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  1. Unauthorized third-party apps that scrape the web site should be expected to break when the web site updates. In the past, the developer of this app has published a new version after each update of the geocaching.com site. Yeah it was my bad I jumped the gun. I checked out the developers web page he expected it a few days ago when the update was announced. Getting a Garmin for Christmas I don't plan on using c:geo afterwards. It's an awesome program, but the battery life is horrible.
  2. Anyone else having problems with nearby searches on the c:geo app for the Droid?
  3. Growing up my father always hid Easter eggs in the living room for me to find. We always made a competition out of it. I'm 26 years old now and my father still hides the eggs in the living room for me. So With that being said I love the hunt. I might find cheap trinkets, get all scratched up, etc. but I love it every time I get a . Plus im an outdoor kind of nerd so playing in the woods with electronics is right up my alley. Except I turn my cell phone off when I go hiking nothing worse then people ruining the serenity with a call that could wait till later.
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