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  1. Greetings from Seattle. I had incomplete information when I responded to toczygroszek's email about allowing the mention of competing listing services on geocaching.com cache pages. Because I understand the situation in Poland better now and the FTF race is not an appropriate reason to modify the guidelines, I am reversing my decision. Cache pages should not contain any mention or reference to competing listing sites. I apologize for any confusion caused by my earlier response. http://translate.google.com/#en/pl/
  2. Geocaching.com would like to introduce you to the newest rendition of our homepage. It’s the next evolution of Geocaching.com that stretches back to this homepage forebearer from the year 2000. Prepare yourself for the word “new” and the word “homepage” because they’re coming at you in a beautiful symphony of rapid fire succession. Here’s another word that describes out new homepage, “clean.” New header logo New header background image New header colors/styles New footer colors/styles Navigation GeoTours link added Homepage Instagram links added Homepage image updated Homepage colors/styles updated Homepage icons updated Homepage copy updated Homepage Recent Activity ticker removed Whew… told you. Lots of “new” and “homepage” We hope you like this latest evolution of style and function.
  3. Please give Dick my best wishes. He is an inspiration to so many!
  4. The title of this topic was disrespectful and inappropriate, so it has been removed and replaced with the original subtitle.
  5. It should be fixed now.
  6. I was one of two lackeys representing Groundspeak at GeoWoodstock this past weekend and I believe I can clear some of this up. nthacker66, I see you began geocaching in 2008, long after virtuals were no longer accepted for publication. Virtuals seem like they're all at great locations now and many of them were back then too, but a lot of the poor quality ones have been weeded out over the years so what you see now is not what it looked like when virtuals were still being published. It is easy to think the "good old days" were better than they actually were if you weren't there to see them for yourself. Along with some great locations, there were submissions for dog poop, decaying animal carcasses, stop signs, and shoes tossed up into trees, among other things. Groundspeak tried to limit the publishable submissions to "quality" locations with a "wow" factor, but that quickly became a slippery slope that caused tremendous stress for the reviewers. It was not fair to them to have to arbitrarily decide where the line would be for every virtual cache submission and have to deal with the inevitable argument that would come from the owner of every cache that was not published. Groundspeak has been hearing the calls to bring them back, but the problem was how to do it without bringing back all the problems that made them go away. They couldn't come back the same way. That is why Challenges were created. Virtual locations can be published without a review process, and the community over time determines the "wow" factor. Challenges that the community likes will filter to the top of the list, and those that are not well-received by the community will filter to the bottom and eventually disappear. They are tracked on Geocaching.com, so you don't need to go to another website. Challenges are still evolving - don't assume they're always going to have the limitations they do now. Waymarking can be used to highlight virtual locations, but its primary purpose was to replace the Locationless Caches. Locationless caches were more of a scavenger hunt and they were moved to their own site so that geocaching could stay true to bringing people to specific locations. We acknowledge that scurrying about to find examples of various categories is fun too, and that is why we created Waymarking instead of archiving the locationless caches and never looking back.
  7. FobesMan, your reviewer is on vacation and will be back soon. Please be patient and he will resume the review when he returns. Continuity is important with a complicated EC like yours. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Good sleuthing! Thank you! I will be in contact with the cache owner to arrange for the container's return.
  9. Groundspeak has been contacted by a muggle who found this cache washed up on a small beach near the marina in Richmond (San Francisco Bay) The Nalgene bottle was inside the PVC pipe container and there is no identifying information on the container. The log book is empty. He would like to return it to the owner and I am posting some photos here to see if anyone recognizes the container and can identify the cache. Thank you for your help!
  10. An additional page has been added to explain how/why to enable your unpublished cache listing Home → Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache → Working with the Reviewer: enable your cache after edits http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=301
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