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  1. GoSA (Geocachers of South Africa) was officially established yesterday
  2. Perhaps, just perhaps the geocachers that speculate about the Gauteng Power Series, and those who are so opinionated about a power series, and those spreading rumours, should ask the geocachers what the background is, how is was done, why they did it, and what is the future plans. Interesting to me is the fact that so many "true" geocachers percieve that there is only one way of caching, almost like field atheletes who believe that track atheletes are not real atheletes, let alone marathon runners. Interesting that so many "true" geocachers exclude other geocachers in terms of their method of caching. Interesting that the community (or a very small portion) created or requested various badges, as the biggest portion are against numbers. Interesting that one of the badges is for the number of finds per day, 400 being the diamond achievement. Oh, just before you wonder who I am: a. I started geocaching in August 2010, thus a newbie b. Since 24 Sep 2010 I found a cache every single day, just over 300 days in a row now. c. I found my first 1 000 caches within six months. d. I just returned from a trip through Namibia, finding 70 caches of various difficulty/terrain ratings, planning every day's activities around geocaching. e. I have added more than 50 caches of various levels and types. f. I am one of the masterminds and drivers of the GPS, involving more than 30 teams. g. I am one of the main drivers to attemp hosting a mega event in South Africa, even visiting Cape Town to involve the whole caching community. h. I have logged more than 140 FTF (excluding the GPS), some of them found in the middle of the night. In all, I think I am addicted to geocaching. Could anyone tell me how a true geocaher looks like?
  3. MadSons

    The Sandpit

    We have been thinking about a visit to Wazatville for some time now. Potentially the weekend of 5,6,7 August?
  4. MadSons


    And GEO936 is 3/4 to the one ton! Well done guys!
  5. Final date of the 2012 Mega: 4-7 October 2012!
  6. Now I feel like Buzz Lightyear: "to infinity and beyond!"
  7. MadSons


    Well done to NotBlonde on logging 400 finds. You now have definately more finds than caches! Ha ha ha
  8. MadSons


    Rodnjoan, Well done on the 1500! It's a great achievement, between all the reviewing.
  9. MadSons

    Need Help

    Hi, me again. I visited the coordinates and have the information you require. Can I e-mail you? I am neil@hat.co.za
  10. MadSons

    Need Help

    Hi Fabrizio, I shall gladly help. I shall check out thedetails tomorrow and contact you in due course. Regards, MadSons, South Africa
  11. Oeps, once again I missed a few posts. Yes , Cain was the man! Go for it, Carbon Hunter
  12. Although he sorted out a lot of people in Cambodia, it's not him
  13. Who Killed a quarter of the world's population?
  14. This was my first visit and play along. I would prefer to watch and learn for another round. So please Henzz, fire away. You guessed the dead guy before I had the answer
  15. He had a fatal heart attack during the race, but the horse continued to win the race, making him the first , and only, jockey to win a race after his death. What a way to go!
  16. Ek dink MalVrou sal ook belangstel
  17. MadSons


    Aan B&C Inc, geluk met die 800 julle twee!
  18. I want to host an event on the 16th of June 2011, that is Youthday, at Red Star Motorcycle Raceway. It's a new venue near Delmas. There is a get together of some 500 - 1000 motorbikes on that day, with a host of entertainment and things to see. Can be a great family outing. Any objections or clashes?
  19. For some updates: During the initial brainstorm it was decided to host brainstorming events across the country to: a. Inform as many teams as possible of the idea of a mega event, b. To get as many ideas as possible, c. To get as many people as possible to volunteer. So far regional SAMP's took place in Pretoria, Cape Town, East Rand and Durban, with a last one in to take place on the 6th of May in the West Rand. We were in contact with Nelspruit (Fish Eagle) and Bloemfontein (Oom Louwtjie) too, but it seems the number of teams there is insufficient to host their own brainstorming events. Shortly after the 6th of May a summary of all the ideas will be circulated and then the steering committee will meet again. Thank you to one and all for your involvement, ideas and support thus far. A special word of thanks to GEO936 for taking the lead in this, attending all the regional events thus far.
  20. It seems that I am one of those cachers irritating the hell out of a number of cache owners, reading some of the posts above. For that I am sorry. I refer specifically to the issue of copy and paste of logs. My understanding is as follows: The purpose of the log is to share my experience/s while caching with the caching community, that to me, is the broader caching community, including but not only the cache owner. Groundspeak suggests that logs could include my experiences to and from the cache as well. I also use my logging as a diary of my caching life, so that in years to come, I can go back and relive my experiences, taking a virtual walk down memory lane. This approach has brought me to the practice of writing one log per caching day, which was every single day for the past 181 days, and if all goes well, for the next 184 days as well. In this one log I try to capture my experiences, my thoughts, my viewpoints. I try to be innovative, imaginative, creative. I try to be me. I try to share myself. For those interested in following my path, it's one log per day to read. I do not expect anyone else to have the same approach. My goodness, one of me is about all the world can take! I do believe that each individual should be allowed the freedom of choice. To choose when he caches, to choose where he caches, to choose how he logs his experience, to choose where he place caches, within the Groundspeak rules. Furthermore I believe geocaching is about experiencing our world, to see places I otherwise would not even know about. What I most appreciate about it is that I can do it how I want to, without other people on a continues basis trying to tell me what and how and when. I have become aware of a couple of cachers who believe their way of doing things is the only, the right way of caching. Guys, you are welcome to think so, but please, do not expect me to share your viewpoints. If I may compare it to eating: I just love to eat out in a fancy restaurant Some days we have friends over for a lekker braai Most days we just have a simple cooked meal. Often we grab take aways All the above makes for balanced healthy relaxed living. Different strokes for different folks. Who are you to tell me what and where and how is the only right way of doing things? Who are you to tell me how I should live my life? Who are you to threaten me that you are going to delete my logs, or to get even by copy and pasting loooong logs on my caches, simply because my understanding of life differs from yours? Once again, I am sorry that I irritate some people in the caching community. This does not mean that I shall change my ways, because then, just perhaps, I may start to irritate other people. The Lion has spoken
  21. I am planning a trip to Namibia during the Jun/Jul holidays, focusing on the West and South. Anybody interested?
  22. A truly South African dish, samp or "stampmielies" in Afrikaans SAMP - could that be for South or even Southern, African, Mega/Moerse/Multi-province, Planning/Party or whatever.
  23. Hi Danie Any indication of the most finds in a calendar month or 30 days?
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