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  1. I enjoyed the pictures as well. They all had a really good time. I too thought there was a TRO against him. He violated the "stay away from CVC Tag". I am a member of the jury therefore it is my professional opinion that he faces these charges as well.
  2. That's right Cindy...all about the fun and the nice people we meet. YES...my jury duty approved! I feel I can uphold my civic duty in a unbiased and impartial manner. Here are a few pictures of the CVC children. It was so nice to see all of them spend the day together and get along. I think they all had a great time and will become good friends. Ahh...group hug!
  3. Yeah, thinking about these super mega number types is kind of interesting if you do the actual math. Sanruft and I talked through the numbers once. 24 hours in a day is 1440 minutes; if you figure 10 minutes per cache that’s a maximum of 144 in a day. And that’s assuming you can travel between caches, find them, and log them in just 10 minutes. That sure makes some of the 200 a day claims seem a little fishy. Heck, I won’t even claim the caches I found with the lovely Wolf Grrl back before I became an officially registered caching type. Some folks just get way to competitive with this stuff (coming for you Greg!!) P.S. Congrats on the milestone! That does not include time to fuel up, time to eat, time for the restroom, etc... It is infuriating that there are cachers out there that do inflate their numbers. However, there are going to be bad apples in every group. Fortunately, in the CVC/MAC area we have all good apples. I say let them inflate their numbers they do have to live with themselves. We all can just choose to ignore them. Now moving on... Can I be on the jury? I can be 100% unbiased!
  4. CONGRATS 2 for the Road! WOOHOO!!! Blindbutnowisee just passed 800! Congrats Cindy!!!
  5. Way to go Tom! Way to go Sanruft! Way to go Nascar Fam! I just finished logging ALL my finds over the past few weeks. I just passed 1200. Am I missing any other milestones?
  6. It was a real treat to see Sanruft reach their 1000th find! CONGRATS! Thanks Tom! I appreciate the help. No worries Tim, I will get you out there again! Just let me know when you are free I am always up for a cache run.
  7. BOGA speechless! No way! If all it took was me sticking my head in a toilet seat well I would've done it long ago! Missed ya there Bill!
  8. Could someone please in English tell me how to insert pictures? I would love to post one of our CVC kids! It's a great picture. I know you would think I'd know but I don't so help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Man o man...you're absent a couple of days from the forums and you miss out on so much! ROFLMBO! I was just sitting here reading all of these just cracking up! Trysha, I am so sorry I didn't even suggest you go to the forum. However you found it and you might be sorry you did. Welcome to a crazy bunch here! I truly hope you and I can meet up and maybe grab a few caches. You still have yet to do the one at my house! We need to get you into it more. To reiterate what Sanruft said, truly the nicest people ever are the cachers right here in the CVC and MAC groups! I've met cachers in Texas and I've cached in the Bay Area (my old stomping grounds) and honestly (I don't need a lawyer here and I'm not a paid advocate...LOL) these are the nicest group of cachers any where! I just feel so welcomed here. I hope you make it to Radikel's event that is always a great place to start. Oh Greg, I hope you have a Last Will & Testament in order. It sounds like you are going to need it! Who couldn't resist a picture of a toilet seat! Thanks Photom! It was a great day with great cachers!
  10. I'm not sure Father's Day or weekend would be a good date for an event. I know for us we will be gone on the 15th. We have something tentatively planned on the 14th. Most people take off for the weekend. If it happens, I hope all has a good time. We did however run into a MAC cacher this weekend all the way in my old stomping grounds! We went camping at Mt. Madonna this weekend. We used to go all the time when we lived over there. We just finished a 7 mile hike and we were sitting around the campfire waiting for the coals to be ready when a truck pulled up in front of our Jeep. We look and some people got out but we weren't sure why they were walking towards us. Then a familiar face appeared from the other side and who would it be? It was 2 for the Road! Ok at least half of the team. We couldn't believe it! They spotted our Jeep (by way of TB) by the deer and saw what campsite we were in so they thought they would come by to see who it was. Indeed a special treat to see a MAC cacher two weekends in a row! We were introduced to gtcsdad and they were able to claim our very special TB's. We had a nice chat. Small world! On that note (camping that is), we need to get a CVC/MAC camping event put together! I am willing to help in any capacity that I can, just let me know.
  11. Did anyone get a picture? Hmmm...nope not me that would mean admitting I took part in it. There is a rumor that a picture was taken with a certain Naked Cacher. Fitting for the forum, sure. Poor...oops almost incriminated myself. Oh Bill you should have been there is right! We all had a blast. We even had a MAC/CVC group photo taken. Just waiting for Tom to post the pics. That reminds me I even took pics of the CVC kids but I do not know how to post a pic here so I will have to email them to Tom. Great times had by all there. Now, someone and I think Sanruft and Nascar Fam started the discussion (jokingly of course) that we should rent a bus to road trip it out there for GW7. Great idea! I think we should make it a reality. How do we look into that? Do those buses stop on a dime when cachers yell, "STOP, a cache is right there!"?
  12. As they say, "you snooze you lose!" Now let's see who wins the race to grab it in time for GW6. Hopefully those of you going up early to GW6 will reserve a section/tables (not sure how it works) for the rest of us CVC'rs. I can't wait to see everyone again! We should try to have someone take a group shot of us. See you Saturday!
  13. It's nice to see Bill was able to get out and grab a few. Now if only we could get him out on a caching run!
  14. Thanks Bill! I did yesterday. I hope ALL you CVC mom's had a great day!
  15. Sure Bill...I challenge you to be FTF on them! Especially if that gets you out caching again.
  16. Deranja Update After the charity event we worked yesterday I was texting Deranja. She says she finally has a belly bump! She will be here later this week. Derk has been busy working all the time. I'm hoping to have dinner with Angie when she's here so I'll get more of an update on our caching friends.
  17. Well done Bill! After all that work to figure that out does it count as a cache find? Ok gang...when are we organizing a group to go caching? FYI - Super Grrl is planning her "Ice Cream Social" event. Keep on the lookout for that. I expect to see you all there! WOW...The Hubby puts out 4 caches and still no finds yet. Hmmm...does the terrain difficulty have something to do with it?
  18. Aloha~ Definitely Spouting Horn! That is a beautiful spot for a cache. I recommend JoJo's Shaved Ice. We tried several locations for shaved ice and JoJo's was the best! It is on your way to Waimea Canyon (Kauai's Grand Canyon). That place is gorgeous! We did not zip line but we did ATV and tube the irrigation canals. If you are interested let me know and I can give you the company names. Also Queen's Bath! We had the most fun swimming in a lesser known spot. There is a cache there too but it got too dark for us by the time we went to find it. Enjoy! Pomaika'i (Good Luck)
  19. Catmit - A LOT of cachers share your frustration as we are all aware of the caches you speak of. It is a theory that person does not own a GPS. That he uses Google Earth to mark his cache sites. Once cachers started to find them, that has led to a constant train of helping other cachers. Why should we not right? After all with today's gas prices it is terrible for any cacher to DNF! That being said, I agree he should adjust his coords to make them more accurate.
  20. Congrats to all on their caching milestones!
  21. Fall MAC event? I know The Hubby is going to plan one in the fall as well. We should keep each other updated on dates therefore they do not conflict. We're looking forward to attending a MAC event.
  22. I don't think you were plugging as much as you were just sharing your experience/day with us. Is that the cache that was in front of CVC coffee break event? If so, grabbed it! You weren't into it then but when we first moved here there was an event there. It was my first event in our new area. It was fun. That is where I met the nicest cachers yet! I'm glad you had a good day. We need to plan a caravan to go grab warhrse's 18th cache. I know SB Junky is going. Greg are you in? Also any one else interested let's firm up a date and get that cache of our list! Every one have a great week!
  23. Hmmm... From what I know of Nomex he is nice and fair. However, this subject is irritating the crud out of me! Need I remind them that CSU campuses are public property aka State. As tax payers we pay for that. I know being a student they are communicating how important the upcoming elections are going to be for our PUBLIC colleges. You don't look like a pedaphile hanging around a college campus, you actually blend in. Are people forgetting there are no "rules" to geocaching? There are "guidelines". While I appreciate their hard work as reviewers, I think some take their role way too seriously. Please remember cachers, they are volunteers. They don't get paid, they don't get discounts on merchandise, they get nothing. This is on their free time. However, I think in the spirit of our game some need to relax. If the college does not want it there, they will remove it. Until then, let them be placed on what we all pay for! No harm, no foul, right? Just playing devi's advocate here. BTW...the event on Saturday was so much fun! We all had a great time. We hung out with NascarFam and SB Junky while Super Grrl hung out with OlympicWannabe. She had a blast! Great weather, great cachers, who could ask for more?! We are now armed with alternative caching mobile's...kayaks! We bought them today, put them in the water today, grabbed a FTF today with them! Too much fun. I hope it doesn't take GW6 to see every one again. That reminds me, I see Sanruft is going and has booked a room. Party at Sanrufts room! WOOHOO!
  24. His plan just might work. It worked on Saturday for him and Barbara! They both came outside to play. It was so cool. Here's hoping they can do it again for the event.
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