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  1. What geocoin do I want to see made. I have lots of ideas. I guess the type I want to see made is the different kinds of jobs there are in the military. The ONE I want to see most made is a Military Police coin. I spent 6 years in the MP Corps and I see a lot of challenge coins from all the different kinds of commands in the Army. Even though I have been out of the Army for 27 years I still have lots of fond memories of the great people I worked with and all the places (mostly Germany) I visited. Ray
  2. My daughter would love one of these. E-mail sent Thanks
  3. Email sent requesting addition to the list.
  4. I may have to join the club. I love the checkmate coin!
  5. Any rumors of one coming up in Washington (State).
  6. My name is Ray (Badger10). I have been caching since August. I go caching with Dopey22, geek13 and drumsticks92. I have 8 coins. The newest two are a WolfHaven Geocoin (My favorite) and a law enforcement geocoin. I would like to see a Military Police geocoin. My first geocoin is from a challenge. Find 9 caches and you get an anniversary geocoin from the City of Richland (Washington). We had seen a story about caching in the local paper but did not get around to checking into it. Saw another story last August about a local gathering of cachers and decided to check it out. Of the four of us in the family I am the one that's obsessed. I am always looking for reasons to hit the road and feed the obsession. I also spend quite a bit of time checking Ebay for geocoins to buy. I started out with an Etrex and upgraded a couple of months ago to a GPSMAP62S. Still getting used to it.
  7. Has anybody ever seen a Army Military Police Geocoin. I have seen Army, Generic Police, and Garmin Police Geocoins but no Military Police Geocoins. How about US Customs Geocoin? I worked with/for US Customs when I was an Army MP.
  8. It worked. Thanks for all your help. We are new to Geocaching and still have a lot to learn.
  9. I mistakenly activated my sons geocoin while I was logged on. I was able to transfer ownership to my son but it still shows that it is in my hands. How do I move it to his hands. He wants it moved to his collection. Any advice?
  10. Thanks for the info WolfPack. I called today and ordered a couple of them.
  11. Can you still buy these geocoins. I visited Wolf Haven years ago and would like to buy one.
  12. We get ours at Costco. They usually have them and they come in a large pack with a variety of sizes. Of course if you are looking for only a couple of sizes than Costco isn't for you.
  13. I just got this GPS. So far it is doing great. The only problem I am running into is that when I log the cache as found it isn't moving it to the found area. So far only three of my recent finds went to the found section. The rest of them (about 10) did not. They still show in the find section. I have tried numerous times to mark them as found but they refuse to move. Any ideas?
  14. Has anybody seen a marching band geocoin? If not that, how about a flute or drumline coin?
  15. I also have the Venture HC. When I load a cache for the first time it goes to the geocaches folder. Once I find them and then put them back on the GPS again later (for the kids to find) they do not go in the geocache folder. They go into the Waypoints folder. I guess once they are found (or maybe deleted?) the Etrex will not let you put them in the Geocache folder.
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