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  1. Hi there, I'm looking to sell all my geo coins except for the personal coins. I just don't have a great interest in them any longer. If you would like to know the ones I have let me know and I can email you a list. Take care, Kim aka Wolf Grrl
  2. I am so glad you are ok. You definitely are braver than I would be. I have a HUGE fear of snakes. I'd like to think no one would judge you on how you handled your situation. I will never do that. We're all different and how we handle things individually will be different and that is ok. I'm am so glad you made it. I truly hope you continue to recover fully. Take care, Wolf Grrl aka Kim
  3. Thanks! I will have to go for yours. Actually what I meant is a city close by that I can go caching at night. I use to do that quite a bit in the Bay Area. I do have rules for myself; don't go down paths, don't go into parks; etc... It's a time I can go since my daughter and hubby don't cache. Now that my nephew is visiting for a week, it's a perfect time. It also helps me get closer to my milestones rather quickly.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I have already done Wait Until Dark. In fact I did both night time caches in the Bay Area before I moved. They were both fun and adventurous. If you haven't done them I highly recommend them. I will have to check out the others you mentioned. Have a fun and safe trip! What city around here is good for night caching? My nephew is here and he said he would go out at night with me to grab caches. My daughter doesn't care for caching so I don't go when it's just the two of us.
  5. BTW...I'm planning on hitting some milestone's throughout the year and would like suggestions on good caches for each of those. I'm hoping to hit my 1000th find on my 4th cachingversary March 14th, 2008. BIG dream I know. Can any of you make some suggestions for worth while milestone caches for 700, 800, 900, and 1000? I'd appreciate it. ~Kim
  6. Thanks everyone! It is nice to be back. I'm in major caching mode since my sister is ahead of me right now. I must beat her numbers...oh wait, it's not about the numbers right? NAW...just kidding of course it is! I'll have to take a look at that event and see if I can't show up. However, I have no one I know to go with and I'm still a bit shy since I really don't know any of you yet or anyone around here. I'm not the person that shows up alone. We'll see. GeoWoodStock V - we normally go camping/skiing on Memorial weekend. However, just this year during that weekend we (our group) were talking about doing our annual camping trip the weekend before because of the rude and crazy once a year campers. If we go the weekend before I'm heading to GeoWoodStock. I have to try for CVC tag some time. I'm still a bit green when it comes to understanding how CVC tag works but I won't know if I don't go get it, right? Sanruft - I do hope your house sells but I hate to see you all go. Will you keep your caches out there that are around here or will you adopt them out? Why is Riverbank not inundated with caches? For me to cache I have to drive all over the darn place! In my old home town area, it was inundated with caches. I'm not the clever of a cache hider so some of you cachers out there, challenge us with your hides in Riverbank!
  7. Hi everyone! I haven't been in here or caching in awhile so I'm just checking in. I finally was able to carve time for caching and I reached #600 today...FINALLY! How is everyone? I heard Geostock is held in Sac next year. My sister in Texas called me and told me as soon as it was announced. She and some Texans are coming. Not sure if I'll go or not. Sanruft have you moved? I hope all is well with everyone! Kim aka Wolf Grrl
  8. Hi there, In 2 weeks I'm off to Hollywood for fun. Is there any worth while caches to find? ~Wolf Grrl
  9. Thank you very much Bill for bringing attention to these coins and TB's loss/location. I know from what you said it was a great meet there....I hope whoever has my coin and the others is willing to step forward and tell us.... Your help is so greatly appreciated! I'm sorry I don't have a clue. I only took one Camel680's Traveling California Poppy Micro Geocoin #5 and I released it into the hands of Dyfen in Texas. I can honestly say it is in Dallas' Cache located in Texas. It sucks to have TB's go missing or caches for that matter. I was a good girl and didn't take it, lose it, or keep it, I released it.
  10. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy new year. ~Wolf Grrl
  11. Hi all, I haven't posted in awhile and just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone! Take care, Wolf Grrl
  12. 'Home' sick or did you play with the snake too long?! Welcome home. Me play with the snake...NO WAY. In fact, you have never seen someone run so fast. I literally got sick. I think if I stayed the 2 days I was suppose to, I would've ended up with pnemonia (spelling?). I'm going to try to hit my 600 this year. However, caching is going to have to take a back seat until I feel better. I know I shudder at the thought. I hope I can get out and cache with some of you local cachers soon.
  13. It was confirmed it was a coral snake. YIKES! I came back 2 days early as I got sick. However, we did manage to rescue 5 puppies from the side of a road from being hit. Shh...one is flying home this Saturday to us, his name TEX. It's a surprise. My sister is taking him to the vet to get his health certificate to fly. We are not telling anyone until we know he's ok. I will make him and my Roadie boy into TB's. I went to an event in Beaumont and grabbed 3 cute TB's that way. What a neat idea! While there I surpassed my 500 cache find mark. It wasn't a memorable one but that is ok with me. That was pretty cool to finally hit that mark. I understand everyone's frustration on missing TB's. I had one and with a gentle threat the last cacher moved it along. It was a special one too. It's moving but in the wrong direction. When it comes to coins I was told its best to drill a hole in it. I wish cachers would just keep it "honest". I know I have personally dropped all TB's/Coins that I had from that event in Ripon. If I could help just let me know. It could have been worse...They have some nice rattlesnakes back there!! Just trying to cheer you up! And remember..."Don't mess with Texas!!" I hope you have a safe trip back...
  14. Greetings from Texas! It's been awhile since I posted here. I'm here in Texas until Sunday. Doing a lot of caching! I hate TEXAS! So for, I've been covered head to toe in mosquitoes (even with OFF on) every day here, bit by fire ants today, and saw a coral snake (could've been a milk snake) yesterday. Now mind you I have hiked hundreds and hundreds of miles in CA and never once saw a snake. Come here in pretty much the city and see one at a virtual! UGH! I am deathly afraid of them. I ran so fast I was a blur. The event sounds like fun however I will be missing it. I will be riding my bike 100 miles in one day for a certain cause. One I won't mention because that would be a no no. I like smores...but substitute the chocolate with a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie...YUM! Glad to hear everyone is good. I hope to see you all soon out caching! Take care, Kim
  15. My caching name isn't as creative as some have posted. My favorite land animal is the wolf. I've been fascinated by them for years. I'm a girl but wolves can growl hence "wolf grrl". See...not terribly exciting. ~Wolf Grrl
  16. Just visited Kauai in June/July. If you get a chance to go there find "Spouting Horn" cache. It's beautiful there! I miss it already. Aloha, Kim aka Wolf Grrl
  17. Triple Wisdom...how can I get a hold of your coins? Are you selling them? They are great and I would love them for my collection. ~Wolf Grrl
  18. I'm definitely in for quite a few. After all, I am a Native Californian!
  19. Bill...nice event. I had a lot of fun meeting everyone. Thanks for the ammo can too! Hi all...it was a pleasure meeting you all. It was really easy to crawl out of my shell and talk. I appreciate that. I had a great time. You were all very nice. ~Wolf Grrl
  20. OK...I think I'm clueless, what is a teepee? I know what one is in the Native American sense but what is it in this case? Thank you everyone on your help for nearby caches, the welcome and the info on tag. I will have to get there on Saturday and meet you all. I took note and will have to look at all those. I did manage to grab 2 caches tonight. The others had too many muggles around.
  21. Hey all, Well, we officially live here now. We are going on our 3rd week this Saturday. I am really out of the loop on this forum. We don't have DSL as it's not in our area yet but they are giving us free dial-up in the interim. It's slow but better than nothing. We are so busy still unpacking and organizing that I haven't had time to cache. I just might do some tomorrow night to take a quick break. I know there is the event cache this Saturday. I have to go to the site and grab the info. I really want to attend however I am very shy. I don't go to things by myself and my family well are not into caching like me. Once I know you, I become less shy but it takes awhile. I guess I am telling you all this so if I do show up you all don't think bad of me if I don't talk. Can I bring anything? I know it's a coffee thing so would it be terrible of me if I brought a treat to share with everyone to have with their coffee? Not sure how that would go over on some. Photom...I saw your web site with your photography and WOW! Jaw dropping beautiful work. I envy photographers like yourself with so much talent. Sanruft...I was told by some geocachers in the South Bay that you have a great series of caches along a path in Modesto? Could you please tell me the name so that I can put that on my list? What is this "tag" thing I am reading about? Can someone clue me in on this please? I hope to see you all there on Saturday.
  22. Hey all, Well, we went to our new home yesterday and stayed the night. We painted a few rooms today. I did manage to grab one cache last night..."Right on the Bullseye". I did some shopping and knew where it had to be. Managed to grab it without muggles around. I haven't logged it yet but I will. I'm slightly behind on my logging. It was nice to grab a cache in my new area. We move Saturday and I can't wait. I am officially tired of fast food and want to cook our own meals. A HUGE THANKS to all of you that offered suggestions and warm welcomes. It's so nice of all of you! I'm looking into your suggestions for soccer and what not. In fact, last night eating at Round Table our daughter noticed some girl with soccer attire and got real sad because she thinks she is missing out on the season. I promised her I would check into it quickly for her. Too cute. I've been eyeing a spot in my front yard for a cache. I will be placing that one soon after I get settled. Oh...I also bought some cache containers and look very forward to inundating the area. That August 26th date...is that going to be published as an "event cache" or is it a "unevent"? Thanks again all!
  23. Since you've stated there is no real topic, I'm hoping to get some help here. If this is bad etiquette, please let me know as I don't wish to start off on the wrong foot here. Being new to the area (Riverbank), I don't know where to go for certain things. Ok ladies, where is a good place for pedicures and hair? What good restaurants are there? I'm not talking Black Angus & Chili's as I know their menus well. I mean restaurants that I won't find every where else. Boys, where is a good barber? My husband sports a classic flat-top. Any good local wineries (other than Gallo)? We enjoy wine tasting too. Oh that also brings me to sports. I've checked every where online and can't seem to find softball and soccer leagues. Does anyone know or do they have local leagues? Not YMCA associated. We are looking for a little more serious (but fun) leagues. Our daughter has been playing since she was 5. Anything else any of you can think of that would be valuable information for a newbie I would surely appreciate it. THANKS!
  24. THANK YOU all CVC! I really appreciate the warm welcome I am receiving. I am looking forward to caching over in my new area and meeting all of you. A little about me: I am married with one daughter who just turned 9 years old. We lived in Morgan Hill so most of the caches I own are there. Aside from geocaching (I know, I know), I enjoy cycling (in fact I've ridden the Riverbank Ride twice), photography (take hundreds of pictures every month), camping/hiking, and volunteering. I volunteer for MS and I ride 100 miles for diabetes. Of course the obvious, spending time with my family. They are awesome! We have one dog Aussie/Border Collie mix named Roadie (a cyclist nickname), our daughter has a cat (Siamese mix) named Cloud and a Beta fish named Ornament. We're thinking once we're settled about adopting another dog. Our dog is spoiled so bad he doesn't realize he is a dog...he's my boy. He often caches with me. My daughter plays softball (which I've coached), soccer, and jujitsu. She will be going into the 4th grade and reads well into high school level books. She's so not me! My husband is a Quality Engineer with a medical device company and looks forward to his commute on the ACE train. We actually take possession of our new home in Riverbank on July 31st. We will move everything on August 5th. I of course will be busy organizing and unpacking while the hubby works. My husband Judd loves to make caches but comes with me without complaining if I ask him to. My 9 year old daughter also will come without complaining. She can take a few finds but then gets bored. I often go out by myself. I am an insomniac so I do quite a bit of urban caching at night. My best friend (a caching pusher) introduced me to this addiction...oops I mean activity. My caching activity slowed down this year as we were busy preparing our house for sale, then it went on the market, then we were gone every weekend from April to mid-July, our house sold in June, we moved into our friends house, then bought, and looking forward to making the final move next week. Phew! Once I'm settled the caching will be more frequent. Oh yeah...I got reeled into the coin collecting craze! I am hoping to HOST an EVENT cache soon. I was going to solicit help from my local cachers here in the Bay Area that have put them on before. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can at least start to plan it. Thanks again for the welcome!
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