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  1. We have a geocoin challenge where I live that has people finding ten caches put out in each of our three cities. It is sponsored by all three cities and the event is being held in a county park. It is also sponsored by our local geocaching association (GCSEWA). The caches are being put out near historcal/natural/significant places. This is our fourth year doing this and we will probably make MEGA this time. I am on the committee for this event. Contact me through GC and I can put you in contact with our lead Park Ranger for the challenge. For your info the geocoin is in three inter-connecting parts each with their own code.
  2. How about an 11 mile hike with 35 creek crossings and 70+ caches, mixed sizes, containers and hide style? Bring along a dozen geo-friends and you can have the best of both worlds. That sounds like fun! Where can I find this place?
  3. I had a similar thing happen. My kids and I were going for ftf on a puzzle cache. There was no geochecker. The puzzle had an error in the formula that put us at another cache (by coincidence) that had been archived. The CO realized the error after I mentioned the archived cache. As we were the first to attempt the find she gave us the correct coordinates and we made the FTF find. If she had just changed the formula and not emailed me I would have been fine with that.
  4. There is a new Tri-Cities Washington geocoin challenge. It starts in June. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a20d2388-ae5c-45e8-b137-eb95e603b102
  5. It was the a geocoin challenge for the city of Richland Wa. It required finding ten specific caches. Those were also our geofamilies first caches as well.
  6. That is one coin I would love to have!!!
  7. If you find the cache the log should give you a clue if the cache is listed somewhere else. No finds then I would say go for it.
  8. Reached in a PVC pipe and noticed something move...Three black widows. I should have read the earlier post about said spiders. I evicted the trio and made the find.
  9. badger10

    Cannot log in

    I am having the same problem. I tried my sons account as well and the same thing happened.
  10. I have had the same problem. Therefore I cleared the browser cache, disabled compatibility mode and closed the browser a couple of times. Finally the system understood me.... I finnaly saw that under tools it shows compatability settings. I took geocaching.com off the list and all is well in my geocaching neighborhood!
  11. I tried that and it did not work for me. I sit (not stand) corrected. I double checked and my IE9 was set to browser IE9 Compatability mode. Changed it to IE9 mode and all was ok. At least until I exited the internet and then went back to the website. It changed back to IE9 Compatability mode. How do I prevent it from changing back to Compatability mode?
  12. Another problem is when you try to decode the hint the page shifts to the top and does not decode the hint. The small map is no longer visible. The View Larger Map no longer shows the map until you click on it.
  13. My first geocache log was at an old drive-in theater. It was one of ten caches that was part of a geocoin challenge. What could be better than getting a geocoin on your first day of your geocaching obsession! My first log--- first find ever!!!
  14. When I was stationed in Germany they served fries with mayo. If you asked for ketchup you would get a funny look! Very nice coin!
  15. I got my coin on Tuesday. Very nice coin. Now if only they would re-release the Grisham coin again.
  16. I was out with my daughter. She was doing a multi that I had found earlier. It was underneath a raised wooden sidewalk along a nature trail. When she found it I told her that is not the side I found it on. I checked where I had found it and you guessed it. I also found it. Turns out the second cache was placed when someone HID it better and the CO put out a replacement. We also found a letterbox cache while looking for a guardrail powertrail cache. The geocache was about 20 feet away.
  17. I talked to Garmin today and according to them the way I have logging my caches (for the last 2 1/2 years and 750 caches) is the wrong way. I would hit find, select the cache and use the quit button to bring up the compass. After finding the cache I would hit quit again until it went to geocache. I would hit found and repeat the process. Evidently I should be hitting the menu button and then hit found. I will try this in the next couple of days and see if it works. Thanks guys for all the advice. I just find it odd that the way I was doing it all this time was not supposed to work and that it stopped working on two different 62S's on the same day.
  18. I have deleted all the gpx files numerous times and I did not use a PQ. I loaded all the caches one at a time. This has not happened to any of my gps'rs before and it happened to three different gps's at the same time. Two 62s's and an Etrex Venture HC. I do not see how the string length would matter as I have added these same caches before along with a couple of dozen that were already on my gps and it worked just like it always had..good.
  19. I, just for grins, tried to order a coin and I did not get a "sorry" notice. I was able to enter all my info and it went through. I cannot remember if I got a "we are out" notice when I tried (unsuccessfully) before. Hopefully I get one this time.
  20. This happened with the old firmware so the first thing I did is update to the newest version and tried again. Same result. I tried loading up a couple of caches not related to the geocoin challenge both one I had found and one I have not found. These two caches stayed put while the challenge caches were gone again. I just tried it again this morning and same result. Are your problems possibly related to this Announcement at the top of the forum menu. dated December 04,2012? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=304869&pid=5164579&st=0entry5164579 No, this si not related to that. The caches are from a geocoin challenge event and not the kind that were removed by the frog. I deleted the caches and loaded the last ten from the geocoin challenge. As long as I did not try to show the cache as found or go to the desription, hint, logs etc they were fine. As long as all I did was bring up the compass they were fine.. I will talk to Garmin in the next couple of days and hopefully they can figure it out. Keep in mind this happened to two gpsmap62s's and an Etrex. All on the same day! They were working fine until I tried the geocoin challenge with some friends. I went out Saturday, Sunday, and today. Same problem all three days.
  21. Thanks for the info. I tried loading four caches. Two to the card and two to the unit. No change. This is getting frustrating!!!! The only way I can see all the caches is if I turn off/on the gps each time I look for a cache.
  22. I don't use GSAK. I have deleted the caches off the gps and loaded them again and no change. I also deleted the geocache_visits.txt in case that was the problem. Nope that wasn't it.
  23. This happened with the old firmware so the first thing I did is update to the newest version and tried again. Same result. I tried loading up a couple of caches not related to the geocoin challenge both one I had found and one I have not found. These two caches stayed put while the challenge caches were gone again. I just tried it again this morning and same result.
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