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  1. Check your GPS mode under System>Setup>GPS my Oregon 300 was defaulted to Normal. Set it to WAAS/EGNOS and immediately pick up 51.
  2. Thanks. Your link works. Interesting enough Basemap 3.03 is right now gone from the Garmin/Support/Software/Mapping Programs site. FWIW I got this from the Garmin BaseCamp Forum. "DO NOT update to BaseCamp 3.0.3 at this time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are investigating a potentially serious error that could result in the database being corrupted. If you have already upgraded to BaseCamp 3.0.3 there are a few steps you can do to minimize the risk to your data: Do not switch back to an prior version. The database optimizations that were made for 3.0.3 cannot be read in any earlier version. Backup your %appdata%\garmin\basecamp folders before starting the application. Do not attempt to re-download any existing BirdsEye data. New downloads should be OK. The root cause of the issue seems to be with re-downloading BirdsEye imagery that was only partially downloaded in 3.0.2. This post will be updated as more information is available. "
  3. From the POI Loader help... "POI Loader can associate customized bitmaps (.bmp) with the points in a data file if the .bmp has the same file name as the data file. For example, a customized bitmap named "Speed_30.bmp" would be associated with all the the points in the file named "Speed_30.csv" or "Speed_30.gpx." Bitmaps must be saved in the same directory as the associated data files. Your Garmin GPS device may have image size requirements. Most compatible Garmin products work well with icons that are 24x24 pixels or smaller. Bitmaps that do not meet those requirements may appear distorted when viewed on the unit's screen. Custom bitmaps can also include a transparent color. Most compatible Garmin products use magenta (RBG 255, 0, 255) as the transparent color. "
  4. Here's an oldie but goodie. Time displayed on GPS inaccurate. Loaded the new firmware on my x600 the day it came out. Checked time after cold start against GMT and was within 1 second. After less than one week my clock had drifted by 1 minute and 35 seconds. Just did a clear all memory and reset x600 and now time is back to within 1 second. This is problem that has existed in the Magellan Meridian series for many years.
  5. I had this problem with my compass... would not calibrate and was about 180 off. Also the Temperature was reading over 500 and the Barometer about 45.5. The above procedure fixed all three problems for me. oops forgot to thanks DOT-COM!
  6. Okay I figured out how to Split the Zip (No Wisecracks!) and the Mapsend Lite software has now been uploaded to the files section of the Explorist Yahoo Group.
  7. I was able to get my hands on the new Magellan Mapsend DVD. It contains two free programs Mapsend Manager and Mapsend Lite. Before anyone gets excited about copyright stuff these programs are clearly navigated to on the DVD through a tab labeled Free Software. Mapsend Manager is just what was advertised on the Magellan website, a program to manage all your mapsend applications and files. I've uploaded a Zip file of the Mapsend Manager to the files page of the Explorist Yahoo Group. Mapsend Lite looks to be the Mapsend engine without any maps. Of note in this new software is the addition of a Geocaching tab on the menu bar. It looks like they may have integrated the external conversion manager program. I was also trying to upload a zip of the Mapsend Lite software to Yahoo, but I think there is a size limitation to what I can upload there. Does anyone out there have a place where this software can be hosted? Total zipped size is about 7Mb.
  8. Noticed this link to nowhere on product (non)support page of the magellan site. rechargable li-ion battery - explorist Wonder if this is good or bad news... is the glass half full or half empty?
  9. Could you let us know what firmware version is loaded on your 210? Just curious...
  10. Found a site that says they will have the XL in stock Oct 3rd. I wonder if this means the new Mapsend DVD will be available also? http://www.gpsmarketplace.com/catalog/inde...products_id=617
  11. I guess it may be time to send my x600 in... I've only got 5 directions working and up is still pretty stiff after almost 4 months of steady use. Also the silk screen is worn off the joystick and the rubber looks pretty close to splitting open. I did call Magellan tech support soon after I got my x600 to report the up position of the joystick being very stiff, but the informed me that this was "normal" and would get better with time... go figure. On the up side my thumb no longer hurts after a long day of use due the the callus that I've built up.
  12. I do not have that problem on my eX500, firmware 5.1.57. I went on a hike yesterday and saved the track on Auto Detailed, and it works fine. My complaint is the the "retrieving file" time is long. I also had the problem with the x600 getting stuck at "retrieving file" when working with tracks. I was able to get rid of this issue by saving my tracks to the SD card instead of the internal memory. This isn't a fix but at least it makes track management usable.
  13. I think we should just call this one the Magellan XXL...
  14. I sent an email to Magellan just last week.... Your website states that the Directroute NA maps would be updated annually. This was the main reason I purchased this software. This map data is now over two years old. I am registered on the Magellen website and have gotten no information on when an update will be available. I recently upgraded my GPSr to an eXplorist 600 and am thinking of returning it because I don't even have accurate map data to load into it. Could you please advise me when an updated version of Directroute NA software will be available so I can decide weather or not to keep my eX-600. Their response... Dear Magellan Customer, We apologize, at this time, there are no plans for a near future release. Thank you for your patience Thales Navigation Technical Support Engineer 1-800-669-4477 909-394-5000 Nice huh??
  15. I've seen the same thing on my ex600 and I believe that whenever you power up you get the default track mode of auto detailedweather you want it or not. Another thing I've noticed is that after you create a route if you use the option to reverse the route and then activate it all is well until you power cycle. After power up the route is reactivated as it should be but the POI's are un-reversed. I wonder if the GPS is really doing anything when you power down and get the message "saving data please wait". Mike
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