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  1. Boo Bash 2-The Sequel has been published. Mark your calendars! Boo Bash 2-The Sequel
  2. Sent text to a bunch...it's final...at the park in Manteca on Woodward Ave. where Slides and Swings GC10R3C is located. If any Manteca or Ripon people can get there at a reasonable time to reserve lawn that would be great! Oh yeah...what time? Thanks for the correction Yosemite Girl!
  3. Sounds like a plan! FYI - Boo Bash 2-The Sequel event cache page has been submitted for approval!
  4. I believe that park is where Slides and Swings GC10R3C cache is. Funny, I just saw your post GO CACHN! That is a cache I have yet to grab...woohoo for me! Also 3 others within a few blocks that I haven't grabbed yet. Including a StashSeeker cache! We have an easy up and we will definitely bring it. We can also bring our beach umbrellas. This is going to be a fun and relaxing day! We are so looking forward to it.
  5. We could or there is a park not far from Bass Pro on that back road that has a great playground area. I forget the name. If you take the backroads from Bass Pro towards Ripon it is on your right hand side. I will try to look it up. That might be a nice one to go to. However, we don't know too many parks by heart just by caching... so if any one has a better idea, do share.
  6. It's that time of year again. The Hubby will be hosting his annual event Boo Bash. This year it will be on Saturday, October 17th from Noon to 5:00 p.m. We will be working on the event cache page over the next few days. We wanted to give everyone a heads up. We hope to see every one there!
  7. The balloon festival is ONLY on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, since there will not be any hot air balloons do we wish to change the location of the picnic on Monday, September 7th?
  8. Ok...The Hubby just stated in an email he will ride the bull! Get the camera's ready! Holy smokes this is going to be funny!
  9. I looked it up and it is a family restaurant. We will definitely be there! I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Here is a link Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
  10. On that subject Doug...is that place for 21 and over or is it a family restaurant? Normally establishments with mechanical bulls are for 21 and over. If it is a family restaurant then we will more than likely be there. I am trying to get The Hubby to get off work in time. However, not sure if he would be able to and well heck...I think me and my two girls can have a dinner without him, right?
  11. StashSeeker made the following suggestion in the cvgeocachers.com forums: Just and idea....Ripon is having a hot air balloon launch on labor day. There's a huge grassy area where we could throw up some tent covers (I have 2) and bring our picnic lunch. Not sure they will have bbq's available though. Also, There is a new park area in Lathrop along the levee with BBQ's, tables etc. The park is located near a dog park. I like the Ripon idea. I am sure it is a popular place to go to with the hot air balloons so I am not sure how early we would have to be there to stake some claim on the green. I also have an EZ-up and will be happy to bring it. Like I said in the other forum...none of us used BBQ's last year. We all just brought cold type food; sandwhiches, pasta, etc... It was last minute, casual and just plain fun! Even our Merced, not sure if they still exist caching friends showed up...LOL Maybe if we all place new caches they will appear.
  12. Hey all, Remember last year when at the last minute we all gathered with our own picnic food at the park in Riverbank and had a non-geoevent? It was fun and we all had a great time. Is anyone interested in doing that again? Maybe at a different park? Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, opinions?
  13. I too enjoyed the log. Not sure if I necessarily agree with it but I am not one to judge. I'm just sorry your daughter has to go through her illness. I wish only the best for her and her family. I can't believe cross posting was allowed! Although it doesn't bother me.
  14. I love caching at night! Hardly any muggles about. I have had several encounters with the cops but I am honest with them and explain I am caching and they just tell me, "Ok, have fun and be safe." However, I have some personal rules I keep to. I NEVER go into a park. One, parks in Cali are normally closed at night. I do not want to ruin our game by breaking the rules so I don't go in them at night if its posted it is closed. Two, if they are open I don't go in them alone. If alone, I keep to well lit areas and caches that I can grab within a few feet. I NEVER go onto a path. If I do go alone, I tell someone (normally my husband) where I will be caching. I also take my dogs some times. I take my pepper spray with me. Basically I use common sense when it comes to my safety. I am also mindful to the laws of our parks and our game. I do not want to be the one to ruin it for others in our geocaching community. Have I found some in parks at night?...yes. Those were parks that I was with someone and I did not see any rules posted. If you are in Cali there are two Bay Area night caches that are fun. There is also one in the Central Valley that is a total BLAST! GCG8QV GC1N4ZQ I just checked and the other one in the Bay Area has been archived. That was my favorite until Nocturnal Immersion. That is the BEST night cache ever! I do not know if there are any others but those two are a lot of fun.
  15. Yesterday was Bug'sMom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BUG'S MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND MANY MORE... Have a happy weekend! Party like a rock star!
  16. Ok, I need to start the discussion. It's been quiet here so hopefully this will start some chatting. Who is going to volunteer to host the CVC Birthday Event - Third Quarter? That would include any cacher's birthdays in July, August, and September. If you know of any one who celebrated a birthday during those months, respond to this and put their names and the date. You do not have to reveal the year thus their age. We just want to make them feel special at the event by recognizing their special day! I've already hosted as well as StashSeeker. It would be nice if someone else stepped up. All you have to do is choose a place that would hold about 20 cachers (we've never had more than that) and buy the cake with the names on it. All cachers buy their own food and drinks. It's a no frills event. Meaning no raffles, etc... July 21 - "Anja" of Deranja July 25 - Super Grrl August 29 - Mario Party September 6 - "Der" of Deranja
  17. On another subject, make a mark on your calendar for September 18th - a Friday. Ride the Bull Hey Photom, The Hubby, Super Grrl and myself are going to try to go. We love BBQ!
  18. Actually that wasn't funny until we were cleared. It was more like "Is this really happening?". That was one of my favorite caching adventures. I've been stopped several times by cops. Although GO CACHN holds the record for being stopped by cops!
  19. Hey Chillin, There is an event this Saturday. It's a simple and relaxing event in Manteca. Often either before or after cachers gather together to grab some caches. That would be a great place for you to meet some of us. I hope to see you there!
  20. It wasn't down for maintenance. There was a fire in the building that knocked out the power. Elias posted updates on the Groundspeak thread. However, if it was down there was no way of any one of us knowing about it. Though at least we now know why. I was getting frustrated. My initial thought was those of us that have "Premium Memberships" have it for the convenience of all the little perks but also to help as Groundspeak says "to keep the website updated with bigger and better servers". If there are so many of us with Premium Memberships than why is it down so much. However, this time it wasn't their fault. I am just glad no one was hurt. When it comes to a fire, who cares about servers just as long as no one was injured.
  21. That isn't the point. The point is others were talking about other issues as well just under that heading but without reading it he closed it. I just didn't appreciate the rudeness that went behind the closing is all. OMG...I was warned. I was told one more time and I would be given a temporary posting suspension. Seriously? However, I can't talk about any moderator in any fashion good or not, etc...including this. Hopefully this doesn't cross the line. Although I have read a lot worse on these forums and the thread kept going. Hmm....oh well...enough said. Onward and upward! So...what is every one doing this weekend? For us, just chores and hiking. Nothing too exciting.
  22. Ok...who the heck is this Keystone guy? He closed the other thread that 2fortheroad started! He too has a god like complex! UGH...these people are pissing me off! He isn't even listed as a moderator. GOD forbid any of us speak our minds in a manner that isn't rude! I wish Groundspeak would crack down on these over zealous reviewers/moderators!
  23. Yes, they actually did. They said I was spamming and it was against the law for me to post the same thing in the different regions. Lest we forget I was only trying to help?! Geez! Like I said, I won't make that mistake again.
  24. I agree with you! Why are those cache owner's not deleting them? Maybe it doesn't bother them. Which is cool...to each his own. Man o man...did I get my butt chewed a bit for posting a warning in each region about The-Sledge. I thought since he is logging phoney finds in all states meaning all regions why not help out cachers in that area and alert them. Right? I figured not all cachers cruise all forums thinking maybe just their regional forums so I thought I would help out. Some moderators got all pissy about it, telling me I violated some forum posting rules. NOTE TO SELF...don't help out ever again! Got it!
  25. Man o man...did I get my butt chewed a bit for posting a warning in each region about The-Sledge. I thought since he is logging phoney finds in all states meaning all regions why not help out cachers in that area and alert them. Right? I figured not all cachers cruise all forums thinking maybe just their regional forums so I thought I would help out. Some moderators got all pissy about it, telling me I violated some forum posting rules. NOTE TO SELF...don't help out ever again! Got it! Some need to relax a bit!
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