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  1. I have been making my trek to the mailbox every single day hoping this awesome coin would just happen to show up (I am a huge Superman fan!!), but to no avail it has not. I keep trying though, they say "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" and that is what I'm doing. Perhaps Superman will drop by and leave his mark on my box too, if not congrats to all of you the received these mystery coins, in my book you all scored huge :-)!!
  2. Would definitely be interested in one of these! Incredible!
  3. Thank you all for your thoughts and advice, i appreciate it and look forward to building a fine collection :-)
  4. That is a really nice coin, and untrackable but I think I would feel like the wow factor of the coin would balance out the lack of trackability in this case.
  5. All helpful advice so far and much appreciated :-). So do you all suggest activating, not activating? How about doubling up for lets say money in the bank for future trades? New trackable vs. older non-trackable?
  6. I am a beginner coin collector from central PA and up until recently most of my collection has been earned on various geotrails around my area and a few that were more than a day trip away. I enjoy looking at the coin earned after the trail requirements are fulfilled and feeling accomplished and proud to have finished that goal. I would like to continue knocking out geotrails and earning the coins for them but I would also like to start collecting geocoins that are not just from geotrails. Any advice from the veterans or even the knowledgable novice that could help me out in building my collection would be appreciated greatly. Any and all info will be welcomed.
  7. Huge fan of Superman and you all scored a pretty nice coin if you ask me, congrats for sending yourselves a "SUPER" sweet piece :-)
  8. Recieved the eTrex early on Saturday morning, after a few minor stupid moments on my part it works great. I do appriciate the deal and the unit is in "out of the box" excellent condition. I appriciate it. -SSCO
  9. PMed back, if you did not get it let me know on here
  10. I may be pretty interested in this unit, can you tell me anything else about it?
  11. Ok I am in Central Pa, I would likely be interested in the eTrex if you will ship it. The other guy I was going to split the cost for both with backed out, so could you do the eTrex for $100 shipped?
  12. Where are you located? I might be interested in both if you still have them acctually. I can possibly make an offer for both if you do.
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