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  1. Thanks for the user script updates!! i needed them, happy again(how long for i dont know)
  2. Well today we woke up to snow on the 16th,Shame we only had the camra on the phone with us or we could of got a better picture, The Royal Forest Of Dean.The snow is melting as im posting this so no time to get back out caching in the snow GC2R1Y5
  3. Autumn colours at a cache vist today.... wanted to add these but unsure how to delet my old post? GC2JMTN
  4. GCVDEC On Buckstone.In England looking in to Wales,
  5. Is this not the same thing? after unchecking follow rd bikehike you can plan and measure you route also print.
  6. Wont be able to clear this up myself as iv added my other card but would like to know!
  7. Cheers,, just hope CO's dont think iv deleted the points
  8. Hi would anyone be able to help me out here? my membership renewal is due tomoro but iv locked my bank with silly internet use,,so it want be paid till iv sorted it out (about a week) My question is in the week i become a member only will i lose all my added fav points and other info,or will it all be back to how it is now after i renew? any one know? Cheers
  9. on fire fox we all have the Monkey on are back,,,,but after the update you could see profile info at a glance on logs,but it seams to have broken down,,yes monkey can mod to suit,,but ilike how it was after the updat,am i the only one?
  10. Is this to do with having a picture and if a member or prm member on the cache logs? if si i liked it but it no longer works,,,as in no pic or details,,what broke it?
  11. had to climb a lil bit The Druids Stone extreme for me lol
  12. My new cache is close to you My Cache waterfall reachin,
  13. Yeah thats it Lovejoy thank you just looked back thro silly me
  14. Hi is anyone having the same problom as me? Im getting the emails telling me my caches have been found and can read what they logged in the email, but checking geocaching.com there is no found or log from these plp, 9 logs all in all not on the site cache page,the emails were for yesterday,so i waited for a time delay but still not showing can anyone help me on this please. Cheers.
  15. Beta still working as norm!!!! not any beta
  16. its the cache itself thats tricky yeah, only 3 no give aways,,only a bottle of bubbly on their 1000th find
  17. maybe im over reacting il wait for more finds as the favs are adding up happy hunting!
  18. they didnt find the easy but found this one to easy 4* lol
  19. Once upon a time I found this a very useful guide: Have a look here! kool but never that easy when you dont know what your looking for Cheers il bookmark it
  20. Hi is very difficult to work out how its got easier! maybe i should encript all the logs to keep it a four? i can add cache page if needed(but not hard to find) not any real give aways but plp only need to read the bits to eliminate the hunting
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