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  1. My usage may vary a little from the norm around this site. I use my GPS (Garmin 20) mainly for backpacking. I go in for several days at a time. I have to carry enough batteries to last the entire trip. I just got the GPS and have not used it on a multiday trip yet. When I do I will turn on the "Battery Save" mode and disable all the things I don't need. If I don't get at least two days of hiking from one set of batteries I will run out before the trip is over. I would not be a happy camper should that happen. So far, even without the battery save mode on I am getting around 8-10 hours from a set of batteries. I am usnign 2450mhA NiMH rechargable batteries.
  2. I think if it was a reasonable option there would be one already. As soon as it becomes a reasonable option there will be one.
  3. I had some problems but after I calibrated the screen not so much. I have only owned the Dakota 20 as far as GPS goes. I am happy with it so far. I bought it mainly for backpacking. It works great on my bicycle and can be used in my truck as well. The screen is fine except in certain low light situations, not so much when it's dark but in the shade of tree cover. The ambient light seems to overwhelm the screen sometimes.
  4. I have just started geocaching. I go on backpacking trips that last anywhere from 3-14 days. A cell phone would never make it past the first or second day, let alone the fact that there would be no cell service for most of that time. I have just purchased a Dakota 20 which is why I started geocaching, one more thing to add to the adventure. When/if they ever make a cell phone that can take that I might try it out. I don't expect that to be soon. Cell phones may be OK if you never leave the city by much. Me I get as far away from the city as I can as often as I can and I really don't want my cell phone to be on even if it does get a signal.
  5. If your phone isn't getting a signal, does the GPS function still work?
  6. I'll find more. I am mostly interested in finding caches I have to hike to get to. I like to ride my bike to trail heads and hike. Finding caches is just another bonus along the way.
  7. Thanks everybody for the congrats. I can't wait to get out and find some more. I live in the southern California desert and it gets hot here during the day. I probably won't get a chance to go until next weekend at the soonest. There are a few more pretty close to my house I may go out after before that though. I was pretty excited to find the first one even though it was micro mini with just a log in it. I am looking forward to finding some with more interesting objects in them.
  8. Congratulations! You made a smart choice by going for an "easy" one! My first cache was a micro and 4.5/5 terrain...I felt it wouldn't be too hard. Two hours later I found the cache Now I know what it means when it's 4+ difficulty or terrain! Haha. Having zero knowledge about GPS's and geocaching it took me a few minutes to figure out I needed to use the compass feature. I remembered reading about that in the manual. I have only had it for a week an am just getting used to using it. Never had a GPS before. It has a geocaching feature built into it which is what got me interested in the first place.
  9. Hi everybody. I found my first cache today. I picked an easy one not far from my house. I thought it would be better that way to find out about how the GPS works and all. I guess this make me an official geocacher.
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