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  1. HEY!...not nice! I don't drive over traffic circles...I'm a good driver! No tickets, no accidents, thank you very much! You are not playing nice. What did I do to deserve that nasty comment? So much for the holiday cheer!
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! May you be safe and warm!
  3. Wolf Grrl I am not peeved I just wanted to give you a little raz about it. Ok...thanks for the clarification SCCS! I did read that early in the morning. Plus a lot going on personally so I'm a bit more sensitive right now (sister - breast cancer, mother-in-law - just diagnosed breast cancer). My bad...sorry.
  4. Darn Now I know how to do it. I will never DNF agian lol. Unlike the two DNF's I did tonight so thats the new caching way...lol...sorry guys i just got home and got ur email! GeoBandits don't seem to shocked at something that DID NOT happen! You don't know me and therefore don't believe everything you read or some one else's assumption.
  5. That's not how you do it. I found that on my own...thank you very much! I was on the phone with the owner prior to the find. In fact, I was on the phone with Mrs. SBJunky. Why are you so peeved that you need to vent...you too got a FTF today in Atwater!
  6. Tell me about it! I keep trying. I think I may have it.
  7. Ok...after ALL the time I had wasted, deleting DNF log after DNF log and emailing him 3 times, after emailing Groundspeak, after banning him from this site, posting for help then going and checking on my caches as a result to this cra* this guy emails me saying "It's a joke" check your porch. I do and there were 3 of my caches. Now I have to go and put these 3 caches back. Yes, they are all close. However, it is still time replacing them especially one that I have to do at night and hope it stays put (for those of you who found it will know what I mean). No, I don't work. However, I have my job at home, I have my daughter's after school sports, and I have my sister who is battling breast cancer that I am in constant contact with. This is time taken away from every one of those things and that really PI**ES me off! My sister may be in Texas but I am literally at her beck and call. She is heavily on my mind. Just praying that she lives the current day to see tomorrow. Just praying she continues to fight. I DID NOT need this cra*! I can take jokes just as well as the next person. This is not a joke. This was a childish and stupid game. HELLO...how old was this person?!!! Grow up and don't do it again to me or any other cacher. It wasn't funny. It wasn't funny to waste someone's time, money (now in gas to replace them) and to give them a headache!
  8. I know Venona is a cacher in the Bay Area. However I think this person is different. He has taken two of my caches. One of which is on my property. Absolutely NO ONE would know what that was only a geocacher. I am having to delete all his PHONY DNF logs because when cachers go to find a cache and use a program they see the last 5 logs. Well it isn't fair to future finders if all they end up seeing is a phony DNF log. It is truly wasting a lot of my time and I AM NOT HAPPY about this! I've asked him nicely to stop and he won't. He even logged phony DNF logs multiple times on the same cache on the same date. Very frustrating. BOGA if you know and for what ever reason you won't tell me PLEASE CONTACT HIM AND TELL HIM TO GIVE BACK MY CACHES THAT I KNOW HE TOOK AND TO STOP! I've contacted Groundspeak but doubt that will help as I'm sure they get thousands of emails a day!
  9. If any one knows who this Venonawashere cacher is I want to know! He is playing a game and starting to take my caches and logging multiple DNF's on them and it is on my last nerve! Please, please if you know who it is give them up!
  10. HUGE CONGRATS TO DERANJA!!! Ryleigh Michelle made her debut into this crazy world at 3:03 a.m. She weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well...tired...but doing well. So...I get to babysit when?
  11. Way to go SCCS & SB Junky. Even though SB Junky promised we would go get that together but WHATEVER! LOL. CONGRATS to Photom & JPD43! What a huge goal accomplished. I still have about 22 left! Just wanted to let every one know that sometime tonight or tomorrow we will have a new CVC arrival. Deranja has been at the hospital trying to get Ryleigh Michelle to come out and play with all of us. It's been a long day so for for momma Angie. Let's put it this way, I got the first phone call at 5:30 this morning! As soon as I know I will post an update here. Repeat after me: "Push her out, push her out...way out"...
  12. Move to SF? What? Our lives got a little busy with Super Grrl's sports...soccer and basketball. Things are just too quiet around these forums.
  13. Thanks for doing that Greg! I'm hoping it helps. This forum and that forum has been way too quiet!!! What the heck is going on? Hello cachers wake up!
  14. So they want geocaching stuff? Why not stuff they can REALLY use? I find that odd. What's the deal here?
  15. It is who you know wolfgrrl. Well loddie da da da GoCachn! Couldn't come up with a better name than that?!
  16. Welcome Yosemite Girl! I will keep all posted. Formerly known as Nascar Fam...how did you change your name and keep your stats? I was under the impression Groundspeak stopped allowing that a long time ago. BOGA...I'm so glad you are ok. We'll try not to make you laugh in this forum. We don't want to add to your pain. Get better fast!
  17. Hey BOGA...I'm sorry you're not doing so well! What in the world were you doing to break some ribs? JPD43 & Photom...sounds like you had a fun and successful trip! Will you be posting pics? Greg...love the idea! Let us know what you need! The whole family? I think the wife is still Nascar Fam!
  18. I AGREE! Thanks Greg for all your help! THANK YOU to everyone who attended The Hubby's Boo Bash! By all appearances, it seemed as if all had a good time. Thank you JPD43 and Photom for calling me to see how the event went! I hope you all returned home safely and successfully.
  19. GEOCACHING EVENT This is a heads up! Deranja will be hosting a WINTER FORMAL GEO EVENT & GEOCACHING AWARDS. It will be on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. There will be: Spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread dinner Pictures under an arch Talent show A movie for the kids A slide show and for the first time ever... Quad County Geocaching Awards! Voting will begin shortly on www.cvgeocachers.com Please plan on attending this FABULOUS event! It is going to be so much fun!
  20. Sounds like a challenge. Greg...be nice, you may need something The Hubby and I have for you to go get Kai. I am looking forward to going and getting this cache! Hmm...Sunday? BOGA get those others placed out there so we can cache our way every 528'.
  21. Boo Bash is coming up on Saturday, October 18th. It would be nice to know how many kids will be in attendance. We are providing Trick-or-Treat bags and it would great to have enough for all. If you can please go to the cache page and state if you will be attending or not. We would appreciate it!!!! The Smores n' Snores event was so much fun!!! To those of you who were not there, you missed out BIG TIME! For those of you who were there, thanks for contributing to the fun. To Photom & JPD43, THANK YOU SO MUCH for a great event! Already looking forward to next years.
  22. What the heck are you all talking about?
  23. I'm still trying to figure that one out Nascar Fam! What is wrong with you...you are disappointing me. What will it take to get you back out there? Did the Mega Run do you in? Good job BOGA! I'm glad you had a great time and grabbed a boat load of caches...hahaha. I better see all ya'll at Boo Bash! It's going to be so much fun!!!
  24. You are welcome! It's nice too see you out again. One time kayaking is all it takes. That was the drive behind our purchase of kayaks. We love them! It's peaceful, relaxing, and just fun. I'm glad you had fun and was able to get out.
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