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  1. hello. not sure just where you will be when here,but try this site.My link
  2. benjamin921 how do you load your cache's?. i did the loc. file and i don't have any thing in my comments window. do i need to go through GSAK to get the hint on the PN-20? thanks
  3. hi all. new owner(well will be on wed.)here. I was wondering if i need to go through "GSAK" anymore or just through topo7 to load the gpx files. also how hard is it to transfer tracks back to Topo7 and print a map from it? i will be using the PN-20 to course mark and route track the course in off-road racing. this helps us find broke down race cars/trucks. I'm sure there are going to be more questions soon so thanks for you reply's. john S.
  4. hello all. Well i ordered my PN-20 this morning. i did some number crunching and found out that if you order the $299.95 bundle (pn-20,1gb sd,) then add the travel power kit ($49.95) total $349.90. It is still less than the sale price of the pn-20 deluxe bundle ($379.95). any way i can't wait untill X-MAS so i can open it. (I love my wife). it should be here Thurs. or Friday.
  5. have you looked at the T-mobile "sidekick" i think it's preety cool.
  6. glad to hear that you'll beable to get out and hunt the good hunt soon.. just use this time to learn your GPSr and then you'll know where to find those FTF...hang in there...
  7. ok thanks i hope it gets here soon..E-bay
  8. will this PDA work with windows XP? i sure hope so.. thanks
  9. hello..since i'm a local truck driver here in vegas i would be honored to help out here in some way..i'm not that great at the computer stuff but can look after some cache's...thank you
  10. hello from las vegas..been watching this thread and just love what you OTR/RVr's are doing. I myself am a local driver (dont hold this against me) and just put out my first cache near the Petro at exit 54 I-15 LasVegas NV.. GCQAAN yes there is plenty of room for your truck there there is also some more just north at the next exit, i think it's #58 good luck on the web site we need it
  11. well out here this is the big talk...it's a night cache.. GCPM78 i haven't done it yet but some day i might
  12. is there anybody in las vegas that can give me a lesson and show me how to use my new GPSr to do these cashe-ings? i'll be going to CA this weekend and know there are a few hiden in my home town that i would love to look for... that would be Boron, CA.... I just need some help to figure out how this thing works..thanks a lot...
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