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  1. I'm trying to download a list of 600-700 caches for a trip. (regional search) When I download, it doesn't get the entire list, just part of it. Any suggestions for rectifying this? Thanks
  2. Can you make a list of the entire search results without manually checking off each cache?
  3. Thank You NYPaddleCacher, my son reports your suggestion solves the problem!!
  4. Hi Palmetto, thanks for your helpful response. My son tried your suggestion. He also tried simply adding a return after each line in the edit window. Both display nicely but when you copy the text and put it into the "decoder", which the puzzle solver will need to do, it doesn't work. Inserting the extra characters are breaking the puzzle. He did come up with a solution. He put the text onto a website called "pastebin.com". It wraps cleanly there (just like in the new cache edit page). He can link to it from the cache page but it would be a lot cleaner just to get it into the cache page directly. If anyone else has suggestions please let us know.
  5. Understand that. That is why I'm surprised text isn't automatically formatted so it displays properly on the users screen. My son doesn't know html either and asked if I had any ideas. I told him I could try posting in this forum. I was hoping it would be a friendly place.
  6. Thanks, I was guessing that was the problem but am surprised it doesn't automatically wrap in order to keep it within the description window. Are there any html tags or other techniques to make it automatically wrap so the text stays within the description window? Or a way to tell it to wrap after every n characters? I realize it would probably work to put in a bunch of <p> but it it big enough that I would need help writing a script just to do that.
  7. Thanks, we hadn't purposely added any html (including pre). I wasn't sure what you were asking unless it was did I accidentally add pre? We tried adding pre but no change as we assume that would prohibit it from wrapping. Any chance this is an artifact from viewing the cache in an unpublished state? I should note, the very large string of text has no natural spaces. Not relevant but I am helping my son create a cache for his geocaching merit badge.
  8. I have created a cache page (puzzle) that has a large amount of random looking text. When I look at the (unpublished) cache page the text doesn't wrap but just goes off to the right off the page. Any idea how to fix this? Probably need to add some html that I don't know. I'm sure I've seen descriptions like this before but can't think of a specific example.
  9. I have notifications that have been in place for more than a year just stop working. Same for caches on my watch list.
  10. This is from the c:geo FAQ FAQ: Coordinates are wrong! faq This is no error in c:geo but instead an insidious trick of GC.com to annoy (not only) their non-paying members. GC.com randomly fuzzies the coordinates by severl tens of feet from time to time. On a vaguely related note, I just left a post asking about the Droid Razr Max. I have been unhappy with the GPS in it as compared to my previous phone, a htc incredible.
  11. I haven't been able to log a cache and was searching the forums to see what the problem may be. I guess I found it.
  12. Mine has gotten strange so I will look at it here.
  13. I have a droid (HTC Incredible) and a Garmin Oregon. I find the droid a much better and even a more accurate caching tool. I use the Oregon only when I want a map and won't have cell coverage.
  14. Man that system is bad. Are they using it for topics they don't actually want discussed?
  15. I found a cache this weekend that seemed kind of similar. It was labeled unkown (but no puzzle to solve) and was placed in 1997. Very different and kind of fun.
  16. GCMDN5 is a 45 stage multi. I have see at least one more 45 stage cache in this area but it was identified as unkown (puzzle).
  17. Forgive me for saying this, but I've done it myself. You probably made a silly mistake when you updated it. You could tick off "found it". That will vastly increase the number of notifications and make it easier to debug the problem.
  18. It should be pretty quick to set up a dummy PQ by date and double check the problem is with the notifications.
  19. The satellites are constantly orbiting so the reception is about the same anywhere. Of course you may have more issues with trees and ravines blocking them. A bigger issue is that caches aren't allowed in the park. You should be able to find plenty on your way there and back and in the forest outside the park boundary.
  20. Go the the "seek a cache" page and look for caches found by the username in question. Select a cache, scroll down to his log and click on his username. I bet there is an easier way but that will work.
  21. I don't know what application you have but most have a mode where you get a compass with direction and distance. Also, make sure you read the cache description so you know the coordinates actually take you too it. New cachers often have trouble finding caches because they may be hidden in creative or tricky ways. That is part of the fun. Also, I know of one example where someone was using navigate "on road" and it didn't take them any closer than the nearest road point. Good Luck and don't get frustrated.
  22. If your issue if being able to find the bookmark list later when you want it, you can just make a bookmark with one the caches. Then when you go to that cache page you can access the bookmark lists for that cache. Or is there some reason you need the bookmark list to be "yours"?
  23. Wes_and_Miles


    I recommend a Garmin Oregon. Look at the various features vs. price of the various models to make your choice. You can ignore maps and plan on using the high quality free OSM maps.
  24. You might get more help on the gsak forums. http://gsak.net/board/ I can't figure out what you are talking about and I use GSAK to load data into an oregon. Can you post a screen shot?
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