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  1. Just in case you need it later I think the program you were talking about is called "XIMAGE" and can be downloaded from garmin's website for free.
  2. This happened with our Magellan. It all of the sudden started reporting the location at .25 miles off. Don't know if the same solution would work but we did a master reset (drastic I know but it was all we could do). After that it worked fine. p.s. just want to point that we don't know what caused it and the master reset could have fixed something that we had changed by accident, and would suggest checking things first. I just wanted to put this out there as an absolute last resort.
  3. Did you run a pocket query and download the file from your e-mail, or did you download it from the search page??? If you used the one you get from the search page most likely you only got the .LOC file and that is all the info you will get.
  4. If you look on the forums you will find two posts (by Pilotsnipes and JJreds) they have both written macros to work with GSAK and garmin's POILoader. These macros will store the info from GSAK onto a memory card instead of the favorites it will also have a tourguied feature that will sound a chime whenever you come within a predetermined distance of a cache. You will also be able to delete one file when you want to reload new info instead of deleteing them one at at time.
  5. deleted post. gave wrong info.
  6. Garmin's website states that the Etrex Vista Hcx does not have any internal memory at all, which means that the maps would be stored on the memory card (I beleive this is the case with all the x series models). If you pu a micro SD card in it it should work fine.
  7. luckybobb

    Custom POI

    Not sure with your model but most garmins if it is saved to the GPS then it is w waypoint and must be deleted from in the gps. POI's are stored to the memory through POILoader (a free program from gamin) they can be deleted through the gps's mass storage mode or by plugging the SD card into a card reader. Again not sure if this is true for all models, but this is at least the way it works on my Etrex Legend CX
  8. How far are the caches that are not showing up???? I think (and someone please correct me if I am wrong) if you try to pull them up in geocache mode the unit may be defaulting to "Nearest" in which case if they are to far away (I think 50 miles) they won't show up.
  9. Sorry, I didn't read the other post that you linked to I see now that it did answer the question. Also guess I should have worded my original statement better. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. 32 bit vista is supported. I have that on my laptop and it runs just fine. Jim But is 64-bit Vista supported?????
  11. We have had this unit since it first came out (we didn't know how much we would enjoy the sport so our first was a very inexpensive unit and wanted something better). We don't use it as much as we used to but it is still going strong and we love it. You won't be disappointed!!!!
  12. the problem may be with the hotsync software itself. If you look at their website I don't see the desktop software that is compatable with Windows Vista.
  13. luckybobb

    pocket query

    Also the first time you use GSAK goto GPS setup and make sure it is set to Garmin (Default used to be set to Magellan) and make it is sure it is set to USB and not serial. If these are wrong it will not transfer to the GPS.
  14. Not sure about all of the devices but I know I can get Vista compatible hot sync software for my Palm VIIx from their website and that is serial as well.
  15. POI loader also will not work on a GPS with out a memory card (one of the "X" models) so if you have just a Etrex or Legend (Yellow or blue) it won't work.
  16. When you go to change the batteries make sure to power off the unit first. That usually saves the goto info (at least it does on our legend CX ) Also when you power it back on is it trying to aquire the sats. Ours will still show the highlighted route but the compass needle and data fields will be blank until it reaquires the sats.
  17. Two things I want to mention about the pictures 1. The daytime photo is a vista HCX and the nighttime photo is the Legend HCX. I don't know if this could be the difference as I have never seen them side by side. 2. The photos are at different zoom levels so the legend is displaying more of the roads than the vista. I think this is what is causing the difference in the quality. The farther you zoom the less roads are displayed and it seems a lot less cluttered. That being said we have the Legend CX (Same as the HCX but no high sensitivity receiver) and we love it. I am not sure about the differences between the legend and the vista as I have never used the Vista.
  18. Had the same problem this morning. Ran two querries at about 6:00 AM and still haven't gotten them.
  19. When you go to the map setup screen there will be a section that allows you to see all of the map segements in the GPS. If you hit menu on that screen you will have the option to HIDE or SHOW the complete sets that you have in there.
  20. You might want to try this Paperless with the nuvi I don't have one but people say it works great.
  21. You may want to try downloading and installing the drivers before connecting the GPS to the computer. This is the way alot of digital cameras work and the Etrex C may work the same way.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions. Tried exporting an GPX file and it worked. For some reason I thought I was using CSV before. Why shouldn't they be put on an SD card???? and what other option is there??
  23. I am trying to load POIs to a data card and it doesn't seem to be working. I use GSAK to create a .CSV ( with over 300 POIs) file and export it to the desktop I run POI loader and point it to the desktop and everything goes well until I get the message saying that I have uploaded 7 ( not the 300 in GSAK). I thought it was picking up another file I didn't see so I tried creating a new folder. I run GSAK and put the .csv file in the new folder and run poi loader and it tells me that the new folder doesn't contain any files. I have used both of these programs be fore and never had any problems. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have any suggestions???? Thanks for the help p.s. I have tried with version 2.4.1 and 2.5.2 of POI loader
  24. Ihave the legend CX and yes you can save them to the microSD, but they are saved as custom Points Of Intrest. The draw back is they will not show up on the map screen unless ou are zoomed in really close. here is the link to the site it conains the program (free) and directions on how to use it. Hope this helps.
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