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  1. I think it is a sad, twisted sense of humor that I do not care for. A couple of years back when my family and I 1st started this sport, we were just a few months into it actually, we were heading out on vacation. Our trip was only 2 hours to the island we were to stay at and we noticed 3 new caches in the area of our destination just before we left. After arriving to the 1st cache (went straight to it before checking in) we noticed the log book was empty and our kids were very happy to have our 1st FTF. We signed the logbook and logged our FTF that night at the hotel where we stayed online. About 2 weeks later, I recieved an email from that cache page because we were watching it. It was from the original FTF'rs... We knew it had to be true since they said they had left a button in the cache that we took as a trade. We never described it, but they did when they logged. So they found it, didn't sign and logged it a couple of weeks later. They were from the area of the hide... What a let down and a slight embaressment since we had put it on our profile page and had to take it down. Was it funny? No. Is this funny to others? I would hope not. Some people get thier kicks knowing other people are disapointed. I don't care to know these people. I just chock it up to the fact that [edited by moderator] are everywhere, and it's sad they found a gps unit and decided to introduce their best side to this sport.
  2. Maybe I'm jumping the gun here since it caught me offguard, and maybe it will be mentioned in a geocaching to members email, but I wish I knew ahead of time. If geocaching.com can shoot an email with this info with directions to use the google earth features (my guess is that is what we will be useing to map caches?) it would be a nicer way to announce your change. I hate that I found out this way. (It REALLY is that big a deal)
  3. Will Geocaching.com at least link with Buxley's geocaching site so that we can use his mapping system? REALLY the map is the only way we cache. We are all about supporting the cause, but this truely hurts the sport and your supporters Jeremy.
  4. We use the Map to search out caches. I am truely not please. The caches We search are NOT near cities with 20000+ people. We search by location, and they are in the country. This is truly disappointing.
  5. I would like to think that the "mountain" mentioned in Jeremy's posting was metaphorical... Just my two cents. Now go climb your mountain and geocache.
  6. Now that's what I'm talkin bout! Been there done that... that one made me
  7. You're not a geocacher unless: There are scratches on your legs, sweat on your brow, exhausted, yet with a smiling face becuase your name is on a log...
  8. Here is one that I used to have out until some muggles beat it to death... It lasted for quite some time though with many DNF's... I would post pictures, but I'm not sure how so here is the Cache number: GCQJKQ This was a good one, but we have a better one that we will put out in about a month that is nothing like this one...
  9. We dropped a TB in Fla and someone moved it to the Virgin Islands... It was the 1st move after we dropped it. It doesn't show the mileage for some reason. The bug reference number is: TBPMF6 If anyone knows why this bug is still showing a "0" mileage, I would really appreciate an answer. Is this a geocaching error? Thanks again, -Team HHD1
  10. This kind of stuff is right up my alley... very funny! Thanks for the laugh.
  11. Probably mentioned before, but if you don't like micros filter them out... Badabingbadboom! Your problem is solved! That was simple wasn't it... I like all caches myself. I agree with you at some point being that the micro was placed in an area where a regular cache could have been placed, but if there is thought involved I think a micros has it's place... Example: Search: Ga, Albany City, Valdosta Area, The Fallin Giant... Sorry folks, I don't know how to connect links and such yet, but this micro prooves my point. My favorite thus far... Just thought I would throw my 2 cents into the ring... -Team HHD1
  12. I have a friend of mine who has the ugliest truck imaginable. There are dents and dings on every inch of this mulit-colored beast... There is no top on the truck and the interior is shot. When he leaves it before a hike, he puts "The Club" on it. Once he found a cup in the bed with some change in it with a note that said to put it towards a new truck... Sorry to hear about your misfortune, maybe my friend's luck will make you smile. It sure is a sight to see!
  13. This sounds wierd I know, but I am actually immune to the stuff. All my life I have walked through it (ivy, oak, sumac) and have never had a break out... Not one itch. During a physical years ago I mentioned it to the Doc and he said that's not at all too uncommon... any other folks out there who don't itch in the woods? Now my wife on the other hand is a different story... She can't even smell certain plants without breaking out all over the place! Maybe our kids will be normal? lol...
  14. Maybe it would have been easier just to cut the bolt just long enough to slide through a hole in the top of the lid of the 35mm container and attach a small nut to the underside... You could use your epoxy to keep moisture out. Just a thought! I think I might build one of these myself!!!
  15. I'm currently talking a South Ga State Park into allowing GeoCaching... I was almost given a YES when I mentioned the CITO program. I'll let you know how it goes... There is a site I want to hide an ammo can... I can almost taste it, oh what a great site to hide!!! *salivating* lol...
  16. VERY well hidden... It was a nice 35mm canister hidden in a great place. This is a HIGH muggle area and it is important for this to be placed back into the place I put it originally. The 4th person to find it left it 5 feet from where I hid it and it was in site of ANYONE who entered the area. It really made me feel disrespected. If I spend the time to search, find and hide a cache for someone to search for, they should at least put it back where they got it from. I actually met the people who found it! They were 20 miles from it at another cache that I was searching for. They were there before I was. They were nice folks, but it was their 1st day geocaching. I new as soon as they said they found my cache, I had to check it... Has this ever happened to you? Why don't other cache-ers treat caches as their own... ARGGGG!!!! (for those who do, on behalf of ever cacher: Thanks! )
  17. Well. we will all end up in a grave yard at least once in our lives, or death... I'm sure the deceased appreciate the company. I'm really not being disrespectful, I just don't see anything wrong with it as long as the cache is OUTSIDE of the cemetary... I can't see doing one that is above a grave or anything... I never walk over a grave for respect to those who have lived their lives. It's the only thing they have left. ...But I can't see treating a graveyard as a taboo enviroment because dead folks lay there... It's not disrespectful to include a graveyard with a cache as long as it is done right. The folks who used to live had a humorous adverturous side to them... I'm sure they still have it after their lives are over... I guess the question you should ask yourself is: Would you really care if someone was looking around your grave site or graveyard searching for a cache for pleasure? I honestly don't think you would care... especially if you've been saved and are finally HOME...
  18. Well here are the weekly numbers calculated for your viewing pleasure... We have 11979 years over 363 people for an average of 33 years exactly. This seems to be fluctuating around early thirties... I know there are folks out there over 33 who cache! Let me hear from You!!! lol... Keep Caching Safely!!!
  19. Here is the reasoning behind this topic... While out with my family on a camping trip, just before geocaching discovered me, we were hiking. We were out where the good ol' cell phone wouldn't get a signal. After a quick stop, 3 dogs found us and had very bad things on their minds. It was appartent they were wild dogs and my guess is that they either smelled our MRE's or we came onto their territory and they didn't like it. They started towards my family and I. There is NO doubt in my mind that they would have attacked if I didn't lay the alpha dog down and scare the other 2 off with the noise... I don't feel a false security with my weapon. I feel more at ease knowing that my family is safer with it capabilities. That is the reasoning behind my Yes to this topic. I respect all of your answers and thank you all for your input. I never thought I would get such a response to this topic. I have been inlightened to other's opinions on the firearm issue. I'm glad we have rights. I'm glad to have the right to respect all of your opinions openly. Geocaching is a great sport, I'm just looking to stay safe while doing it. KEEP GEOCACHING!!!
  20. When I go fishing with someone, I tell them and they tell me "Glad your holding in case there's a gator"... might seem funny but it's the truth. When I go hunting, it's kinda a given! lol... But I'm talking about cahing... Since I only go with my family, they know. That's the point of the topic. Does anyone else carry a rifle or hand gun when caching? Or not... It's cool either way. As I said before, I was looking for a yes or no answer not a debate.
  21. Uh... last I checked the disease you carry is not legal under any circumstance... I cache with my Family. I teach my children to respect a weapon regardless of what it is and show them how to be responsible with it. I do not cache with anyone other than my Family. I do understand now that you meant other cachers like freinds and such, but I can assure you my friends carry weapons as well and I know that when I go hunting or fishing or camping with them they are packing. I only trust a handful of folks. Your reasoning is respectable You make sense in your point but, when I go shopping or hiking, I do not choose to make it known that I am carring. I will not broadcast it. There are NO mistakes if you are wise with your firearm. If I trip, my firearm will not go off. The chamber will be empty. I teach my children what I have been taught and that is Safety 1st. Would you rather your police force use pepper spray and rocks instead? You can choose a stick, and I will choose my firearm... We should decide to "agree to disagree' and leave it at that. Your input is appreciated, my "poll" was for yes or no's... Thanks for your no I honestly am Not looking for a debate. That was furthest from my mind when I started this topic.
  22. I honestly get sick to my stomache every time the race card is thrown in for some reason or another... People are too sensitive about insignificant things. Granted there are several reasons to get "hot" about, but geocaching is not one of them. If you live in America then you are an American, none other... If you live outside the States then you are whatever country you live in, ie European, Italian, ect... It doesn't matter what color you are, you're a human being, a typical Homosapian and you should just leave it at that...
  23. There are other places to hunt than State and National Parks... and besides, if you are a Game Warden or Forest Ranger then you're allowed to carry firearms in those areas...
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