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  1. Visit www.geocachingsa.com for easy access to all the various South African geocaching websites, stats, facebook and other links. You can also vote for the logo to be used for the first South Africa Mega Event, but you have to register (free of charge) as a member to do that.


    The website also hosts all the information about the Mega. Kindly add your name to the event, to assist us to confirm the numbers of attendees.


    Happy caching

  2. All the huff and puff about the Power trail now have me wondering if we should go through all the effort of planning and hosting a mega event in South Africa. I definately don't want to divide the community even more.


    So let's have a poll.

  3. Geocaching is a FUN HOBBY and that is what it will remain to us!

    True words!

    It should stay fun for everybody. That is what I'm "fighting " about.

    Perhaps you could enlighten us about who the "selected few" is? Then they could answer to your remarks?

  4. I see that a number of comments was based on the "fact" that the bigger community of cachers are against the idea of a power trail. I have analized the posts on the forum so far, and have found the following:



    For = 9 (posts) only + 7 (cache owners in the GPS and posts) + 24 (cache owners in the GPS) == 40


    So far at least 15 other teams, not involved in the placing of the GPS, have logged finds on portions of the GPS


    It seems that the community is not as against the GPS as some cachers thought.


    More greetings from the lion's lair

  5. I want to congratulate BruceTP for having the discipline to hold opinion to himself until he had the opportunity to investigate and experience the GPS (or a part thereof) for himself. Thank you Bruce for your balanced perspective and feedback. I appreciate it.


    Geocacher_coza, it seems to me that your opinions are a bit biased.

    Firstly they are based on rumours, not facts. Perhaps you should concider withholding your opinion until you could back it with facts?

    Secondly you yourself have 5 or 6 caches disabled or archived, from a total of 16 published, yet you are concerned about how the GPS will be maintained, even making bold statements that within one year 50% will be archived.

    Thirdly, I noticed that you did log a powertrail (for beginners) of 20 caches in May this year, yet you so agressively object to a powertrail in SA. I wonder why...


    I understand most of the objections against the GPS, if one look at each individual cache as a stand alone. Quite boring, most of them. Like a single step, not much in it. But putting it together, enough steps could help you finish a marathon, and that is an achievement. And if you run or only jog the marathon with a few friends, it makes the experience so much more rememberable and fun...and that what it is all about.


    Happy hunting, greetings from the lion's lair

  6. icon_funny.gif


    If a store only sold coke, then suddenly started selling ginger beer, AND it was found that ginger beer was bad for you...


    I am really just being devils advocate, I don't really care! :lol:



    Do the stores in the shade of Devil's Peak really only sell Coke? Has nothing changed in all these years since I left?

  7. Effectively it is an open to all South African geocachers association, with two main objectives: promoting geocaching and facilitate the hosting of major events, i.e. a mega event. GoSA is a legal entity, and as such can open a bank account and contract with other parties. We shall soon post the Constitution, as accepted by the founding members, on the forum for all to see.


    More news to follow in due time.

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