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  1. It may be a reality of the game, but it certainly isn't a sanctioned part of the game. If it were a recognized part of the game like infractions in football, then there would be penalties for those infractions. "Holding TB too long on TheAuthorityFigures! 5 smiley penalty!" "Retrieving TB from cache without loging, mesillywoohoo, 10 Smiley penalty!" "Giving in to Childs demand to keep TB, FamilyTryingThisGameOutForTheFirstTime, automiatic game ejection!" Of course it's not a sanctioned part of the game. But this is real life and people suck and you've got to accept reality and stop being bitter about it. Your TB disappears. Release a new one. They aren't super expensive. Or make a replacement for the lost one. It's not hard. The fact is a lot of people start geocaching but don't keep with it. They get bored or burnt out and just never do it again. Or they die. My friend's tb ended up with a lady who got hit by a car and killed. She knows because the lady's brother found the tb and contacted her. It's unfortunate but that happens. Then if you have a cache somewhere where it floods and your tb was in there? It's lost. They might turn up years from now they might not just like any buried treasure which is what this game is about. Finding things hidden.
  2. There are a lot of TBs around these parts. Stuff going missing it part of a game unfortuantely. Caches get muggled too. The tbs that I watch that seems to be the logest lived are ones in memory of someone or something
  3. Also Missing doesn't mean gone forever! My Ko Paikea tb was missing for a year and then the person found it in their home and put it into a new cache! My friends TB had something similar happen
  4. I have a special memory bear that travels with me and I think I'll connect the whale cachkinz on her and she'll come with us to caches.
  5. I don't understand stat counters like that. I've been doing this since 2011? And only have found 55. Not because I don't love it but because I'm in a wheelchair and finding easily accessible caches local when I rarely go anywhere is hard lol.
  6. I have one in the wild in memory of my dd and I've bought 3 new ones to release in Va Beach. But I really want one to stay with me and travel with me
  7. I have Travel bugs in the wild. One has been going since 2010 and still going and has gone 9176.1 miles. I was just wondering if I could get one that stays with me but dips into caches to show where it's been with me? Is that weird?
  8. The caches in our park were put in by just other geocachers from how it looks. A Different name on each cache and some of them own a multitude of caches all over the state. And going from logs they maintain their own cache too
  9. The park nature center director got back in touch with me. He gave me an email for the guy who's in charge of the geocaching hikes. It's done in small groups, so I'll contact him and find out what's going on and educate him on travel bugs
  10. Just because someone includes instructions doesn't mean people who are only geocaching for 1 weekend will do it. About 6 of the bugs that vanished had tags that stated they were not to keep and how to log them. *shrugs*
  11. I'm going to try and find an email for someone at the park. I think at least they need to tell people to leave the Travelers alone and not pick them up if they are going to keep them
  12. Here's what my tags for my 'special' travelers say. I printed them up from a .pdf file someone here gave me. I think in the future for T.B's with non specific goals I may use a travel buddy tag I like those
  13. Not as exciting as some of these My girls called this 'The Ghost Tree' Peacocks in the cemetery
  14. Well if you 'watch' the tb you'll get an email. You will know exactly when to check?
  15. I think it's a rule that doesn't take into account that people have families, can't geocache every weekend, or are disabled. I likely will not reach 100 caches until I've been here a year or longer. I cannot winter cache due to disabilities so when November hits and it gets cold I'm likely done caching until Spring. The idea that I would not be able to hide a cache until I had 100, which I cannot do because of my physical limits is appalling.
  16. May I ask a night cache question? Since most of them are multi caches. Does a person have a logbook at each cache or just the final cache? We have no night caches near me and I've been toying with the idea of doing one
  17. So when I get an email that my T.B's have been picked up I've been sending a message to the user thanking them for picking it up. I know some geocachers don't like to move bugs so I really am appreciative when other's pick them up
  18. Congrats on Joe's LONG and successful journey!!!! I recently let go of a bug that I hope will be successful too
  19. Hope it's ok to bump this up so that I could find it later?
  20. I know it's not technically a T.B it's a cachkinz but can I share it here http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3062530 He's got a REALLY important mission too Mission Tag Releasing it tomorrow <3
  21. TB tattoo is going to be my next one! It's too fun to pass up!
  22. Good water-tight container, good size, nicely stocked, and a CO that's keen to maintain their nearby cache. Couldn't ask for more. Kudos. Thank you! I wasn't sure exactly what to place in it. So I thought about stuff we wished we'd had when our littles came with us
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