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  1. My luckiest find was my 17th (I think it was) I'm still new to geocaching but thanks to the forum I'm expecting the unexpected and I found this by chance. I noticed all the other things in the curbs were even with the curb except THIS one Sure enough SMALLEST one I've found so far
  2. It was a medium sized lock and lock and all the stuff inside is geared towards people who are caching with littles. (it's a park) I included about 7 bandaids, a pack of tissues, 2 stuffed little hearts, a pair of brand new socks for a little, a chapstick, and tinkerbell pen that someone can wear around their neck and my log book and pencil. It's near my house so it will be very easy to maintain and hopefully keep the cache nicely run
  3. I don't have a job and no geocaching clothes and I'm broke because of the convention next month..... otherwise I would lol
  4. I didn't even think about that but sure enough I pulled up the itinerary for the park *headsmack* so it's probably a bunch of muggles taking Trackables
  5. So I'm preparing to free my new cachkinz and was looking at places. We have an awesome statepark with 15 caches. And I was thinking 'wow that might be a good place to drop' Nope not at all. In the past 2 year 14 T.B's and Geocoins have gone missing from those caches to never be heard from again so far! I was wondering do people watch certain caches and then just swipe Travelers? It's just so strange that so many have gone missing from ONE area in a years time! That's really rude and cruel. I mean I know you should never expect them to not be lost and such but the thought that someone is watching and taking them just to keep them is really mean
  6. One thing that might help in the future is to attach a 'tag' that says it's not a collectors item and please don't keep.
  7. Thanks BlueDeuce I will go check the cache later today and see if I need to report to the TB owner that it's missing
  8. I like LPC because I'm disabled so they are easy to get to My first one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...0b-daf8e004f550
  9. They look great!! I'm watching both your bugs in case they pass through my area anytime
  10. If you have a paypal debit card you can that way. It's what I do
  11. How do I log this? I notice one of the caches I went to recently says it has a geocoin in it, but I didn't see one at the cache. The coin hasn't been logged since July 7, I'm going to double check the cache this weekend. If the trackable isn't there how would I post that?
  12. Is her Username on the tag? If so I'd contact her and tell her what's going on
  13. My 10-10-10 will be spent at a convention in Chicago meeting my favorite actor but that morning I will be participating in http://www.worldwidemoment.org/
  14. Couple of months seems fair. I know a girl who is holding two for a month (sent a message to the owner to let them know) because she's going overseas next month) Mine is currently being held (although it was just picked up) by someone who is going back to school in FL. I don't mind waiting for him to log it at all. He's an active cacher with a great T.B passing habbit
  15. I've added new pages to three mini's logs. Just put a new sheet with the old ones. That way I don't step on someone's feet but then in my log I'll let the cacher know I put in a new sheet because their's was full
  16. I never send my email with my messages. It's private information and don't want people on the site knowing it
  17. Hello Roadster I have a new bug that I could love to go to Czech from here in the USa. Will you have somewhere you are staying that can accept mail? Maybe I could mail you my travel bug since I am in Indiana. If not that is fine. But I thought I'd ask
  18. Thank you so much! I so have two I would love to suggest that are here in the USA
  19. Lady Allista your website is BEAUTIFUL! And it looks amazing in English too! Great job! I am bookmarking it to share with friends
  20. Are they more likely to get taken because they are cute? I want one but don't want something that is more likely to get stolen then a T.B
  21. It's GREAT of you to do. That's how they get country to country. A cacher takes them. My T.B is on the way to Florida because someone is going to school there. So you take those bugs <3<3
  22. Very happy news. Hope your TB travels quickly and safely to the sea. I sent the person who found it a thank you. Tomorrow he's going back to school in FL and my T.B will be dropped in Orlando I'm sending good thoughts that both the user and my T.B get there safely
  23. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2987659 I'm so excited! It's started it's journey!
  24. Hello! I did a webcam cache and I can't figure out how to add my photo to the log?
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