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  1. LOL...2fortheroad and NO you're not lame. I didn't know how to do that for the longest time! Poor Greg...I don't think so! He did it to himself.
  2. Thanks! None of us saw that. However, I looked at his profile again and it says, "user has currently been banned". WOOHOO! The-Sledge Profile
  3. I just checked his profile again and it says "user is currently banned". WOOHOO! The-Sledge Profile
  4. I just looked at his profile again and it says "the user has currently been banned". WOOHOO! The-Sledge Profile
  5. Oh yeah, he's logged finds in Alaska, Conneticut, Iowa and Arizona in one day. WOW! However, I just looked at his profile again and it says "this user has currently been banned". WOOHOO!!! Justice prevails!
  6. I just looked at his profile and it says "the user has currently been banned". WOOHOO! Justice prevails!
  7. Hi everyone, as my good friends 2fortheroad pointed out in the West forums there is a newbie by the name of The-Sledge logging virtuals he didn't actually find. He is doing this in all of the states! There already has been some cachers deleting his logs. Just wanted to give you a heads up. The-Sledge
  8. Hi everyone...as my good friends 2fortheroad pointed out in the West forums, there is a newbie by the name of The-Slege that is back logging virtuals (phoney logs) from all states. Some cachers through out the states are deleting his logs. I just wanted to give you heads up, that way if you wanted you can delete his logs too. The-Sledge
  9. Hi everyone...my good friends 2fortheroad in the West forums pointed out someone called The-Sledge is backlogging virtuals from every state. He hasn't gone and found them. There are a few cachers that have been going in and deleting his logs. Just wanted to give you all a heads up just in case you have virtuals he is logging. Happy Caching! My Webpage
  10. He can be stopped! You have to contact gc.com and let them know. They will look into it. I say someone should turn him in! The last time I checked you can't be in Alaska, Conneticut, Iowa, and Arizona in one day!
  11. Was there suppose to be a link? I'm going to go on gc.com and look this person up. I have to ask, why? Why do some people do this? It's lame! It's maddening! Thanks 2fortheroad for sharing!
  12. LOL...hey that was you're own fault when you decided to get all testy about the Steelers. Now you're stuck with it until we move on to another page. I don't know where everyone is. I wish people weren't so quiet in these forums. It seems like it goes in waves. I just realized that we may be doing the same thing as last year's Smores-n-Snores...leaving and coming back. I'm pretty sure Skyler will be playing softball at that time...darn it!
  13. It's official...my CVC Birthday Event - First Quarter has been published!!! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...18-9930d5257e71 If you know any cacher that had or will have celebrated their birthday in January, February or March, please email me their names.
  14. It is official...my Spring Fling 2 event has now been published! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c7-79baa214444a I hope to see everyone there!
  15. I have submitted my Spring Fling 2 event. It will be on Saturday March 28th at Jacob Myers Park in Riverbank. The date I wanted was booked. I will also be hosting CVC First Quarter Birthday event on April 4th at Suzey Belen's in Oakdale. I have not made the cache event page yet but I will. FYI - Keep your eyes open for MAC's annual Smores-n-Snores event that may be held on April 24th/25th. FYI - Another event to keep your eyes open for is Micke Grove Event in Lodi on April 18th. Looks like a great year of fun-filled events!
  16. Thank you GOCACHN for putting on the event. It was fun. It was so nice to see everyone. It feels like it's been ages since we all seen each other! I'm ready for the next event! I'm thinking about having one in March just to celebrate ALL January, February & March birthday's. When I decide and date/time and venue I will NEED everyone's help on disclosing their birthday's so I DO NOT leave anyone out on the cake. Ok...I just looked at a calendar and I am considering March 21st at Suzey Belen's (Mexican) in Oakdale. It's affordable and good. Please keep your eyes open for my annual Spring Fling event. I will be going to the city tomorrow to hopefully reserve the same park and area as Boo Bash on April 4th. This will be an ALL-DAY event. For those of you who did not attend Boo Bash it is at Jacob Myer Park in Riverbank. I don't know about any one else but I am aiming to have at least one event a month for the rest of the year. WOOHOO!
  17. In Modesto there is a surplus. It's downtown. I don't recall the name but Deranja's know the name. It's about 3 blocks west of the DoubleTree Hotel.
  18. I have one of those Emerald Geo Gems and NO WAY am I putting that out for circulation! I take it to events for discovery. The Hubby has a sapphire one and Super Grrl has a ruby one. CONGRATS to Sue & Bert! He's a smart man! One for marrying Sue and two for making his anniversary a date that is easy to remember! BOGA...if YAKSALOT is working at the time of the event well hey that is as good as attending as anything else! At least in my book...however it's not my event. In fact, if she is there before it starts is that a FTF? GO CACHN...I am really looking forward to your event! I did email a bunch of out of area people that might not have our area on their mileage for notifications. Here's hoping they can come. I know GeoRana is in Paris, France he won't be making it. I know who would want to be there when you can be at an event?...I just don't get it. Qwestir & Tearmom are hoping to make it. She's been out of the area a lot. I'm trying to get people's attention. It's a great event to start off the season for events. Now I have to go make reservations for my Spring Fling soon. That will be in April some time. Everyone write down April 18th for the infamous Micke Grove event in Lodi.
  19. Not a problem! Anytime, just let us know when.
  20. Hey Sanruft, It is so nice to hear you are back out there again! We'll have to cache together some time. Now, don't let that GPS build the dust back up.
  21. Looking forward to this event! Also judging the race. Just let me know what I'm suppose to do.
  22. LOL...I didn't do anything. Yes there will be. The Hubby is the BIG Steeler's fan! I'm a fan to keep peace in my household.
  23. Yes it did! It was such a great game!
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