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  1. I don't know if it is the same as in Windows 8 but I got the same message. I called Garmin and I was told that Windows 8 does not like plug-ins. He advised me to use Google Chrome. I do that and have had no problems since then.
  2. There are 4 cachers in my family and we all have 62's. Three 62s's and I have the 62stc. We have had no problems with them. Once you get the pages set up like you want them then they are easy to use.
  3. I tried today to load some new caches. I bought a new computer and when I updated to Windows 8.1 I could no longer load caches. The Send To Gps function would not work. It kept saying we did not have the Garmin Communicator plug-in. I installed it 4 times. I finally gave up and called Garmin and was told that IE11 does not support plug-ins. I then installed the plug-in while using Chrome and all is well again!
  4. 6.5 % for me. Of course I am not as diligent at logging my DNF's as I should be so my number should be a couple of percentage points higher!
  5. I will want at least one of each. Please make my daughters wish come true. Can we get a set before midnight????
  6. I will guess Steelers and a total score of 30. Go Seahawks!
  7. I don't know what we call them around here but halfblood sounds good.
  8. Does anybody know where I can get/buy a Cache Scene Investigation Geocoin?
  9. They sure want a good amount of money for those on the E place. Much more than I am willing to pay. Now the Wolf Haven coin is a good price. We have a couple of those. The wife and I have been to Wolf Haven and it is a very good sancuary.
  10. Saw a pvc tube attached horizontally to a chain link fence. One end cap attached permanately and the other comes off. The cache is on the fixed end of the pipe and has a magnet in it. The end cap also has a magnet in it to bring the cache to the open end. Saw this on one of the geocaching videos.
  11. I live in a sagebrush heavy area with lots of trails. Caches near a trail are always good. Small or larger caches are always good. If it's in a wooded area that is a big bonus.
  12. I do not know how many would complete this challenge due to the specific cache scenario but I would be willing to put one in Benton County. I could also put one in Franklin County if no one else volunteers.
  13. I would like one too!
  14. I looked for a cache once where I had looked for it several times. I mentioned to the CO at an event that I just could not find it. I told him where I was looking and he said I was within one foot of the cache. I went back and after moving an item for the fifth time (just to make sure) I saw it. I was happy and mad at myself too. I had touched it twice but it was camoed very good and I relized I had seen it twice but did not SEE it. There is a couple of others in my area I keep coming back to. I WILL get them eventually! Of course if I come to a rock garden I give it a quick look and then forget about it.
  15. There are four cachers in my family. We all have our own accounts. I always log my finds. The others rarely log their finds. Sometimes all four of us cache and sometimes it's only me. If we get tb's I log on to their accounts and log it for them. It works for us. I am always (so far) with them when they cache so our finds are always logged just not by all of those caching.
  16. Stop the madness. Wait I didn't mean it. Keep the madness going. The more the merrier!
  17. Went to A Special Memory (GCQ596) In Las Vegas. To cache only. Saw a nice geocoin and figured I would take it back North to Washington State with the wife and I. I had to grab it from the previous holder as it was not logged into the cache. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was last logged in at an archived cache in Berlin Germany back in September of 2010. Hopefully it does not go missing again. I may have to see if I can find this coin for my collection (small as it is).
  18. By traditional, do you mean "regular size"? As Vegas is filled with normal traditionals. Wherever you go, take water, water, water, and then more water. It's a 100 degrees at 11pm now. Maybe these areas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valley_of_Fire_State_Park http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Charleston . Note that we are having fires near mount charleston (roads currently closed). What I meant was no virtuals or earthcaches. We will cache around LV for a couple of days but we wanted to do some small, regular, and/or larges away from the built up areas. We are not into puzzles/multis very much. In my area we have lots of small power trails and a lot of micros.
  19. This is short notice but the wife and I are looking for an area about an hour outside of Las Vegas to do some caching. We are looking for a variety of caches. We still plan on caching in LV but would like something with a few more traditional style of caches. We will be down there next week. Thanks badger10
  20. My send to gps isn't working either. Hope they get it fixed soon. We have a geocoin challenge coming up on Saturday!
  21. I encourage you to go to a meet and greet. Our geofamily went to a meet and greet before we found our first cache. Getting to know the local experts on our sport is a good way to find the good and bad ways to hide/find caches. It also helps to interact with other cachers and find where the really good caches are in your area. Come on down to our geocoin challenge on the 29th and talk to the various cachers. We are always willing to help "newbies". After all we were all newbies to start with.
  22. I wish they had a dash camera like the cops do. Can you imagine the scenery along that route? That's what I call a wilderness adventure. I can't wait to hear/see the stories/video/pics from this trip. Good luck guys and I hope you have good weather the rest of the way!
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