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  1. In the log of the cache you simply choose 'visit' on your TB
  2. Does your T.B. get miles for 'visiting' a cache. Or do you have to log it and then retrieve it
  3. Thank you on behalf of that T.B owner and every T.B owner out there...... TB prisons are horrible things
  4. Can I use that as a FB status!? That's great! I too am new. I'm disabled and it's nice to have something I can get out and do easily without adding injury to myself (most of the caches I find are in city limits)
  5. Before I find the perfect big enough cache today I will likely be finding quite a few micro caches. My T.B will be traveling with me while we search for the perfect cache. Can I log my T.B in and out of these caches since it did 'go' there? Or is that against the rules?
  6. Go you 'Your Profile' and scroll down. Under Account Options it will say 'Find Another Player' and you search for their username and it should pull it up If they are already your friend click 'View my Friend' under Account options
  7. I wanted to share! I'm so excited! Ko Paikea I'm launching it tomorrow I pulled the zip ties so tight you can't slide them off the keyring even if you try. I gave it to my hubby and had him try I also made sure to drop the keychain about 6 times outside to make sure it didn't break
  8. Thank you for all the info you guys! The cache being placed is somewhere I can visit very regularly for maintenance and keep it looking good until I can get an ammo canister
  9. I was wondering this too. I saw his blog linked in the travel bug section
  10. In a ravine! We had this problem today and decided to come back later with better equipment. The cache was under a bush on a VERY steep decline
  11. oooooh I see! I thought 'detained' meant jailed and I was thinking 'REALLY? That seems far-fetched' Having to tell a police officer I'm on a gps led treasure hunt isn't enough to put me off caching lol
  12. I got an email from this member fuzzbuket http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=ed...d3-f9599e16b51e That states The whole thing seems very 'fear mongering' and the person who sent it is obviously a troll'ish person because they joined on the 18 and just sent me this message now on the 19th Is the bolded even true?
  13. So I went to try and find a lock and lock because the places I can afford a small ammo box from are sold out. Would a rubbermaid lock-it container hold up for a couple of months until I can get an ammo box? We're going through a really dry spell in our area right now and haven't had rain for months. Thanks for any help
  14. We have a business building here with massive pine trees with limbs that are very low. I contacted the business about putting a cache there and received a reply this morning that it's ok. This is still allowed here right? Should I put on my cache info that it's on a business property with permission?
  15. The ammo can we found in the park yesterday had mostly junk. I went to the dollar tree and bought a pair of socks in each size because my little girl (4.5) fell into the creek on the hike up there and I think it's probably happened to other little kids and hiking with smooshy socks sucks. So I'm going to go find that can again tomorrow and put something useful into it
  16. That is in really poor taste .... I would not even want to pass that along
  17. Ohh ok that makes a lot of sense! I was trying to figure out how some people just seem to know there is a new cache! Also thank you to Keystone for moving this! I'm sorry again
  18. I meant to post this in Getting Started! I'm so sorry! If someone could move it that would be great
  19. how do people know when new cache's have been posted? I'm very new and I found a perfect cache place that is currently untapped. When it's all placed and my listing has been reviewed. Will it just show up when people search their area? I'm not sure how that part of it works?
  20. I've decided to release my TB with an angel keychain and a keychain charm with a photo of my daughter. I've also decided to include a tag that states No idea if it will stay alive for more then a week but I'm giving it my all !! <3
  21. I would try the rice and see if it helps but you should put a note in the cache that the rice is to stop condensation You can buy silica gel packets in bulk too though http://www.silicagelpackets.com/silica-gel-packets/
  22. I'm not sure if the one pictured is glass but they make them exactly like that in plastic also but that was the only photo of the brand I could find via google (I kind of suck at googling)
  23. Thank you worstcaster! I've ordered my TB and will go ahead and work up a little tag for my plushie and get it laminated
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