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  1. These are the same caches I loaded earlier in the year. I have already found these. I am taking some friends out to get them the coin set.
  2. The only caches on the gps are the ones I was looking for..17 caches.
  3. I tried an experiment. I loaded two caches. One I had already found and one I had not. These were not part of the Geocoin challenge series. I did what I had done ealier and both of the caches were still there. The ones from the challenge were gone again. Can there be a problem with certain caches? I know they are setting up a new 2013 geocoin challenge but that should not cause any conflict.
  4. No, that isn't it. We are both using 1.0. Both 62S's are having the same problem at the same time. I used mine a couple of days ago and it worked fine.
  5. The wife and I both have these GPS's. Today while doing some caching the caches that I loaded up, and saw on the gps, earlier disappeared. I turned the gps off/on and they came back. Each time I found a new cache, showed it as found, and then went back to select a new one they were gone again. Turn it on/off and they are back. The PC says the caches are there. I updated my gps and tried the same thing again with the same result. This happened on both our gps's. Any ideas? These caches were ones we had found earlier. I checked both the current caches and the recent finds section as well. We were taking some new cachers around with us. Garmin is closed until Tuesday and we are trying to get our friends one of the remaining coins from a geocoin challenge.
  6. Thanks for the info. We go right by there when we head to Las Vegas. Next time we go I now have someplace else to visit!
  7. Does CITO stand for Cache In Turds Out now??? I also like the CCA geocoin! I also think a geocoin would be nice as a thank you.
  8. Since I am the first to guess I hope that gives me some kind of edge. I guess 976.
  9. I also can't remember how to get to the page. Can you send me the info. Thanks
  10. If I knew how to upload one I would do it.
  11. I received a mystery Kwanzaa coin in the mail today. Thanks mystery giver for the very nice surprise!!!
  12. The best kind of gift!!! COunt me in!
  13. I got two geocoins. The Cache Angel Two and Pirate Bones. I also have some Military service geocoins coming in the mail.
  14. They have a small store. More like a mall kiosk. We bought some t-shirts, and some geocoins, and some trackables. Nothing like the kind of stuff I saw in the pics for the Space Coast store in Florida. I sure would like to go there.
  15. I know about the official distributors. I am not looking for online stores. What I am looking for are actual stores that you can walk in too like the Space Coast store in Florida. Does anybody have a list of physical stores you can visit?
  16. I know there are is a geocaching store in Florida and maybe in Utah. How many stores are there out there? Not ones like REI that sell supplies but stores geared for cachers. Of course Groundspeak is one.
  17. I was at an event tonight in the Tri-Cities, Wa. One of the cachers told us about a geocaching store in Utah. Does anybody know where it is? Is it along I15? Thanks
  18. I missed out on the John Grisham coin and I missed this one too. I did get the geico TB so I am 1 for 3. Hopefully my odds get better.
  19. Even if he gave permission it would not be allowed to be published.....No more time traveling caches!
  20. You might want to check out this sights shop. I bought a Washington State coin from them. They also have a few other state coins for sale.
  21. Didn't get one yet. I will keep checking the snailmail.
  22. They sure went fast. Wasn't the Geico TB available for quite a while? Hopefully I was in time to get one.
  23. Thanks for the quick reply. The pics have been rotated.
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