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  1. Do PQ's which are generated, downloaded and then save(d) for offline use in my iPhone get refreshed when the next automatic PQ is ran/downloaded, or should I delete that list before downloading the query again in a few days? -mvs
  2. Please don't forget that caching with an iPhone is great (I love mine!) but if you ever plan on hiding caches, you may want to purchase a handheld GPS, as many of the caches placed by people using iPhones list coordinates that are off by as much as 30 feet. Still, for logging caches from the field, and searching maps for your next find, the iPhone can't be beat.
  3. It was logged from my computer's browser, not directly via the app. Sounds like a rough-edged "feature" to me! Thanks for your response. If this is the reason, hopefully it will be fixed in a future release. Souvenirs should be a database item, just like the "My Finds" PQ. -mvs
  4. I received the 10/10/10 souvenir, and it shows on my "Souvenir" page here. But it doesn't show up or transfer to my iPhone Groundspeak Geocaching app. Any suggestions? -MVSOpen
  5. I am in California, but when the 1000 limit query is reached, I keep seeing "vintage" caches (i.e. GC0004, GC00007) in Washington. Strange bug! I'd hate to have to track that one down.
  6. The one thing I'd say is most handy is to wrap about 10" of duct tape around a pencil or pen. It adds little bulk or weight, yet comes in very, very handy for repairing caches that need a little TLC. You can easily unroll it to whatever length you need. Now I'm considering adding another pen, wrapped with spare cammo tape.
  7. Wow! 3 years after the last posting, I've got the same question. Example: GC10GJK I don't know what to look for, once I find the spot. -MVSOPEN
  8. One more thing: If you buy as a member of REI, you will get $50 back at the end of the year. That in itself made a difference for me. Plus the folks at REI were incredibly nice to speak with on the phone. It was the best ordering experience I've ever had. Mvsopen
  9. It all depends on what you want to do with the unit. If you are using it for standard GPS navigation on major highways, then you might not need the trails. But if, like me, you're using this for geocaching, then you'll probably want the trail feature from the start, just to give you an idea of the terrain you will be searching in. Be warned: The default mapset that ships with the 450T do not do "turn by turn" navigation, like a Garmin Nuvi does. For that you have to buy yet another map (The North American mapset) and then load in the ones you want. I see that CostCo online is now selling "lifetime" Garmin map updates, for $135, good for the life of your unit. This requires more research, as I still don't think you get the topo maps with that. You can also install topo maps from USGS for free, with greater detail, although you may have to run them through a converter program, like GSAK. Confusing, isn't it? I spent more than a month before I bought my 450T, but I really love it! For paperless geocaching, it really can't be beat. And you can load maps, .gpx and .loc files etc. either into the unit, or the micro card slot, which really makes it easy to update. Be warned, however, that the largest card you can install is "only" 4gb. The unit does not support 8 and 16 gb micro cards yet. Good luck! - mvsopen
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