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  1. I purchased a 700 recently and have been trying to work out how to either personalise the auto message (useful when power trailing) or to just have it upload my field notes to the website (without cable connection) so I can go through them to write my logs there. Reading this thread it appears neither is an option ... what a shame.
  2. There appears to be a problem with milestones displaying on public profiles. Instead of seeing a list of milestones only 'locked' and 'unlocked' is displayed. I've looked at this using my laptop and mobile browsers so it's not related to any single browser.
  3. Anyone got any idea when the retrospective souvenirs will be issued? I've still not got my Turkey one yet have qualified for it
  4. I was concerned about accuracy when I first started using my 600. There were too many times when my iphone or other garmin units put me at a particular location, but the 600 had me 20 feet or more away. I turned off GLONASS. It now seems to get me to the same place as my friend's 60csx or my 62s. At the very least, it did not seem that having the extra satellites was giving me any advantage. Thats very reassuring as I was concerned that my unit was faulty! Glad to know it appears to be the additional sate!lites ... Maybe they just don't cover Scotland very well!
  5. I'll watch out for the filter and see if that's it. I've been surrounded by people with GPS units, mainly garmin ones, too all heading for the same cache. They head off one way and I'm still walking! Mingling with other cachers at events is how I've discovered the innacuracies of my unit. Interestingly though today i t was suggested I switch off the additional satellites the 600 receives and the accuracy immediately improved! I also managed a day out on the one set of batteries, so I guess NiMH is the correct setting g. Still no reply from Garmin despite a second email. Hummm I was assured they quickly responded to support emails!
  6. As the batteries I'm using are the ones that have worked perfectly fine in my GPSMAP62ST I don't see it's my batteries at fault here. I emailed Garmin support at the start of the week but have still heard nothing from them. I've just resent my support email. I thought I'd just put all my problems into the same request! Battery life I am using the same NIMH batteries that I have been using in my Garmin GPSMAP 62st without a problem however the Oregon 600 is eating the batteries at an alarming rate. Which setting should I have them on? NIMH or Precharged NIMH? Is there a known problem with this? I'm having to take 2 spare sets of batteries out with me for just one day's geocaching. Geocaches I uploaded a pocket query from www.geocaching.com onto my Oregon 600 that contained just 1500 caches. Not all of the caches appear on it. I've stood next to a cache and looked for it but it's not in the unit. Even when someone sent me the cache details wirelessly they don't appear. I have also tried using the spell search but am being told that the cache I'm looking for isn't in the unit. Inaccuracy I'm not very happy with the accuracy of my unit. I've had both my GPSMAP 62st and my Oregon 600 side by side and the Oregon 600 is way out with it's accuracy. I've calibrated the compass several times but it hasn't improved the accuracy. On one occasion at the weekend I was standing right next to a geocache and the unit was telling me it was still 100 feet away! When I spend hundreds of pounds on a new unit I really do not expect to have such poor service from it that I end up getting my iPhone out to use the geocaching.com app on it, nor do I expect to have to carry round my old GPSMAP62st to check the accuracy.
  7. Ok so I'll try it in nimh. They're just big standard ones from the shop ... Unsure by what type of Nimh ones you mean I'm finding the accuracy isn't so good especially under trees ... Worse than on my iPhone! Is this normal despite calibrating the compaq several times? I'm going on holiday next week with it and I'd I'm still unhappy I think I'll be speaking to garmin.
  8. I've just purchased an Oregon 600 and am struggling with battery life. The same batteries I was using in m 62st are discharging at an alarming rate. They are rechargable NiMH batteries and the good is eating them whereas before my 62st would easily GI caching all day on the same batteries. Should I have them set on precharged NiMH or just nimh ?
  9. I am fairly new to Geocaching and even newer to the concept of GPS hardware. I currently am using my iPhone for caching. Anyhow, I have been considering buying a GPS and have found good write ups for Garmin GPSMAP 62S. Now come the stupid questions! It says it comes with a Worldwide built-in basemap with shaded relief - what exactly does this mean? I am becoming more active in the hillwalking scene and have over the past year started doing the Scottish Munros so a GPS would be good for this also. I currently go by the old paper maps - does the GPS give the same detail as the Ordnance Survey Landranger maps or do you have to purchase additional software for that level of activity? Your advice would be very welcome
  10. I released two last weekend ... they're both still in their release caches Kyneknox and Freyaknox
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