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  1. This is because 62s does not store found information in gpx file, but in "geocache_visits.txt" file in Garmin folder on internal memory. When you open this file in notepad, you will see gc code of the cache you have found. This file gsak reads when you perform what eusty suggests. To have your founds in gpx file, you need to log your founds and download pocket query from gc.com or through gsak.
  2. Yes, you can do that. Just keep the file structure same as it is in internal memory (e.g. *.gpx files put into GPX folder, etc...).
  3. Mine 62s saves this neither. If you need more detailed tracklog, you can set this in track manager menu. I have this set to Normal and seems to be enough for me.
  4. I dont think so. I suspect, that only thing you can do, is copy images from listing to your unit. Give them some useful names, so you will know which image is belongs to which cache. Anyway, it would be nice if there is a way to do this automatically...
  5. This issue can also have another cause. Displaying geocaches can be simply disabled. GPSmap 62s treats geocaches as waypoints, so can you please confirm that you have under Setup map - Advanced map setup - Zoom levels menu User waypoint set to Auto ? More specific NOT set to Off ?
  6. Here in Slovakia is geocaching.com unaccessible too. Each time I try to connect to geocaching.com I get "Connection closed by remote server" message. No luct via GSAK (geocaching api) either I want to run some of my PQ, because tomorrow I plan little geocaching trip and now I cant. Is this what we are paying for ? I`m certain Groundspeak team is working on this problem right now, so we can only hope this will be resolved asap and never happen again (which I doubt, because for past few weeks this repeats again and again ). Can someone from Groundspeak team tell us what is the problem ? Maybe we can help
  7. I did update to 3.0 and after first start I saw all waypoints, but no geocaches. So i switched off my unit (62s), deleted all *.gpx files (2) from SD card, copied them again to the same location and switched on. Everything seems to be fine since then. I`m going to find some geocaches today with this new software. I was running 2.95 beta before this update, so I`m curious if there will be any noticeable improvements. I hope so 2.95 had tendency to freeze sometimes when i tried to move from one screen to another...
  8. About a year ago my colleague mentioned, that he had a great time with his kids searching for "treasures", so i asked him what kind of treasures, and that was the first time i have heard about geocaching. First i didn`t have gps device. Few weeks later i bought new smart phone and installed app for geocaching. But mobile phone (Xperia X10 mini) is not very good for trips up to the hills, so i purchased gpsmat 62s and ever since i am hooked And this was my first cache...
  9. This option is not in your unit. It is in your profile on geocaching.com . In your profile, click on "Your Account Details". At the bottom of the page is section "Your Preferences". Click Change and there you can change your GPX version.
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