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  1. When adding attributes what constitutes "nearby" for food, fuel, etc? Any cache in a town/city could have these marked. When adding "Wheelchair accessible", I assume that needing to cross a small amount of level grass doesn't make it less wheelchair accessible, or are people seeing that tag going to assume it's all paved? Should I mark the terrain a 1.5 and give it the accessible tag so they have an idea it might not be paved? And finally, should I mark every attribute that does or does not apply, what kind of information here is needed and what's too much? edit- "Your entry has not been saved. You are restricted to 10 attributes." - That clears things up a bit.
  2. I've currently got a T-Mobile US HTC G2 (HTC Desire Z elsewhere in the world). What phone has the best GPS performance? Typically my G2 shows my location within ~25', but that's sometimes not good enough. Would I be better off getting a dedicated GPS device?
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