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  1. I have the Oregon 400T and love it - I highly recommend ordering a set of the new 2950 mAH rechargeable batteries for it, and setting it up so the backlight is on all the time. This makes the screen alot easier to see, and the unit can be used all day with plenty of battery life.
  2. I've been using the same 4 Power2000 2900mAh batteries in my Oregon for a year and a half now with excellent results. I can keep the backlight on continuously all day and still have plenty of battery left when I quit for the night.
  3. Alot of these reviews contain posts from people with either unrealistic expectations, or are overly nit picky. I've got an Oregon 400t and absolutely love the thing - I don't quite understand what some people are complaining about with the screen brightness - I've never had a problem using it here in Sunny San Diego. Even in the desert at high noon I can still make out what the screen shows just fine by tilting the angle of the unit just slightly. The trick is to get 2900 mAh rechargeable batteries and set the screen backlight to "always on". Doing this I can see the screen just fine and the batteries last a full day - never turning off the unit. I guess some people are too busy complaining instead of figuring out a way around the problem...
  4. I plan on hitting this trail for one - simply because it's there, and I pass through this part of nowhere several times a year.
  5. Look at the pinned Coin Tracking Policy at the top of this discussion page. It talks about purchasing bulk numbers and the need for Groundspeak approval on what they are going on.
  6. One of these days I'm going to purge the Oregon. do a PQ on just this area, and make the 4 hour drive up and make a weekend of it. There is even a nice hotel in Primm, so camping isn't even required! I drive past here 2-3 times a year, and always wanted to hit this stockpile, but timing prevents it. Two weeks ago I was very tempted on my way home from skiing though...
  7. You could do what I'm seeing more of lately - make your own coins and buy the bulk tracking numbers to imprint on them. There's alot of interesting coins being made of glazed clay or hand stamped metal. I'm in the process of having a custom metal stamping die made for my signature coins, but I don't plan to make them trackable. See THIS thread explaining the rules for having them made or making your own trackable coin (thread was updated March last year).
  8. I modified and submitted a cache page six times on a hide in a local canyon, and every time hidden waypoints of a multi stage got it rejected. The placer of the multi stage had essentially locked up the entire 2 mile long canyon with his one stupid cache. Pissed me off enough that I just gave up trying. In my opinion that rule needs to be changed - a hidden waypoint should not interfere with a real cache at all, only the final destination cache should...
  9. Samsung CL65 - just over $300 on Amazon has built-in Geotagging. Won't come close to my Nikon D3x, but certainly more compact and cheaper.
  10. I'm going to organize one of these in my front yard! It can be a "Flash Mob Weed Pull Event"! I'll be in the lawn chair watching...
  11. The Utah coin is awesome, and I want one bad! Unfortunately I'll be going through Orem Saturday evening on my way to ski, so no chance to stop into the Headquarters. With such a limited production run of 230, there wont even be enough coins to supply the states scoutmasters! The council is missing out on a money making opportunity here...
  12. 21 miles - maybe... I do know that it was a real long dirt road to get there off the US 85. I was in the area last October bow hunting and thought it was worth the side trip to see. Stupid me didn't do any geocaching at all on the trip - which I now am regretting as I may never get back there again...
  13. Belle Fourche South Dakota (actually 13 miles north in the middle of a field) - Linky
  14. Wow - coin came in the mail today, and I have to say it is more impressive in real life than the pictures! Best coin in my growing collection!
  15. Any idea of when these coins will ship? I ordered a gold coin right away, but have not seen it yet...
  16. I've had one on my truck for two years now, and I do alot of miles every year, so the truck is on the road more than the average vehicle. To this day my Truck TB has zero miles on it, as nobody has noticed the TB magnet right in the middle of my tailgate! I've read other threads claiming the same experience as mine - the only place vehicle TB's get noticed usually is at cache events.
  17. I logged a cache on line but didn't sign the cache log once, and said as much in my online posting. In this case I saw the cache, moved it with my foot to verify that yes indeed it was the cache, but a Wally World security guard sitting right near me giving me the eye prevented me from making the grab (it was one of those fake electrical covers on a switch box). Of course the CO didn't believe me and sent an email asking me to describe in detail what the cache looked like. My log didn't get deleted, and I didn't mind verifying that yes, I was actually there. Some people take numbers seriously, some don't - to me it's the hunt, not the numbers.
  18. Here you go - the Vans RV guys have been doing this for years: GPS Tracking
  19. Just ordered a gold coin - We also have poison ivy and poison oak here on the West Coast, so the rash is not confined to East of the Rockies!
  20. For those that cache in the South West - especially Arizona, the space blanket can serve two purposes - the one it was intended for, the blanket - and an alternate emergency use - to wrap yourself up in if you disturb a hive of africanized bees. There are no European bees left in Arizona - they are all africanized now, so I have a space blanket tucked in the belt pouch of my Eberlestock hydration pack, especially whenever I'm caching East of the Salton Sea. It could literally save my life.
  21. Plug the GPS into your computer, double click on the desktop icon representing the GPS if it does not automatically open, click on the GPX folder and highlight the GPX file (or files) you want to get rid of and press the Delete key. Simple as that...
  22. Thats what I do - fast and easy without needless software on my laptop.
  23. I don't really have a problem with mine - other than the recommendations already given (I've never heard of setting the map background to white, and don't see how to do it), Get some 2900 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries and set the Backlight Timeout to "Stays On". I can run the GPS all day and still have battery reserve using this system.
  24. Hmm - I had a cache rejected three times because every place I put it, it was always within 528 feet of a hidden way point. Pissed me off enough that I just gave up. I guess I can find a canyon and lock the whole place up with hidden way points so nobody else can hide a cache there!
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