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  1. Interesting replies and viewpoints all round here. Suppose it's like most things with caching, it's open to how you interpret/want to play the game. Nobody is right or wrong. Appreciate the replies so far.
  2. yes, I guess maybe this is a moot point to those cachers with a lot of finds. I do wonder if a point for every 10 caches is a bit high but I guess that's another debate!
  3. Must admit this viewpoint did occur to me and that's why I've posted this really to see what others think. Taking the 'favourite aunt' analogy....difference between having a favourite aunt and a favourite cache is that you're not suddenly getting a new auntie who could become your favourite, if you see what I mean. I came to the conclusion that caching is fluid, things change a lot, and pretty constantly too.
  4. I know caching is a fluid game but after taking a break myself, it's been really interesting to see just how much has changed in my area over the past 3/4 years. When I looked about 1 third of my finds are now archived. With them, obviously, were some caches I'd favourited. I decided to reclaim these favourite points and redistribute to currently active caches. Does anyone else do this?
  5. Use the numbers on the sign and make it a Multi-cache. You could then place a larger container, and make the find 'more fun...' than just a micro/nano cache. I'm perfectly happy with the cache I placed in that particular location to be honest. I like having a mix of cache & dash type caches to difficult puzzle caches, with tough terrain. It's good to mix things up!
  6. I had this situation last year - my chosen spot was a unique sign placed in the car park of a bowling and tennis club. I couldn't place my cache anywhere else for obvious reasons. To the right of the picture is another cache - about 300ft away - but the only way to get to it is by walking out of the car park, along the main road, across a bridge and down a footpath. When I submitted my cache I sent the reviewer a map of the area, marked with my cache, the other cache and both the direct "as the crow flies" route between caches and the actual route someone would have to walk. I also gave a rough estimate of how far the walk would be and labelled the river and bridge. The reviewer was more than happy to publish it and has now racked up a fair few finds. So yes, you can do it in certain circumstances but be prepared to give supporting evidence if required!
  7. 15 minutes seems to be a standard amount of time to be late by. Wonder if anyone can improve on that figure - the latest caching has ever made someone?!!
  8. Two new caches came up last night on my route to work. This morning I set off and went to claim the FTF's! Even though I left earlier than normal I still ended up being over 15 mins late for work Oh well. So, what has caching made you late for?
  9. You're quite right Mrs B just checked email and have a deleted log notification. Have a feeling teh CO thinks I gave too much away in my log. Will message them to check. Thanks!
  10. I logged some caches this morning to take my total to 145. However just a couple of hours later my total is down to 144. All of my recent finds are still there so it's obviously one of my older logs that has been deleted. Anyone know of a way to find out which log has gone? Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Judging by your current hides, we were around there for our honeymoon, Mr F and I! All the best with your cache. Ah cool, where abouts were you? Yeah I will definitely be making it a multi/mystery cache.
  12. Find your own cache name! Yes, please don't use the same name as an existing iconic cache. Although there is nothing to stop you from doing so it would overshadow it so to speak. If your cache is going to be a unique 'must do' cache it ought to have a unique name. Mark Well my cache will be prefixed with something else followed by Flotsam & Jetsam!! I doubt it'll compete with FollowMeChaps' cache so I don't think the name will be too much of an issue anyway!!
  13. Find your own cache name! If there are any potential dangers I would suggest making it a Premium Members Only cache - let me explain. As geocachers we are used to finding our caches from the GC website in the usual way. Don't forget however that web searches can easily turn them up when non-cachers are doing other totally unrelated searches. They could be found this way by young children under the age of consent who then see them as fun and have a go. If they get into difficulties then, IMHO, you could end up being liable. By making it a Premium cache, only paid up geocachers can read the listing. Just an opinion. :laughing:
  14. I like that a lot. Think I'll go for something similar on the cache description. Ironically my cache will use the same name!!
  15. Yeah its definitely the former. If the tide cuts you off you'd be in big big trouble. When the tide is out, it there any danger of getting stuck in silt/mud or quicksand, and warnings not to go on the beach? Is there time to get off the beach once you see the tide coming in, or do you need to know the time to allow yourself to get to safety, and be able to calculate that in relation to the tide times? Some beaches are so flat or funnel shaped that if you were out at the water line when the tide turns, you can't outrun the tide coming in and could drown. (I'd rule out Morecambe Bay, for this reason). I know of a few coastal areas like this, and to me it would be too great a risk to place a cache in any of these locations, but I am of a cautious nature when it comes to risking people's lives for a game like this. If you were to go ahead with it, I'd hope you would make it a 4/4 - 5/5 puzzle cache with the puzzle involving research into the local tides No there is no danger of getting stuck in silt/mud etc. The walk to the cache when the tide is out is in front of a sheer cliff face hence if you were caught out you'd have nowhere to escape to. It's not a Morecambe Bay type situation though. It's hard to explain really, but as you walk out you're following the tide out, so for part of the walk and near potential GZ even at low tide you're relatively close to the sea. The window of opportunity is quite small. The part in bold is why I started this thread. I'm quite cautious too and wanted to gauge whether other and more experienced cachers would think it's okay. From the replies it looks like it'll be worth doing. And as you say making it part of a puzzle is a really good idea. This thread has definitely been worthwhile as some of the suggestions have been things I would never have thought about on my own and this cache will be all the better for it.
  16. Yeah its definitely the former. If the tide cuts you off you'd be in big big trouble.
  17. Thanks for the comments. I must admit I really want to place it as I feel it will be a worthwhile cache to go to. I guess I was just after a second opinion on the matter. I'll make it blatantly obvious on the cache description about the tides etc and add the attributes too as suggested above. Cheers.
  18. Thanks for that people, email sent off now. Fingers crossed I get permission now!!
  19. I guess I am after fellow cachers thoughts and advice on something. I know of a great location to place a cache. The only concern I have is that it's a location that isn't accessible all day as the tides cut the area off at certain times of the day. Also, if you were to get cut off by the tide there is no "escape route" up a cliff or suchlike. If the tide cut you off you would be in trouble. I'm in two minds as to whether to place it or not. Personally I would always be very careful around tides, I am well educated about the dangers of the sea. However I also know that some people aren't so careful or simply are unaware of how fast the sea moves in. Is the fact I have doubts a good sign not to place this cache? Or should I place it and make it clear on the cache description you must check the tides? What are people's thoughts on the matter?
  20. I am planning on setting a cache on Forestry Commission land and have found the appropriate contact and the information I have to supply them with. The only thing I am struggling for is a Grid Refernce for my cache location. Confusingly I have looked online but found 3 different Grid References!! I don't know which to trust! Anyone know a simple way of finding the info I need? In my email I have supplied the exact coordinates of my cache. Will that be enough or will they still want the Grid Reference? Any help much appreciated.
  21. On a closely related note: There is nothing more annoying than people 'grabbing' a TB before a cacher has had chance to log it properly. Although I have always been able to log my finds instantly 'in the field' using a smartphone I am aware that there are many cachers who do not and have to wait until they are back at a computer in order to log everything. Now as someone mentioned above people often cache on holiday, I live in a town that is a heavy tourist resort and so it's good to give people the opportunity to return home and log everything (could be a week or two) For example just this week I found 2 caches in close proximity in an area popular with tourists. The TB I picked up in the 2nd cache was actually still showing in the 1st cache. So I just made a note in my log that said I have picked up the TB but will wait a while before "grabbing" it as potentially it could be a case of someone needing to get home to be able to log it properly. There is no point being hasty in grabbing a TB. If you have it in your possesion you can afford to wait a short while to see if it is logged by someone else in the proper order first.
  22. slight difference there eh? Not at all, 1. The original post included the name of an "adult actress" 2. The Picture is a picture of a lady who is known to work in the world of "adult entertainment" 3. The Tee shirt in the picture is for a commercial "adult entertainment" website 4. The gesture of the hands around the GPS is commonly used to symbolise a ladies private areas. Children visit this site on a regular basis, and we should not introduce them to these subliminal messages. Really? Lighten up a bit. Walk on beach on a hot day and you'll see plenty of women dressed with far less on. Is that damaging to kids too? Edit: Been told some references now removed. Apologies.
  23. There is a really good iPhone app (don't know if it's on Android but it could be) called GCTools. It has many tools including Ciphers Converters Data Tables and Coordinate tools. One of the coordinate tools is "Distance between two caches" Really good app.
  24. Yes and No. Yes it can be done but no you shouldn't do it without first contacting the owner and seeing if they approve. Your not obligated to do this but it is done as a general courtesy to the owner. True. Personally I wouldn't do it anyway but the fact is you can do it if you want.
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