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  1. From Team Anuci - Tony "the tattooed naturalist" served 1993 - 1996, I (Jill) served 1992-1996. Both of us were stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. I was a medic, he was field artillery. Tony actually was on a team that field tested some of the first gps systems over in Hawaii. Team Anuci White Cloud, MI
  2. We plan on attending the Reed City Event! See you there! Jill
  3. Thanks for the info! Maybe we will run in to you some time as you make your way North :-) We are looking forward to attending our first event! Thanks! Jill
  4. Hi there! We are interested in meeting with other cachers living in the Newaygo County area! Where are you!!!! Jill and Tony TEAM ANUCI
  5. Is there, or will there ever be, a way to sort the cache listings by date last found? Just curious. Thanks!!
  6. I am 34, my husband is soon to be 36, the kids are 8 and 7. Jill
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