 hours after it was published. What are the odds.
  11. If the CO didn't put out the replacement cache than it is his/her right to delete the log. If you want to replace the cache than you need to get his/her okay. If your emails are not answered than that doesn't mean you can replace it and make the find. If someone had replaced one of my caches without my okay than I would delete the log. Keep a watch on the cache and if it is replaced than make the find.
  12. Darn...I am at work and the computers won't show the pics.
  13. The worst one was a log placed inside a plastic baggie with a small rock on top of it next to the base of a park entrance sign. All the water around the sign went to this low laying area.
  14. I had someone recently grab a TB from my cache. They wrote in the cache log that they took it. They never logged the cache online and never logged that they took the TB. I marked it as missing and emailed the owner with the info I had. I even asked on our local geocaching group page if anybody knew the cacher but no one did.
  15. When we first joined about two years ago we had a single account. Before we found our first cache we decided to make our own geoniks. We have thought about using the first name to put out our hides. That would mean we would be putting out caches without any finds...at least on our profile. My wife has found hundreds of caches but does not log any unless it is required for a geocoin challenge.
  16. WoW, We have done about half the power caches near you and will look for HY 397, Nine Mile and Kirk Road on around the 27th or 28th. For some reason I am unable to bring up your caches. I found your road. I can't bring up just caches in the area using a search of Kennewick. I can however bring up all the caches that I have in my PQ. I have just loaded 5 GPSs with all the caches we have on our trip. May have to just use send to GPS to add those. We will be lucky to find all the caches in the other PT. May just wait until you get a hundred or so in your string. Thanks Dick Just tried again searching Kennewick and all the caches showed up showing all of your caches. If we have time we will look for them. This is part of a trip we are taking to see our Grandson near Jackson, Wy and on the return we will look for a short power trail in Bliss, Id and then drive to Kennewick to hopefully find the power trails mentioned above before heading to Bremerton I have 5 caches out right now. One regular and four as part of our ever growing power trails. I just put out five more (not published yet). I think currently there are 240 caches on the power trails but they are mostly backcountry roads and they are not on a straight line. I think the longest string on one road is 55. We are also having a geocoin challenge (30 caches in three cities equals three geocoin puzzle pieces that form one coin). I am sure between now and the 21st of this month more caches will be added to the power trails.
  17. I just doubled my power trail. That makes my PT 9 caches long. He he he.
  18. You might want to check out REI. They have a waterproof crushproof container called "Otterbox". It is more expensive than a L&L but it would work. I am sure you can get it other places cheaper but it is a place to start.
  19. I have not been on any of the famous power trails but we do have quite a few mini power trails along lightly/seldom used roads (around 260 caches at last count I think) in the Tri-Cities Washington. These roads have been around quite a while and before the mini PT were put in there were very few caches placed. I do not see how putting a PT along a seldom used road with very few caches is considered being not courteous. Are the other PT around the US placed on prime geocaching realestate? The ones around our area have very few places that would lead someone to say "this is a great place for a cache". The few that were placed are already in the prime caching areas along those roads. I am not addressing the power trails on rails to trails only those along lonely roads.
  20. I say go for it. In regards to the streak just make sure you do someone elses cache on the day you find your friends cache and there should not be any concerns. I had a similar thing happen to me. The only difference is it is my sons cache and I helped him hide the cache and write up the listing. I, of course, will not claim that find.
  21. Thanks for the info. I just ordered two of those. Now all I have to worry about is forgetting my car keys!!!
  22. Found my 500th on one of the three new mini power trails in Kennewick.
  23. I live in the Tri-Cities and I will be attending the event. There will be two kayaking times and they will be getting the local water caches. I believe there are 5 caches on the islands around Bateman Island. The times they will be going out will be 1pm and 4pm. The cost is $34 dollars. There is a link on the event cache page so if you want to do the kayak caches I would suggest you sign up now. They will also be putting out two night caches. The Tri-Cities has an abundance of caches.
  24. There is a clue game series in the Tri-Cities in Washington state. We have done all but two of them.
  25. If only they had geocaching way back when...when I was in the army. I spent almost 3 years in Frankfurt and 1 1/2 years in Stuttgart.
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