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  1. I would love one of these. I have collected eagles and wolves for a long time now. With one coin going for $29.10 and I would want two...It's just too steep for my wallet.
  2. That is the way I have bought them. I usually email them thru their geocaching profile address and then I can pay them thru paypal. If you are still going to sell them thru the forums I would be interested in a couple of them depending on how much it would cost.
  3. How about making the claws with a jewel of some kind? I also like the idea of a recessed foot print. How about having the t-rex face be raised (relief) and the teeth with a little edge to it. I could also see this as a series!
  4. My wife and daughter do not log their finds unless they take a TB or if the cache is part of a coin challenge. For them it is just the fun of finding the caches. Sorry to hear about your TB. I am going to put a couple of tb's on the trail and I hope they have a long run!
  5. If you still want wolf coins you might want to look for Wolf Haven. It was a fund raiser for a wolf sanctuary in Tenino, WA. If you like wolves that is the place to go.
  6. Received my three coins and pirate bears. Very very nice!!!
  7. If you look on my trackables page you will see my Wolf Haven geocoin. The coin was a fund raiser for a wolf sanctuary in Tenino Washington. A very nice place. I don't think they have anymore coins but it never hurts to ask. Geoswag sold these coins last year but they do not have any now.
  8. I work security at a Dept of Energy site in southeast Washington State. We have quite a few geocaches that are within a half mile of our boundries. We have lots of government buildings we check that area close to our site. I am hoping to find some poor unsuspecting cacher near our site that I can have some fun with. I told this story at our local cachers meeting last night and there were some local cachers that came to their first meeting. They have been caching for quite a while but decided it was time to meet some other locals. They said now they are going to be paranoid that I will sneak up on them and light um up. I thought I had one last week but he was just walking his dog. Funny thing is years ago I asked my wife to bring out a pizza. When she got within a mile of our site I pulled her over. Needless to say I never asked her again!!!
  9. When can we expect to have our wallets load lightened! I want one for sure.
  10. I like going for FTF's. One I went to a couple of months or so ago had an Unactivated coin for a FTF prize. Very nice coin too. I have a coin (My first coin as a matter of fact) that I have "visit" each FTF cache. What I didn't know until recently is that you can view all the places your coin "visits" on the map. It also shows the order you found them in.
  11. Thanks for posting this! I use one of my coins for FTF's so I can keep a record of them. I didn't know that I could track them on the map. Our first caches were a geocoin challenge and almost all of them were smalls or larger. That made the finds alot easier and got us hooked. The obsession only gets worse from now on. Give in to it!
  12. The Richland (WA) Parks and Rec Dept has put on a geocache challenge where you do a certain amount of caches and you get a geocoin. The Park Ranger is an avid geocacher and they put a cache in twelve of the city parks. It is maintained (I believe) by her (Jen) and the city. I think she would be someone worth talking with.
  13. Thanks guys for the quick replies. I was afraid that was the case. I have ran a few PQ's but that was for a specific route. How hard is it to run a PQ when all you want is a series where the first part of the title is the same..IE Birding 101 XXXXX, birding 101 ZZZZZZ, birding 101 CCCCCC. In my area there are quite a few series (8-10 each) where they are not all in a line so a search makes it easier.
  14. I have a GPSMAP62S and I am having a problem with all the info showing. If I download the caches one at a time from the map page everything is fine. I do a search for a number of caches (series) on the search page and tag them all. I then download them to my gps. When I look at them all I get is the bare minimum of info. No logs, hints, description...etc. I even tried doing the search and from the results page and I download one cache and check to see what info I have...same results. No logs, hints, description...etc. I have done PQ's before and they turn out fine. Am I missing something?
  15. Received my coins today. Very nice! I was pleasantly surprised at the weight. Is there other Fire pathtags out there that will go in to this coin?
  16. If you are ever in the Tri-Cities (SE Washington State) you need to check out this cache! GC2ZX3C Help! I need a fireman! Thats my comment for today!
  17. I definitely want at least one (probably two) of these great looking coins. I will wait and hopefully you will be able to sell it here in the near future.
  18. I think a memorial cache is a great way to remember a loved one. I have also seen a few geocoins and TB's that are touching as well.
  19. There is a new cache near us that uses a reel to lower/raise the cache (it's high in a tree). It's the best one I have seen so far.
  20. We did that in July. I did a trip from Washington down to Vegas. I did a Pocket Query from my town to just north of Vegas. I set the query for half of a mile on either side of the highways and only looked for regular or large traditional caches. The search found over 450 caches. Sadly we only had time (our time table for getting there changed) to get 5 but at least they were in four different states. Look in the PQ area and there is a tutorial on making one. It took me a few tries to get the results I wanted but it was definetly worth it.
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