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  1. I have another question about "Geocaches are never buried. If one has to dig or break ground to hide or to find the cache, then the cache is not permitted." This was also changed. From "showel" to "one". So from now on you are not required to dig a little hole near a tree with your hands to hida a cache. In that case about 80% of caches around here can be archived.
  2. It still works if you don't use HTML coding. Just add HTML code in non-html text and you get Č. I still didn't find a way to get Č into HTML coding.
  3. Yes, please full Unicode support! I can't understand how it's possible that you still don't fully support Unicode (there is no charge for using it as is the case for google maps) Domo!!! +1 for that. Unicode support!!! I vill ask one more time. Vhj there is no ansver from Groundspeak about this "little" issue about unicode support. Vhj are some characters filtered out? Can some admin please ansver to this oustion. p.s. This tekst is intentionallj vritten vithout "special" english letters. This is hov description of our Slovenian caches looks like. Thank jou!
  4. May I ask why the Slovenian (and other Slovan lengueges) letters in HTML codins (reffering to letter "Č" ) does not work? Why don't you remove X any Y too? We don't need them for our language.
  5. Well. It does not help here. I try to help our reviwer with emailing him about caches that are wrong, caches disabled for 2 or more years, posting "needs archive" logs, etc... Emails I get back seems to be like he does not like what I do. Like he does not like to be informed of problems, etc... However let's give him a break. He needs to take care of atleast 3 countries here in Europe. I help if I can....
  6. I still don't see a problem. If they have a nano on board, you can still start your multi there (on the same board) just without container. Like read when the statue was build and then go n+m+y steps to north.
  7. The largest one I found was in Austria (didn't know that we have one in Slovenia too - it's market as other size and not large) Here is link http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2AQHQ
  8. A fill with water cache is already here. I would like to make something new. I aksed our reviwer and he does not know of any rain only cache. That was why I asked here. Now winter is comming to Europe and next spring a rain only cache will be placed
  9. I only have my HTC Desire. I set up caches, I find caches only with my phone. Others mentioned that my caches had a very good coordinates. So I say phone is not bad if you know how to use it.
  10. Holly s*! I was away for 1 afternoon and you had alot of suggestions. An electronics and microcontrollers are my hobby so no problem in that. However they need battery to operate. That is a lot of maintenance. My idea was something like this: Get a tall building (10-15m) and with owners permission mount a box on a builgind like this. Then modify drain pipe that goes from roof to the ground and get a water out of there. So large surface enough water even in small rain, almost imposible to fake with water baloons, waterguns, ... a detection can be simple floating device that moves away something that hides next set of coordinates, a tipping bucket and a uCPU, power turbine to power some LEDs, .... A night cache with rain-enabled lights is a good idea too
  11. Well. I live in europe. There are some thunderstorms during summer and none during winter. Let's say there would be about 10 chances per year to find this cache in average. It would most probably be D5 Tx. And a night cache. The idea is to make a small microprocessor circuit that monitors "light". Lightning is a very strong but short light easy to detect. A camera flash is too short for those who would like to cheat
  12. In c:geo you select "any destination" in menu type coordinates and you go. And it's free.
  13. I know about ALRs so let's avoid them. A cache (tubrine is a nice idea) that can only be found while raining. So when raining it can be found, when sunny it os not possible to find a cache and even not possible to log it. That is not ALR. When log is signed you can claim online log. If you can't sign log you can log inline only with owner's permission. So please, if anyone has seen or have an idea for a cache like this... Write!
  14. You can't say you must find it only in rain. However I would like to made a cache that can only be found during rain. So made some kind of "barrier" that can be "removed" only in rain.
  15. Hello, about 2 weeks ago I was going to FTF hunt. And it was raining. When I was walking back to my car wet to bones I come across an idea of Rain only cache. A night thunderstorm cache can be a great idea too. I am only asking if someone has already seen or found or made a cache like this to get an extra info or am I inventing a new "type"? Thanks
  16. In Slovenia I still try to make caches with both languages. But when I talked to other cachers in area we started to write just Slovenian logs (like Austria, Germany, Czech, ...) If you need help with translation just say so. Google is probably having a problem cause Groundspeak does not allow letter "č" in logs. If something does not translate change "c" into "č"
  17. I tried to read the logs to see what their complaints were but can't speak the language. Bottom line is most types of disappointment can be avoided if seekers just read the cache page first, especially on cache types with multiple variants like Multis. Google translate might help a bit. 1st one did not read what was written in stages and went straight line to cache - not a good idea. @KBLAST... You changed it to mistery?
  18. As I wrote on 1st page reviwer published a cache now as multi. It was found 2 times and both finders sad that is't classical multi.
  19. Here in europe (I far as I cached - Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic) every multi has some sort of calculation. Puzzle or "?" cache means that you have to calculate 1st set of coordinates by yourself and given coordinates are just a reference. For instance. http://coord.info/GCZPDG - A night multi, with about 10 stages - we solve it with a help of google on stage 7 http://coord.info/GC2V5J0 - Clasic multi here (ok long one) You have to count, calculate - no boxes in between - just question to answer http://coord.info/GC2RTMX - Regular (cache is on posted coordinates) but you have to open it. It's like the Da Vinci APPLE http://coord.info/GC2VKZ6 - Mistery - nothing at posted coordinates http://coord.info/GC2TRCV - Mistery - Even worse. Nothing at coordinates, no text
  20. Hello Thank you all for your ideas. I just inform you that cache was published with no further questions by my reviewr after I posted 3 reviwer notes with similar explanations as above. p.s. Following trail is more complicated than math? Please.... My 2y old son can follow a trail while he can't calculate 123+543. What is more complicated?
  21. I did alot of searches over the internet and in the end I found official Groundspeak site that says: A Multi-Cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations. The final location is a physical container. There are many variations, but most Multi-Caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has a hint to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a Multi-Cache. The "catch-all" of cache types, this form of geocache may involve complicated puzzles that you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. Mystery/Puzzle Caches often become the staging ground for new and unique geocaches that do not fit in another category. In my case (I hope you agree) a cache involves 2 or more locations and on a location you get hints to the actual cache. There is no complicated puzzlrs or determening coordinates. However it is a unique geocache in area
  22. Explaned in post #13. This would be second night in my country, the first is listed as "Traditional" :/
  23. I did some investigation in 250km radious from my house, there are 78 night caches Multi 54 Mystery 16 Traditional 7 Event 1 And yes. This one is possible to find during a day. My GF used 15W LED light and was able to find it.
  24. As I see guidelines multi has to start at given coordinates. When mistery is places there is nothing at given coordinates. Usually in multi you get final coordinates on the field. In mistyer you have to get coordinates in webpage. For those who say it's mistery please say why?
  25. Hello, I have set up a night cache in a nearby woods. To find it you have to come to marked coordinates and then follow a reflective trail to stage 1. There you will find a micro container where you get coordinates. You go to that coordinates where reflective trail continue. At the end of the second trail you found second micro with coordinates of final location. Now there is a question. I marked a cache as multi, but reviewer sad it's mistery. What do you think?
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