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  1. My computer hiccupped sorry for the additional posts!!!
  2. I received my coin in the mail today! Very nice coin. Now if Disney would let you make the Seven Dwarves coin my wife would be on cloud nine!
  3. I received my coin in the mail today! Very nice coin. Now if Disney would let you make the Seven Dwarves coin my wife would be on cloud nine!
  4. I would like one of each. My Brother In Law is a volunteer and I think he would love one of the firefighters.
  5. I used to work for Customs when I was in the Army. You would be surprised what you can put in a tube of toothpaste! Same thing goes with shaving cream, hairspray and body/underarm spray cans.
  6. I decided since I bought an expensive chess set (to me anyway) while on vacation and since I also love Geocoins I guess I have to join your coin club. Now if you could talk Disney or Nascar into letting you make some geocoins for them then I would definetly be in the poor house.
  7. When I was stationed in Germany (a long time ago) I used to do a lot of volksmarchs. It's kind of like a local fun run but you walk instead. You got a neat looking medal or a walking stick medallion celebrating that particular march. I would check some of the european geocaching websites and see if they have them. I just saw a geocaching walking stick emblem that I am thinking of getting. If you do find them could you let me know so I can get some too.
  8. That looks like it will do the trick. Thanks for the quick response!
  9. My kids have the Etrex Venture HC gps. We are going on a trip and will load about 400 caches on them (maybe). It would take a long time to delete these afterwords. Is there a way to delete all of them off the GPS at one time or do we have to get rid of them one at a time.
  10. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was looking at the preview area and not the emailed PQ. The emailed PQ was as it should be.
  11. I ran a PQ and it came out fine. The problem I am having is when I look at the pages prior to loading them into my gps they are not in the normal closest to farthest format. How do I get them to show that. I can change the results to show newest placed or oldest placed but not closest to me. What am I doing wrong? Alos, is there a way to load all 233 caches at one time or do I have to load them one page at a time. I am using Easygps. Thanks
  12. Any new info on this great looking coin?
  13. I like that idea. I look for benchmarks sometimes. Recently I was driving by a trio of survey markers. One had a benchmark near it and the other two just had the stakes at the base of the markers. We also have a nano (as part of a multi) in a large park with lots of caches. The nano was tucked away in a historic rusty anchor. It took quite a while to find the nano. Once I found it (I didn't know it was going to be a nano) I was perturbed at first thinking of all the places in the area I looked that it could have been then I just laughed because wasn't that the point of the cache. Sometimes a nano is a good thing especially if it is an evil one!
  14. I see no problem placing a cache in your front yard. We went to a local multi (very short)that was in a fellow cachers front yard. The CO came out while we were looking for it and said hi. I would not place one in my yard but he likes putting faces to the names he sees on the logs. As long as the neighbors are aware of the cache and it doesn't cause a problem then it's no harm no foul. If it does cause a problem that cannot be fixed then the CO should consider archieving it.
  15. I am thinking of making a multi using a local playground. It is bigger than Mr. Yucks picture above. It has a similar fence as above only it goes around the entire playground. It is also twice as big as the above one (I think). The fence has slats like above but has hundredof slats. The slats have peoples name on them. They donated/paid for these slats. My family has five slats with our names on them. I will probably have the cache seekers find our slats and figure out which slats and letters on them will show the finals coordinates. This playground is heavily used and peple can be seen reading the names all the time. I plan on putting the final a good distance away so there would be no cache near the playground.
  16. We are going to take 82 to 84 then hit 15 and go down that way.
  17. That is on my list of places to go but not on this trip. I am looking for caches near the interstate. We plan on getting some wherever we stop for food and maybe for the night. If there are some good ones (I know...any cache is a good cache) along the route then we would have to make time for some extra special fun.
  18. I did not intend to put a cache on or near the playground. The boards are part of the fence (slats) that surrounds the Large playground. There are probably a couple of hundred boards to search for when looking for the right names. People are always there looking at the boards. No one would look out of place looking at the boards. The possibility of putting a cache on or near the playground is not even under consideration. My only quandry was how to best incorporate the names (family members) on the slats as part of a cache. I didn't know if a multi or puzzle cache was the best way. There is a cache withing a couple of miles of this area that is actually on or near the playground equipment. I have driven by there and have not stopped because of the above posters concerns. GrievousAngel...Thanks for the cache listing. That is bascially what I was thinking about.
  19. The family is going from the Tri-Cities, Wa. down to Las Vegas. We are looking at getting some caches as we make our way to LV. We are looking at unusual/fun caches (quick ones not the kind that will take a long time please) along this route. I am going to try to get a decent PQ going but if you guys can recommend some must haves along our route I would appreciate it. We will be getting as many TB's as we can to drop in the caches as we can. If anybody has any TB's looking to head towards LV we will be happy to get them on their way. A local cacher asked us to grab her TB from a fellow cachers cache so we could send him to Nevada. One down how many more are out there? Thanks
  20. Thanks for the quick replies. We haven't put out a cache yet and I think something like GC27N2Q would fit the bill nicely. The funny (not really) part is this playground was put up by volunteers and donated equipment/supplies. Then someone decided they didn't like it and torched it. It was rebuilt again and it is heavily used. Finding the boards would not be a stealth problem as people are always looking for friends/relatives names. Will have to start working on this before someone else gets a similar idea.
  21. There is a playground in our local park. It is a BIG playground. To fund this playground slats in the fence sorrounding the area were sold to people and their names were put on the boards so you could show you helped fund the playground. I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate our boards (we have a few side by side) into a cache of some kind. I understand that currently a virtual is not an option. Any ideas?
  22. My father-in-law was on his summer rv trip and heard about it at one of the campgrounds. He told us about it. We saw an article in our paper about it and that they were going to have a meeting in a couple of days so we decided to go. At the meeting they talked about a geocaching event starting in a couple of days. Our first caches were from the City of Richland geocoin challenge. That was it for us.
  23. What is the name of the folding USA map? I have not seen one like that before.
  24. Those LOST minutes could have been the difference between Flight 815 landing on time or 815 visiting an uncharted island.
  25. Thanks for the info. I was able to have my geocoin visit the caches. Now that I know how to do it I will be able to log my FTF's properly. It's amazing how much you have to learn just to have some fun.
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