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  1. I know I'm off topic here but I'm trying to figure out how the posting's and what not work in this forum. On thegba.net is easier for me. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Wolf Grrl and I am moving to the Central Valley on August 5th and have heard great things about the caches in the Central Valley. Any favs out there? I've been addicted since 2004. How does one become a member of the Central Valley Cachers?
  2. Hi Marcie & Eric, Thanks for responding! I am moving to Riverbank to be exact. Stockton isn't far and I am sure I will plan on caching your way.
  3. Hi all Central Valley Cachers, My name is Kim aka Wolf Grrl (formerly known as KaeSky). I am moving to the Central Valley the first week of August and look forward to finding your caches. I also hope I get the opportunity to meet you all. I see there is a TeamJudd...I must meet you since my husband's name is Judd. Happy Caching!
  4. I think people need to lighten up! Why can't someone just do one general post informing cachers if they wish to donate they can if not that is ok. That way cachers have a choice if they wish to read it or not and they have a choice to reply or not to reply. Just as long as it is posted once and not a spamming thing. I don't believe it takes away the lightness and fun from geocaching at all. At least there are others out there trying to help others. I am a cacher that also fundraises for a charity. I think it's important to give to others and to try to make a difference. Especially in a world filled with negativity, crime, and hurt. In today's economy it is hard to raise money and why not "network" as much as you can? Again, it is up to the cachers to either read it or not. If it is a matter of sticking to the rules and regulations than the whole sport of caching should be abolished since we all have grabbed caches in light posts in parking lots (which technically is private property), etc... You can email me at kaesky@hotmail.com and I would be happy to send you a donation. I know how difficult it is to fundraise as I'm having trouble fundraising for diabetes. I look forward to your email. I would also buy a coin!
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