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  1. My luckiest find was my 17th (I think it was) I'm still new to geocaching but thanks to the forum I'm expecting the unexpected and I found this by chance. I noticed all the other things in the curbs were even with the curb except THIS one




    Sure enough





    SMALLEST one I've found so far

  2. It was a medium sized lock and lock and all the stuff inside is geared towards people who are caching with littles. (it's a park) I included about 7 bandaids, a pack of tissues, 2 stuffed little hearts, a pair of brand new socks for a little, a chapstick, and tinkerbell pen that someone can wear around their neck and my log book and pencil.


    It's near my house so it will be very easy to maintain and hopefully keep the cache nicely run B)

  3. One of our local state parks will rent out GPS units to new folks to test drive geocaching. I suspect for that one and another nearby one that is where many of the travel bugs go. You get someone with absolutely minimal information about geocaching looking for this and they find a cool thing in the cache. In the end they might not feel this hobby is for them or too expensive and the traveler just languishes in some corner of their house.


    I didn't even think about that but sure enough I pulled up the itinerary for the park


    Sunday June 20th

    1:00 PM Geocaching!

    Come on this hunt to find hidden treasure using a high-tech G.P.S.

    Meet at the Nature Center!


    *headsmack* so it's probably a bunch of muggles taking Trackables

  4. So I'm preparing to free my new cachkinz and was looking at places. We have an awesome statepark with 15 caches. And I was thinking 'wow that might be a good place to drop' Nope not at all. In the past 2 year 14 T.B's and Geocoins have gone missing from those caches to never be heard from again so far!


    I was wondering do people watch certain caches and then just swipe Travelers? It's just so strange that so many have gone missing from ONE area in a years time!


    That's really rude and cruel. I mean I know you should never expect them to not be lost and such but the thought that someone is watching and taking them just to keep them is really mean

  5. How do I log this? I notice one of the caches I went to recently says it has a geocoin in it, but I didn't see one at the cache. The coin hasn't been logged since July 7, I'm going to double check the cache this weekend. If the trackable isn't there how would I post that?

  6. My 10-10-10 will be spent at a convention in Chicago meeting my favorite actor but that morning I will be participating in http://www.worldwidemoment.org/


    Can you imagine everyone in the world taking a photograph simultaneously?

    Can you imagine the feeling of peace, connection, and excitement this moment would bring?

    Can you imagine the impact? … We can … Please join us on October 10th!


    Worldwide Moment is a not-for-profit simultaneous photography event to create international peace, art, and cultural awareness.


    Join us! It’s easy!


    All you have to do is take a photograph of your world, your life, your story at the moment of 10.10.10@10:10AM GMT – which means October 10, 2010 at 10:10AM Greenwich Mean Time. Remember there are different time zones all around the world, so be sure to check what time this moment corresponds to in your city and time zone. Then take a photo at that moment and celebrate with thousands of people around the world!


    Capture a moment of love, a moment of suffering, a moment of inspiration, a moment of injustice, a moment of freedom, a moment of banality, or a message to the world. Plan your moment. Or don’t. Whatever you want. All we ask is that you shoot your photograph at the right moment.

  7. Couple of months seems fair. I know a girl who is holding two for a month (sent a message to the owner to let them know) because she's going overseas next month)


    Mine is currently being held (although it was just picked up) by someone who is going back to school in FL. I don't mind waiting for him to log it at all. He's an active cacher with a great T.B passing habbit

  8. Thank you so much! <_< For the english part the credit goes to my dear friend Helen from Camebridge - I asked her to check it, and her answer was "Your vocabulary and grammar are 99% correct; I just have to change some sentences to more common phrases"

    Then she rewrote most of the text! :):D


    I was just being asked if the website was limited to the countries which are listed in the forum yet. The answer is: Hell NO! :D As soon as I get a suggestion for another country, the specific forum will be opened - that can be South Africa, Canada or China, that does not matter! :unsure:


    BTW: I switched the default Forum language to English, so that everybody should be able to navigate through the Forum (people who enter it with a German browser still get German, tho!). So if you would like to suggest a cache yourself, just create an account at the Forum and go to the specific Under-Forum (I will change the captions of those, too, so you will find your way!), open up a new thread and simply write it in English! ;)


    Thank you so much! I so have two I would love to suggest that are here in the USA

  9. I am going to China and I was thinking about taking a few trackables with we. Assuming it doesn't say not to in the goals is this alright to do this?


    It's GREAT of you to do. That's how they get country to country. A cacher takes them. My T.B is on the way to Florida because someone is going to school there. So you take those bugs <3<3

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