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  1. I just ate my first Smucker's Uncrustable....and it was fantastic!
  2. Please visit this FFF3 and register if you are planning on attending the Florida Finder's Fest this year. We also have a great new T Shirt that comes with the extended registration Shirt Design And a GC Trackable coin that everyone can email ICM at piratela40@comcast.net to preorder Trackable Coin Design
  3. Awesome and is bound to be twice as fun this year.
  4. Awesome and is bound to be twice as fun this year.
  5. Watch it ICM....your post count to find ratio this week is unacceptable.....now go find some caches already!
  6. My wife and I are flying to Seattle next Thursday and plan to spend the weekend enjoying the area, does anyone have any suggestions on must do caches while in the area? My wife is not a hardcore hiker so some of the ones I would love to do are out until I come back with different company. We are also looking at traveling to Mt St Helens for a day.....is this a good time of year to be in this area? Shimski
  7. Jeremy I think this is an excellent addition to the social side of Geocaching. I think as events continue to evolve and more and more people become "travelers" to distant regions and lands, this feature will help break the ice with many new cachers and "new to the area" cachers. Thank you for keeping this aspect in mind. I agree that the task option to get someones code should be left up to the individual code giver.
  8. I would like 2 coins and 5 pins please Thanks Shimski
  9. Please add me for two of each Thanks
  10. Clyde How do you set up GSAK to not overwrite your found caches. I tried entering my geo name in the options page but it still removes all my found check marks? Thanks Shimski
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