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  1. I have the 62S. I loaded a PQ in July of about 400 caches. I have loaded a couple of dozen since then. I did an update from the Garmin site a week ago and then added 5 more caches on Thursday. Friday I added one more and when I went to get it I noticed that all the other caches were gone. I looked in the recent finds section and there were none listed. I had found three caches on Thursday. Any ideas what happened to all the caches?
  2. I even went to a TB Hotel to grab a TB that wanted to go back home. I was going on vacation and passing right by where it wants to go. I had emailed the TB owner asking if they would mind me grabbing it and keeping it for a month before I made the trip. No answer so I waited till right before the trip and alas it was gone. Oh well.
  3. I have nothing against PT's but I wouldn't want to do one. On the other hand this bike/hike trail sounds like it could be fun. To bad it is so far from home.
  4. We ran into that locally. A new cacher placed a cache on a riverbank. After several DNF's the cachers were discussing (on local groups page) if this is another idiot playing games. We have been visited by the cache thieves. The cacher did not have a find yet. A couple of days after it was published he put it out. The cache didn't last long because it was on an eroding riverbank in a city park. The local Park Ranger (cacher) had GS archive it due to where it was placed and the damage to the riverbank.
  5. Making your presence known is obviously just doing your job. That's not what you intimated that you were doing -- it sounded like you were planning to try to scare anyone you could by using your security guard status to make them think they were in trouble. Whenever someone in a position of power over others uses that power in an innappropriate way (as in scaring a cacher for your own amusement), it's harrassment, and out of line. As I said in my first post the people I would have fun with (not harass) are people who know me as a cacher and know where and what I do for a living. If they saw a patrolman they would wonder if it is me or not. If I made it sound like I would harass/scare someone that is not what I said and it is not what I would do. I would not have any FUN with anyone if I didn't already know them. Before you tell me to get a grip, perhaps you need to examine your motives for wanting to scare cachers who come near your patrol area.
  6. You would just "badger" them a bit, right? Only if in Wisconsin AND while wearing red/white. I lived for awhile in Wisconsin. That is not why I chose that name. I am considered a very nice guy ( I sure fooled them) until you back me into a corner. As the saying goes "you wouldn't want to see me mad". The Badgers is also the name of a Rugby team I belonged to when I first joined Patrol.
  7. I don't plan on HARASSING unsuspecting cachers. If I know them I would only let my presence be known and let them wonder if it is me. I don't plan on using any of my powers as the powers I have do not apply to non site employees unless they are in an area they should not be (which happens quite a lot). If one of my fellow officers (there are more of us than the LEO in the surrounding towns) saw a cacher around our areas/sites they would do pretty much what I would do...The difference being that some of us would not be suspicious of what they are doing around that tree/lamppost. Seriously get e grip.
  8. A very nice coin! I think this could be the first of four. How about one for each season???
  9. Here's a few: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=4665d982-2520-4807-96d7-eeb2b133a744 http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=3d1646e8-d7ca-4939-baa0-04931bcf06f4 http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=1b78d479-f6c1-4aea-9537-754b27249f50 http://coord.info/GC2QV5J is pretty cool. Thanks for the lists. I definetly like the last one.
  10. The only problem is it takes a lot of power to follow the trail to South Dakota. I know there are quite a few similar type series in the US. I wonder if there is a list of these type of series?
  11. I am not a LEO but I am a security guard at a high security area. We do have limited arrest powers for certain crimes. I heard about geocaching about two years ago. I patrol our site and do a lot of checks in the local city. Our site is intermingled with parts of the city and alot of our secured areas are next to public streets and highways. If I saw someone checking out a cache near our facilities (Before my knowledge of geocaching) I would have been very CURIOUS about what they were doing. Think about it...Someone crawling, stooped over, lifting things near the ground etc (what we do all the time) looks very unusual and something I would definetly check out. Our Use of force rules guide us and one of the things we can do is cuff someone for our safety, safety of others, or if we think they are a flight risk (looking nervous and acts like they may bolt). We are a rather large force and I would guess that 90% of our guys do not know about geocaching. There are probably about 30 caches that are right against our boundries or are near to our buildings in the city. I talk to alot of the guys on my shift about geocaching and a few of them are interested and a couple are former cachers. Coming from a person who loves geocaching I can tell you that what we do is inherently suspicous, LEO will always side on the edge of caution until they know what you are doing. On a side note I have told some of our local cachers (in our get togethers) that I will be looking for them and I wouldn't mind having a little fun if they don't recognize me right away.
  12. I am looking for the geocoinfest sc 2011 a night at the movies geocoin. Anybody know where I can get one. I don't have any coins for trade but if there is a coin out there that you want I will see if I can get it.
  13. Whats the name of the coin in the bottom right! Where can I get one!
  14. I like the idea! What you might want to consider is to make some buttons with local caching organizations logo on them. They could give them out to their members.
  15. Interesting. You have a different definition of "did not sign" than I do. I consider signing as part of a group like that to be signing the log. The groups I've geocached with often sign as a group as a favor to owners of micro-caches, and sometimes as a favor to owners of small caches in remote locations. The small logs last longer before the owner needs to replace them. My point is that if you look for a signature on a log and that person was in a group he may not of signed the log physically. Of course I always put down that I was in a group in case the CO checks. Granted the person in question was obviously not in a group but that is still a valid time when you may not see my name on a log. For the record I do consider myself as signing the logs.
  16. I think it would be hard to check the logs to make sure it was signed. Although, if it was a new hide and not many sigs it would be doable. I haven't hid any caches yet but I am sure I would be a little more observant at first. I think the more hides you have the more likely you are to let things slide. There have been a few times that I did not sign a log on a cache. These times were when we went out with a group of cachers on a city recs department sponsored hunt. One person signed the log with the groups (Rec Dept) initals and we went to the next one. In all these caches when I logged them I made sure I logged that I was out with the group. There have been a few occasions where I dropped the pen in the car and had to go back for it (thankfully we were close to the geotruck). I usually carry a small geocache fanny pack and I usually have several pens.
  17. I would recommend a Specialized bike. I have four of them (for the family). I have a full suspension mountain bike but my kids have the Hard Tail ones. They have the front suspension which makes it nice for rough roads. Specialized has a very nice hybrid which is around 350-400. I don't know how much thoses bikes go for in Korea but you can't go wrong with a specialized or even a good trek. There is so much difference between a store brand and the biggger bike makers. Try whatever brands they sell and you can tell pretty quickly the good ones from the bad.
  18. I am also planning on doing the Rest Stop caches. I will probably call on Monday to get reservations for Groundspeak. We go by the teapot dome whenever we go to Yakima so I will have to add that one to my list. We will probably do the easy ones on the way up but I am open to other ideas for the return trip. We will leave Friday morning (hopefully) for home so we will have more time for other caches on the way home. Some of the rest stop caches can only be found on the Eastbound side of the highway so we will do them then.
  19. Heading out on Monday and going to Seattle (UW Medical Center) and wondering what are some good caches near the I82-I90 highways. I did a PQ for small, reg, and large caches along the route but was wondering if you guys have some favorites. We plan on doing the Roadkill series along the way and are looking for some quick but fun caches to get. We hopefully will be able to go to Groundspeak while we are up there. Any suggestions?
  20. This same thing happened to one of the local caches. The owner of the property (Port of Benton) was aware of the cache and when they did some improving of the area they removed the cache and even posted a note on the cache page letting everyone know that they have it and they would put it back once the job was completed. The CO disabled the cache. Obviously some areas are cache friendly. If only they were all that way!
  21. I signed on the ftf section of one of the local caches. When I got back to log it (I also got a few in the area as well) I discovered that someone else had claimed ftf. I had checked all of the log so I knew I was ftf. I emailed the guy and after he asked me what was in the cache he realized I did find it first. He was very nice about it and even put a note on the cache page saying that he was indeed not the ftf. He was new (Like me) and did not realize that some logs have a ftf section. In this case it turned out ok. I like ftf's and I usually try to get them if they are close. Sometimes you run into cachers who can get nasty. So far I have not. Let it go and keep an eye out for the next ftf in your area. Good luck!
  22. I want one of these too!
  23. I just ordered a set. Now to finally start looking for a place to set them free. Of course where I live there are quite a few caches around and there are a lot of dedicated cachers putting out some caches for me to find. I guess it's my turn to put some out!
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