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  1. If any of you are hearing impaired and wear hearing aids The Hal Hen jars and Dry Aid jars are air and water tight and virtually indestructible.






    I have the second kind and while my hearing aid has been in it I dropped the freaking jar into the sink full of water. The inside was completely dry. They are made to by sturdy and air and water tight.


    I have an extra jar and have thought about turning it into a mini cache

  2. When you release it, please make sure you put some clear instructions with it so that new cachers understand that it's not swag - it's a travel bug and it has a mission. So many "cute" items get taken from caches and it would be a pity if this one disappeared due to any misunderstanding.


    I hope it gets to lots of lovely sunny beaches.


    MrsB :D


    Thank you for that info. Would attaching the TB to the plushie and then a laminated 'tag' hanging from the plushie be a good way to attach the instructions?

  3. I found a black and gray film canister yesterday for my 3rd find but it was in a VERY protected hiding place. Our light poles in our town have little plastic 'skirts' around the pole over the cement top. This little canister was shoved under the corner of the 'skirt' Very good hiding place and it was not even damp!


    Assuming this isn't some kind of a joke...


    That hiding place is not as protected as you might expect it to be. That film can you found wasn't even damp because it hasn't been there very long. You'll notice that the cache page says the cache is in a magnetic key holder. It's been replaced.


    Indiana might be different (though I doubt it), but here in the Carolinas we have a lot of film cans under lamp skirts, and most of them are damp.


    Well a friend of mine irl found it in March so it's been there at least that long. We've had some pretty crazy storms since then too. So it seems to be doing an ok job.... But I'm not sure why this would be some kind of a joke

  4. It's a wonderful idea and there are many memorial bugs. Keep in mind it's a tough world for bugs out there. Never release anything that you wouldn't want to lose.


    Oh yeah I agree. I've been lurking on logs of travel bugs and seeing the poor lost ones. I just have this little whale he was about $2 but he's really cute and I think he'd be a good TB companion.


    I will probably let my bug go in Bloomington, IN as it's a much more active TB area then my own town. I thought it would be interesting to track where it goes with the log and sharing it on my daughter's memorial webpage

  5. I bought a bunch of little plastic bags at the craft store. You might want to invest in some of those to protect the little hearts.


    My mom crochets really elaborate things like table cloths. Mostly she does baby blankets and afgans. She tried to teach me when I was a kid. ADD <> crochet ability. I can make potholders but that's it.


    I've already got some bags for protecting them. lol I also have little charms for charm bracelets I have left in 1 cache already

  6. I have no idea if this is a silly question. Can someone launch a TB in memory of someone? Is that like 'bad form' or something? Three year ago my youngest daughter passed away. Her name was entirely tied into the ocean and I found two teeny stuffed whales at the store. I bought both and am keeping one and thought the other would be great to attach a TB to and see how far it traveled. I also thought it would be nice to have photos where the TB ended up my goal would be to get her TB to as many seaside's as possible


    Is this a silly idea?

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